Farmgirl Roadtrip: Warm Weather Dreamin’ at Mystic Seaport

IMG_9111-001In my area, right now we are literally up to our eyeballs in snow! After a relatively mild winter until recently, we’ve had some major snowfalls since late January and haven’t gotten a break or a thaw since. This is when spring fever starts to gnaw at us. Seed catalogs are arriving, yet it feels like we’ll never see dry ground again. With so many layers of snow and ice piled everywhere, it’s easy to get cabin fever. We occasionally question why we reside where it so closely resembles the North Pole. This is when I remind myself there’s just a few more weeks of winter left, focusing on how awesome Connecticut is most of the year, beautiful and with so many great places to visit. Last year, while it was still warm, we headed to one of my family’s favorite destinations…Mystic Seaport!

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A Class with Moxie!

To teach is a gift, but to also inspire is extraordinary. I still vividly and fondly remember my most influential teachers, those possessing a certain magic. Inside Newtown Middle School, there’s a unique classroom. Part hands-on workshop, part retro-museum, this amazing class was constructed by an equally fantastic teacher.


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