It’s April already?! How’d that happen?! In New England, Mother Nature’s running a wee bit late, with days that keep feeling more like February. As I write, I’m nursing yet another bad cold and cough (the weather isn’t helping). Life’s been a bit of a whirlwind lately at our house! I could certainly sit and rest a spell, so grab a cup of tea and let’s catch up! This past month has been full of surprises!

Speaking of surprises, “Melinda L.”, you are my winner for last month’s giveaway of the beautiful Prairie Pin Pouch clothespin holder. Enjoy! A big shout out of thanks to Julie Pruett for her beautiful work! Thanks to everyone who entered!

IMG_2048-001 In Connecticut, Mother Nature surprised us by dumping record breaking snow a few weeks ago, just as we were thinking spring was on the way. We all knew the storm was coming, but I think everyone was just a little surprised how much snow we got. My husband’s usually able to handle the driveway with his tractor and snow thrower, but it was no match for the sticks thrown by the wind. We are so thankful that the snow has finally melted from our driveway! On the plus side, the storm brought a surprise family day off!


Handsome hubby throwing snow

Handsome hubby throwing snow


My seeds for my veggie garden are started inside, but it will be awhile before the ground is warm enough to plant.


Don't you love the art on this early 1900's seed packet?

Don’t you love the art on this early 1900’s seed packet?

I’m very pleasantly surprised by the many wonderful reactions I got to the article on vintage sewing machines that I wrote in the current issue of MaryJanesFarm Magazine. I even made two new farmgirl friends because of it! You just never know where you’ll find a farmgirl! If you don’t have a subscription to MaryJanesFarm Magazine, you’re missing out…subscribe HERE!


I surprised myself by saying “yes” to my daughter when she asked for yet another pet! Our daughter’s grown up in a multiple pet household. She loves animals with her whole heart, and like me, becomes a squealing puddle of mush at the sight of anything covered in fur. Currently, our family consists of one and a half dogs (a shepherd mx and a chihuahua), a cat, a bunny, three hermit crabs, and five chickens.

My idea of cute and cuddly...

My idea of cute and cuddly…

We’ve said to our daughter, “No more”. One day, she texted, “Mom, can I have a pet snake?” “You’re joking, right? Are you sick? Do you have a fever?!?” I thought something was wrong. It’s a long story, but a young, pet albino corn snake came up for adoption.

My husband’s also a huge animal lover, and nothing’s more heartwarming than my 6’3 hubby walking a five pound chihuahua. He is, however, TERRIFIED of snakes. He doesn’t even like earthworms (too “snake-like”).

My daughter, on the other hand, sees beauty in just about every creature. I love that about her. Her dad said he would give “Noodle” a three day trial. Snakes aren’t what I think of as a cute, cuddly pet. I respect (and fear certain) snakes, and value their place in the environment, but not so much in my home. My husband and I are both surprised, now several weeks later, at how fascinating and docile “Noodle” is. We find watching him interesting, and I have even been brave enough to hold him. I am surprised that I am even feeling a bit attached to him. (However, he’d better never get loose from his aquarium! My 14 year old daughter will have a very hard time paying the mortgage all by herself when my husband and I move out)!

When you're cold blooded and it's 20 degrees out...

When you’re cold blooded and it’s 20 degrees out…

From the time my daughter was born, she and I have been very close. All the while, people have said things like, “Just wait until she’s a teenager, you won’t be so close”. I disagree. I started to worry a few weeks ago, however. I felt like something was not right, but could not pinpoint what it was. Whenever I’d ask, Audrey would say “Nothing’s wrong, Mama”.

Last Sunday, my friend Andrea took me out for brunch for my birthday. When we came home, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. When I went into the kitchen, I was greeted by friends, jumping out from behind the kitchen island, screaming, “SURPRISE”!!! My closest friends and their daughters were there, all dressed like the 1940s!

"SURPRISE"! Was I ever!!!

“SURPRISE”! Was I ever!!!

There was food galore, beautiful flowers, and my handsome hubby dressed in a suit. My friend Erin bakes cakes as a hobby. She’s is so talented. She baked an awesome, beautiful “Rosie the Riveter” cake.

My friend Erin made this amazing cake! It was delicious, too.

My friend Erin made this amazing cake! It was delicious, too.

My friend Andrea even found 1940’s party favors for everyone: little music boxes shaped like horse drawn Cinderella carriages. Each one plays a different song, mine plays “Happy Birthday”.

Everyone at the party received a "Cinderella" music box candy holder/party favor from the 1940's . So adorable!

Everyone at the party received a “Cinderella” music box candy holder/party favor from the 1940’s . So adorable!

My friend Lisa is such a hoot! She wore her husband's grandfather's uniform from WWII.

My friend Lisa is such a hoot! She wore her husband’s grandfather’s uniform from WWII.

Lisa's husband, Ernie's grandfather, WWII, back row third from left. Photo courtesy Lisa Ruot

Lisa’s husband, Ernie’s grandfather, WWII, back row third from left. Photo courtesy Lisa Ruot

Two beautiful ladies, my friend Beth and her daughter Grace - 40's style!

