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Keeping In Touch!

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Hello Farmgirl friends!

When we were first issued the “stay at home” order back in March, I thought to myself that this would be a really good time to focus on staying in touch with friends and family in the old fashioned way.

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Hanging In There…



Hi Farmgirls! Wow! What a month it’s been! How are y’all doing?  We’re hanging in there. We live and work in one of the hardest-hit areas of Covid-19, but are happy to report we are all healthy! 

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Quarantine Cooking ( and other tidbits )


My repurposed TV armoire ( now pantry) is stocked and ready!

Dear Sisters,

I hope you and your families are well and are weathering these times with some tried and true farmgirl grit. If you’re a ” front-lines ” farmgirl our hats are off to you! If you’ve been ill and have recovered, my prayers were answered. And if you lost someone dear to you from Covid19 please accept my deepest sympathies. I’m still grappling with the current state of affairs we find ourselves in and some days it’s just too overwhelming to try and make sense of. So I cook and cook AND cook to relax and keep my handsome Yankee, mom and daughter well fed. I DO enjoy cooking and the #stayhome mandate has allowed me the extra time to try a bunch of new recipes ( some good, some not so good). Continue reading

Going ‘Round that Ole Mulberry Bush

One thing’s for sure. I’m not going to use the CV-19 word in this post. No way, no how.

Or how’s this: C for Colorful. V for very. And guess what? My Baby turned 19 yesterday. So, Colorful Very 19.

So what are we to do about Colorful Very 19? I think the answer is, “enjoy life even more.” Leave our worries behind. Focus on today. And just go ’round and ’round that ole mulberry bush with a smile on your face.

Because, My Friends, spring is here. And that is happy news for us all. If spring hasn’t reached you yet, just wait. It’s headed your way…

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Hello Farmgirls,

Ummm. I’m nearly at a loss of what to write. It all seems pretty trivial at the moment, but maybe a little triviality is part of what we need during these unprecedented times?

First off, how are you all? I truly believe the nation and world is in a collective stage of grief.  Many of us have had our fair or unfair shares of grief in life, so it is a familiar feeling–only different in that everyone is experiencing it.  There is so much uncertainty in where this is going and what the world will look like when it’s “over.” I’ve spoken about it with others experienced and studied in grief, we are grieving the loss of an imagined future.  This is normal and okay.  Sometimes it’s good to have a way to label our experiences and emotions. Please be kind to yourselves and loved ones while we navigate these murky waters.  Cracking under the pressure is expected, crying at the most menial of occurrences is a healthy way that your body and psyche forces you to check in, ignoring it all is a natural coping mechanism. Acceptance that this is happening is the goal. It is where we can find our own integrity.

Moki has been increasingly lazy, or perhaps depressed? Either way, she is cute--finding different pillows to lounge on.

Moki has been increasingly lazy, or perhaps depressed? Either way, she is cute–finding different pillows to lounge on.

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