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Dear Sisters,

Can you believe we are only a few short weeks away from the first day of Spring? Just the thought of warmer days and the greening of my gardens brings pleasant thoughts while I shovel the newly fallen snow off of my car and walkways. But that’s not all that’s helping me get my spring-spiration on. Every year in deep winter I spend time getting re-acquainted with a few of my favorite garden guru’s from days gone by. The gardens of Tasha Tudor, Beatrix Potter, and Claude Monet’ are worthy of a trip to the Library or a quick Google search for I can always count on them to remind me that each new growing season promises new lessons to be learned and more joys amongst the flowers and garden visitors. Come on in and meet one of my favorite garden ladies of yesteryear! Continue reading

The White Stuff, Revisited

{Disclaimer: I just realized that the teaser for this post kind of makes it sound like I’m struggling with an illicit drug addiction, this was not my intention…Don’t worry, I am definitely not partying like a rockstar}

Two years ago I wrote a post titled “The White Stuff” which was about both an abundance of snow and my love for raw milk.  As I pondered what to write about this week, I kept thinking the white stuff, the white stuff;  and I could not come up with a better title.  Some others I sifted through: “Reawakening,” “Guilt,” “Transformation,” and “Forty Days and Forty Nights.”  None of these seemed to fit what I was going for though, so I stuck with “The White Stuff” it’s just “revisited.”

It’s also totally different from that post.  Unlike the glorious, snowy winters of 2012 and 2013, this year has been dismal!  Apparently the east coast and parts of the midwest have been hogging all of the snow.  I know that many of you in those areas would gladly part with some of it.  Too bad Mother Nature had different plans.

Ummm...that white stuff is really far away!  Snowless view of Spring Creek Farm

Ummm…that white stuff is really far away! Snowless view of Spring Creek Farm

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I have been cooped up in the house for about 10 days.

Snow, Ice, Frigid Temperatures, No School.


It is awesome!

That’s Oreo, the dog, and THE Mustache Cat! The wind chill here hit -30 degrees, so they have been gazing outside rather than playing outside.

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What I Know About Cows

We are fairly new at this business of raising cattle and even though I have a cattle background I don’t feel that I know much.  My husband, being a retired Engineer, is a book learner.  He loves to read, learn and soak it up.  I’m more of an emotional learner.  So, I just learn by what I observe when I’m around the cows.  They’ve taught me a whole lot.



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Farmgirl Roadtrip: Warm Weather Dreamin’ at Mystic Seaport

IMG_9111-001In my area, right now we are literally up to our eyeballs in snow! After a relatively mild winter until recently, we’ve had some major snowfalls since late January and haven’t gotten a break or a thaw since. This is when spring fever starts to gnaw at us. Seed catalogs are arriving, yet it feels like we’ll never see dry ground again. With so many layers of snow and ice piled everywhere, it’s easy to get cabin fever. We occasionally question why we reside where it so closely resembles the North Pole. This is when I remind myself there’s just a few more weeks of winter left, focusing on how awesome Connecticut is most of the year, beautiful and with so many great places to visit. Last year, while it was still warm, we headed to one of my family’s favorite destinations…Mystic Seaport!

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Tickle, Tickle

Hello All, Sorry it has taken a few days to get this posted.  We had some technical difficulties with permissions and the like…Sometimes living in a yurt has its snafus.  We hope you are all well!

As I write this, I’m wrapping up one of those days that felt like it would never end…and not in a good way! It’s a shame when these days come along, but they do. It’s not that anything especially bad happened—it was just little thing, after little thing, after little thing. I mostly felt incompetent. Just a few minutes ago, however, I couldn’t help but break into uncontrollable laughter. could you not tickle this adorable baby?

Okay…how could you not tickle this adorable baby?

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Things That Make Us Happy!


Dear Sisters,

Our daughter came home from school one day last week, went right to her favorite landing spot ( the couch) and said, high-school is tough. She and a girl friend had been chatting  on the bus ride home and both were having a particularly teenager-y sort of day. Do you remember those? Continue reading

19 Random Things

Random 1. Maybe we should finally name our farm.

We have been here two and a half years. It is time.

Everyone said, “A name will come to you.”

It hasn’t.

My husband and I were like that when we had a baby too.

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The Story Of A Farm

Today I’d like to tell you the story of our farm. As I’ve been pondering this blog post, I keep thinking I need to leave out the beginning of the story, as it is very personal, but it’s a big part of how we came to the place of buying our farm so I can’t really leave it out.



The entrance to our farm


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A Class with Moxie!

To teach is a gift, but to also inspire is extraordinary. I still vividly and fondly remember my most influential teachers, those possessing a certain magic. Inside Newtown Middle School, there’s a unique classroom. Part hands-on workshop, part retro-museum, this amazing class was constructed by an equally fantastic teacher.


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