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Things We Can Learn From A Dog



Hello Friends!

Amongst all the unsettled feelings and emotions going on in the world today, we are faithfully practicing some “self isolation” here on our farm.  Which is not a hardship for me, as staying home is my favorite thing to do!  But I’ve been watching our sweet dog, Belle, and thinking what a great thing it must be to just trust in your master enough that you have no worries or fears of the day!  Obviously, we humans can’t quite be like that (don’t you wish we could?) but it did get me thinking that there are things I could learn from my dog!

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A Bit O’ Green


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! I hope you are finding some “happy” amid all of the worry that’s weighing on everyone’s minds recently. Spring is coming, with greener days ahead. Take a break from the heavy, and visit with me a spell!

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Backwards or Forwards?

I started writing as the MaryJanesFarm “City Farmgirl” a long time ago. Don’t ask me when. 2006, maybe? 2008?

It’s been a FUN ride. I always enjoy writing my posts and then, the best part, hearing back from you all! And the folks at MaryJanesFarm? Well, you can imagine how inspiring and encouraging it is to work with them. I couldn’t be happier to have the opportunity to share with you here than I am. It’s great.

Recently I had to purge some photos from a photo storage site that I used early on in blogging. I received a notice about their fees increasing, so decided to see what I was storing there. I wound up sitting in front of the computer for hours as I looked at hundreds of photos. I hadn’t seen these since I put them up on the blog years ago.

Doing this turned out to be an emotional experience. It was a weird sentimental journey, a wistful wondering, a deep look into the eyes of me, back then.

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