Monthly Archives: September 2022

Fall Felt Garland {Tutorial}



Fall is in the air here in Tennessee and I’ve been enjoying doing a tiny bit of fall decorating!  I really love to drag my summer out until October but I have put out a few things in my house!  I made this super fast fall project and decided to share it with you because absolutely ANYONE can make this darling garland!!!  It is also a very inexpensive project and you can have it made in less than an hour and it is an excellent project to do with children of all ages.   So lets get started!


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End of Summer Joys


There’s a breeze blowing softly through the trees as I sit outside on my back porch and write. It’s 82 degrees, but we have a reprieve, for the first time in weeks, in the relentless humidity that often occurs in the late summer in New England. There’s a change in the air, signaling the coming change in the seasons. I am a bit wistful to see this season go, as it has been one of the best summers my family has had in years, especially since the start of the Pandemic. Still, there are so many joys to be found in the transition of this time of year. 

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