A Bee In Her Bonnet

Having a “bee in your bonnet” is to be tenaciously preoccupied with an idea. The visual is humorous unless the bee is in your bonnet. Anyway, the old cliche`dates back to the 1700s and it is still with us because the situation it refers to is still very much a part of the human condition … and my own of late.

Some of you might have noticed that I’ve been “missing in action” for a spell. My absence was due to a brown-out/power outage that killed my old computer. I was computerless for about a month, but I’m up & running again and I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. If you’re like me, I never feel like I get caught up. How about you? When I chose the theme for this blog entry, I was taken aback by just how much an average person does or is a part of in a month’s time. It kinda made me feel better. Maybe I need to stop more often and reflect.

Last time we talked, I was fresh out of knee surgery. Still healing, haven’t ridden all calving season, trying not to whine about not having ridden a horse since last fall. I feel like my life is ‘skipping’. Those of you old enough to remember record players will recall when a linty needle skipped over part of the record. Here is the analogy: I’ve missed part of the song of my life routine and it is just plain weird. Calving season 2011 happened without me.

Onward and upward. The bee in my bonnet is this: Catching up. I have to keep my eye on the goal. No puttering or pondering, no frittering, just DOing. Ya know why? Here’z why: One thing is never just one thing. One thing is three things or more. You start a thing and before you can really get to it, you gotta do this, that and the other thing. And, oh by the way, as you go you notice other little things that need to be done before you forget about them.  I have a list of things to do this spring that has head on it like someone didn’t know how to poor a glass of beer properly. BUT, let me just say that in the midst of all the things I/we have to do, ya gotta make time for a little soulfood and that is where my farmgirl pals come to the rescue.

Last month, we had our first Farmgirl “handmade” show! Above: Anita, Lisa with her niece and daughter, Lisa and I, Michele, my sister, Beth (largest photo). Thanks to Jenny who took several photos; she also embellished antique bottles to sell. We had such fun and the show was well attended. What did we make/sell, you ask? Lisa made gourmet paper cards and booklets…

Anita made soap and gift baskets for them. Michele made birdhouses and washcloth/scrubby sets. She also knitted a large afghan that resembles an Amish quilt. I made potpourri and jewelry and my sister sold her jewelry too. Lisa’s daughter, Melaynee, made baby blankets and she also brought some vintage goodies to sell. Jacki (Lisa’s niece) sold Gold Canyon candles. Sharee (our pastor) sold gemstones, gorgeous scarves and she offered free massage therapy and Reiki.

Above: Lisa enjoying Sharee’s healing hands. Lisa had knee surgery a couple of months before I did. Also, Connie (bottom right) made the most charming bird nest necklaces and earrings.

We didn’t have a “regular” get-together last month. The show was our group project this time. Below is my Rat Terrier, “Dotty”, she enjoys being a party girl – she was taking a break from working the crowd, lying next to her favorite mag.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch … I finally got my hot little hands on some Buckeye chicks!! I read about them last year and placed an order, but the breeder over-booked. This year I put my name on the list early. Buckeyes are the only American breed created by a woman (in Ohio). These lovely chickens have a devout following. They look similar to a Rhode Island Red, but they have a pea comb rather than a straight comb. They might also be a little darker shade of that yummy mahogany red. Buckeyes are exceedingly friendly birds, gentle and easy to handle. They’re good layers of brown eggs and are good eating too. In addition to their many appealing qualities, they take me back to one of my very favorite childhood stories, “The Little Red Hen.”

The most recent wild birds to return are the swallows. Oh, how I love them. I’ve got six birdhouses mounted on posts for the swallows and bluebirds.

On other fronts, I planted garden seeds a week ago, but I’ll wait for a couple more days to put plants & flowers out. Our spring has been slow to come and cold! I think it is actually a good thing and more normal than not. The fruit trees sometimes bloom due to an early warm spell in April and then we get a hard freeze which means no fruit. I potted some pansies for inside. They hold me over until I can get my hands in the dirt outside. What are your favorite flowers to plant? I love so many, but pansies and geraniums are list toppers. I bought some old-fashioned lovelies this year, Stocks. They are so fragrant. I think I’ll plant them in the flower bed and around the rim of my garden tank.

I experienced a first on Easter weekend. I became a great aunt for the first time. My sister’s eldest son, Mac, is now a daddy and a proud one … he is so doting! He and his wife, Lisa, decided on the name Oliver Liam. My sister, Beth, is in Grammy-love and since she lives nearby, she’ll get to spend a lot of time with Oliver.

One last goodie. Do you like home-made egg noodles? We sure do. I made chicken & noodles recently. Served on mashed potatoes, ahhhh, now we’re talking comfort food. Noodles are so easy. I make them on the thick side and cut them with scissors, then again into 2″ pieces.

I’m about caught up with letting you know how I & my farmgirl pals are doing. Even though some of us don’t travel very far from home, we sure “cover a lot of country” in a month’s time. I bet you do too. If you were to look over your shoulder, what are the highlights and high spots in your little corner of the world? I love to hear how other farmgirls fill their days.