Two beautiful ladies, my friend Beth and her daughter Grace – 40’s style!

My sweet, beautiful best friend and daughter, Audrey - my best gift ever!

My sweet, beautiful best friend and daughter, Audrey – my best gift ever!

Surprised does not describe it…FLABBERGASTED, SHOCKED, AMAZED! My daughter planned and executed the whole thing, down to the last detail. She rallied my friends, planned the menu and worked out all of the details. She was quite the hostess! What fourteen-year-old does that for their mom?!? I am feeling very lucky, very blessed, and very loved.

Sometimes, life surprises us when we least expect it. May your spring be filled with wonderful, happy surprises!

Until Next time…Farmgirl Hugs, Nicole

  1. Krista says:

    What a fun surprise birthday party! Your daughter did well! I hope you enjoyed your day. Everything looks fantastic. I would love to dress up in some 1940’s clothes! I tell my mom all the time that I was born in the wrong generation. I’m close with my mother and always have been. It’s such a wonderful relationship. May you and your daughters stay strong! Happy late birthday!

    Your little chihuahua is so cute and surprisingly your new snake has pretty markings. Snakes freak me out usually but I didn’t cringe when I seen him.

    Is all of your snow melted? Did everyone survive the storm just fine? Hopefully spring time will catch up with you all there soon!

    • Nicole Christensen says:

      Hi Krista, Thanks! Yes, my daughter really surprised me. I still can’t believe all the details she did. She’s such a wonderful girl. Probably why we said “yes” to Noodle the snake. I like his markings, too…I think he looks like candy corn!

      We made it through the storm without losing power, but my husband’s tractor needs repair. We are so happy that all the snow FINALLY thawed! Now we need to warm up and the ground dry up. Thanks for asking!

      Farmgirl Hugs,

  2. Denise Ross says:

    Happy birthday Nicole. Wow, what an incredible surprise and what a wonderful daughter you have. Such a blessing to have the relationship you have with your daughter. My daughter and I have had our moments, but we are very close, as I am with all here if my children and I really count myskef as very blessed to have the relationships I have with my children.

    • Nicole Christensen says:

      Hi Denise! Thank you! A bond between a mom and child is like no other! When my daughter and I do “lock horns”, it’s usually because one or both of us is hungry, tired, or both! My husband laughs because we are so much alike. 🙂 Sounds like you are definitely blessed. Thanks for reading and commenting! Farmgirl Hugs, Nicole

  3. Joan says:

    Happy belated Birthday to YOU! No outside planting here either, been snowing on/off foe two days/nights, we so need the moisture so not complaing yet. Thanks for sharing your interesting life. God bless.

    • Nicole Christensen says:

      Hi Joan, Thank you! We’ve had so much moisture here that Connecticut is now “officially” out of the drought we were in last year, which is the good news. Some people here had their wells dry up because of the drought. Nature always catches up. I will be happy to be able to garden though! Farmgirl Hugs, Nicole

  4. Bonnie B says:

    What a beautiful young woman your daughter is becoming – and a wonderful event planner as well! She may have a future occupation. How sweet and thoughtful to plan such a surprise for her mom! You are indeed blessed.

    • Nicole Christensen says:

      Hi Bonnie, thank you! She really surprised me, for sure. I will never forget that wonderful day. I am so proud of her! Thanks for reading and commenting. Farmgirl Hugs, Nicole

  5. Beverly Battaglia says:

    Nicole, I love the pictures of your friends at your surprise party! Your friend Lisa has a great sense of humor and I really liked the flyer’s hat. Cake was great! Wish I could have been there with you. Noodle does look like candy corn.
    I love you,

    • Nicole Christensen says:

      Hi Mom, thanks! Isn’t that outfit Lisa wore amazing?! Now you know when you visit, your granddaughter is going to want you to hold Noodle! Wish you could have been here, too. Love you, Nicole

  6. Sandi King says:

    Nicole, the picture of Poochie reminds me of my sister-in-law’s dog, Susie. Poochie looks exactly like Susie, they could be the same dog or twins. What is so odd, is that Susie’s brother looks just like his daddy, a Springer Spaniel. Susie’s mother is a mixed breed but we aren’t sure who the father is, but think it may be a Dachshund who happens to live nearby where Susie and her brother, MooMoo (black and white like cows) came from. The family that owned them had children that named each of the pups and my sister-in-law kept the names when she got the two pups about 4 years ago. Unfortunately, both of these dogs have seizures and have to be on medication. But they are the cutest and most loving of pets.

    • Sandi King says:

      Nicole I put this in the wrong place. It should have been in the previous post, sorry. I don’t know how to change it.

    • Nicole Christensen says:

      Hi Sandi, Poochie is such a sweetie! She is my niece’s little princess, for sure! She was a rescue, so who knows, maybe Susie IS a relative of Poochie’s! Farmgirl Hugs, Nicole

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