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The Gift

My mom (left) on her 7th birthday.

My mom (left) on her 7th birthday.

My mom recently celebrated a birthday. In her seventies, she is still always stylish, with impeccable hair and makeup, and known for her big, bright, beautiful smile. It’s not easy living so far from family, and I so often wish I could just drive down the road to see my mother, or bring her a bouquet of flowers from my garden. When her birthday rolled around, I couldn’t wait, because I recently found the perfect gift for her…something I have been searching for her for decades.

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My Hen House Has A Twin

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Deb’s Little Red Hen House
























Dear sisters,

It’s true! My hen house has a twin. An IDENTICAL twin! And that’s not all. My handsome Yankee and I made some new friends to boot! Come on in and meet Donna, Ken and their girls and get a peek their NEW Little Red Hen House.

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Summ-yurt Time


We’ll be on the move, soon!

Hey Farmgirls, it’s been a while since the last yurt check-in, and you’ve been asking for some updates.  As we’re (likely) finishing up our last few months of living in the round, it seems like it’s a perfect time to let you in on some of our yurt life findings…

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