  1. Brenda says:

    Hi Shery!!! Wow that was a lot of topics. I love chicken and noodles. My grandma always made them for special occasions. But she made skinny noodles. I made chicken and noodles for Easter dinner this year, but I bought some local Amish noodles. Your chicks are soooo cute. I wanted to get a couple more this year but our chickens ended up with feather mites this spring and we have been to war and back. They had bit their own feathers off along with some molting and about 1/2 of my ladies were bare naked except for their heads and wings. Not a pretty site. But we have dusted, dusted and dusted again and they are getting all their feathers back in and the laying is picking up again so I think their stress is abating. I have planted a basket of pansies and am collecting orange and purple annuals to put in baskets and back yard borders. Not my color scheme but our youngest daughter is getting married July 30th, we think, in our back yard and those are the colors she picked. That is the only bee that is flying around in my bonnet at this time. Of coarse I have plenty of projects setting on the back burner that I try and get at as often as possible but that may come to a halt real soon.

  2. Dirtduchess says:

    Loved your new posting. You have certainly been busy as a bee.

  3. Sharon says:

    Shery I always love to hear about your Farmgirl gatherings. They sound like such fun and make me think it’s time I look for a farmgirl connection in my area as well. I’m sorry that you weren’t able to ride during calving season this year, but remember that you are taking care of yourslef and working towards your recovery. Hopefully this time has given you the opportunity to appreciate other aspects of your Farmgirl life you might not normally focus on. Wishing you all the best.

  4. Sheila Belveal says:

    Hi Shery!! Wow you sure are busy! I loved reading your posts. It’s great to have friends in your area to give a helping hand or just to chat. I wish I knew if there was a farmgirl connection in my area. I’ll have to check. I grew up in the country with a farm next door where I spent most of my time. Would love to raise some chickens like yours. Hopefully soon! I have some much needed cleaning out as well. It’s amazing how it accumulates. Wishing you all the best.

  5. Debbie says:

    Welcome back Shery! I missed your posts! Well, no grass has grown under your feet since you last wrote. Such fun happening in all areas (except the not riding part)! The craft day with your farmgirl pals looks so fun. You are a creative bunch! This farmgirl is anxious to get her hands in the dirt too, but we’ve had a long wet spring too. Sun is out today and I pray it’s here to STAY!
    farmgirl hugs!
    Deb ( Beachfarmgirl)

  6. Debra Allison says:

    What a great post! The photos are great! The crafts inspiring, the noodles yummy looking! I’ve been inspired to resume making my own bread and try noodles!

  7. Sheryl says:

    Loved your post! So full of interesting information. How do you make your egg noodles? Would love to make some for my family. Thanks!

  8. Hi Shery, It is so good to hear from you again. I love your photography and your posts. Your posts are always good to read! Time to get back on your horse.

  9. Thanks once again for the wonderful pictures and stories. You inspire me to "lean into" my projects and follow them to completion! A new and may I add, cute, clothespin bag is completed and ready for this years laundry drying in the sun. I am still holding out for chickens, but so far haven’t convinced my husband yet.
    I have planted red geraniums and white petunias in a an old aluminum ice chest. Looks so cheerful on the front porch. Whiskey barrels on the deck are filled with red geraniums and pink petunias. Magnus, the kitty, has taken up napping in one of the barrels… Happy spring!

  10. Victoria Hall says:

    Photos of the chicks are adorable!! I used to work at a "seed and feed" that catered to farmers and ranchers in southern Idaho. It was my favorite time of year when all the baby chicks, gooslings, and ducklings would start to arrive. By the way, the gal with the long, silver hair…stunning!

  11. Bonnie says:

    You have been missed! So glad you are back – I had been looking for your post. Also glad it was a computer problem and not anything to do with your recuperating! What fun you have managed to create even if you did miss calving. Your photos as always are a wonderful addition to your blog.
    Enjoy the sun and dirt, I think it might be here to stay.

  12. Cora Jo says:

    Shery…Mother’s Day weekend I was introduced to Duanna, my daughter-in-love’s baby Dwarf Nigerian goat. She is all black and terribly naughty like a "kid" should be. baaaaa
    Ali and Charley also have ducks and chickens and live on our "farm" place now. One banty hen has one chick and you would think that chick was Prince William, the hen dotes so much. Very funny. Well, not funny if you try to get near that chick. lol. Out my back door this year was a lake as the river at the back of our property flooded. Back to normal now, but, I keep thinking about all the folks who are not back to normal in this country following all the horrible storms. Wondering if the farm girls around this country shouldn’t be doing something for them. Any ideas?
    Hope your knee is doing well. My "new" knee is 10 years old and I am still so grateful! Enjoy! cora jo

  13. Terces says:

    Hi Shery,
    So great to be gifted with your sharing once again. I always ready for every word you write!
    Where can you get Buckeye chicks, I raise chickens and have never heard of them?
    Would love to know.
    They look adorable.
    Thanks so much,

  14. melaynee riehemann says:

    My secret trick to making homemade noodles….a pizza cutter to cut my strips. Quick, easy and efficient. 🙂

  15. Krystalyn says:

    That’s really thinking out of the box. Thanks!

  16. china rose says:

    Hi Sherry, I grew up as a farmgirl & when I found your blog I felt that I had discovered a kindred spirit! Thanks for sharing. A few years back, I produced & created a really fun (3) min audio project titled: On the Farm. It’s an ode to my growing up as a farmgirl. It’s simple, and silly. I’m happy to send it along if you like. Your blog reminded me that I plan to animate it one day, some day… Aloha ~

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