Tickle, Tickle

Hello All, Sorry it has taken a few days to get this posted.  We had some technical difficulties with permissions and the like…Sometimes living in a yurt has its snafus.  We hope you are all well!

As I write this, I’m wrapping up one of those days that felt like it would never end…and not in a good way! It’s a shame when these days come along, but they do. It’s not that anything especially bad happened—it was just little thing, after little thing, after little thing. I mostly felt incompetent. Just a few minutes ago, however, I couldn’t help but break into uncontrollable laughter.

Okay...how could you not tickle this adorable baby?

Okay…how could you not tickle this adorable baby?

This picture is fun...and also the only picture I've taken in the past two weeks that doesn't have Ava. I should work on that...but it's hard, she's photogenic!

This picture is fun–Moki and her friend Cider. It is also the only picture I’ve taken in the past two weeks that doesn’t have Ava. I should work on that…but it’s hard, she’s photogenic!

Did something especially hilarious happen? No, and if it had I probably would have put on a good grumpy show and not laughed (just to keep up my grouch factor). In fact, I was attacked by two tickle monsters!   I am INCREDIBLY ticklish, and the laughs erupted from me without restraint.

Have you been tickled recently? Tickling becomes something we rarely experience after childhood. I both love and hate being tickled. For one, I am forced to laugh. There is no escaping it. However, it also leaves me feeling nearly incapacitated. Good thing I didn’t have to use the bathroom!

Ava is totally interested in diapers right now--both cloth and disposible.  She was very excited after I put a diaper on over her pants.  Silly girl!

Ava is totally interested in diapers right now–both cloth and disposible. She was very excited after I put a diaper on over her pants. Silly girl!

It turns out little Ava is pretty ticklish, too. In fact, her first non- “mama” or “dada” word is “tickle.”  How cute is that?! She exclaimed a cute little “tigo” while we were tickling her dolly a few days ago. When she hears the word “tickle” she makes little tickling motions with her fingers. Over the last few days she has started lying down on the ground and waiting for us to come tickle her. What a fantastic first word.

I know I’m a bit late to the party (to be fair, I’m a bit late to nearly every party I’ve ever been to), but I’m going to follow the lead of a few other Farmgirl sisters and pick “tickle”as my 2015 word.

Woohoo! Figuring out how tissues come out of the box tickles Ava's curiosity!

Woohoo! Figuring out how tissues come out of the box tickles Ava’s curiosity!

I can’t think of anything negative when I hear, say or read the word. The sound of it is almost an onomatopoeia–if our fingers made a noise while tickling it would would be “tickle,” right? It makes you want to wiggle your fingers. Some of the synonyms of tickle are: amuse, please, delight, and enchant. These are excellent words, too!

These two cuties tickle my ticker!

These two cuties tickle my ticker!

I’m guilty of stressing out over little things, which helps explain my grouchiness today. I’m also sometimes guilty of being too judgmental, reactionary, and critical among others; aren’t we all? This word is none of these—it is light-hearted, happy, and non-discriminating. It seeks out the sad, the lonely, and the grouchy. It blindly attacks that which makes us unhappy.

Something tickles us when—even in the face of a terrible, no good, very bad day—it makes us forget it, even if just for a split second. It forces us to relish something silly, beautiful or extraordinary.

We got to watch "A Prairie Home Companion" with my dad and stepmom (kind of--through the help of technology!) the other day.  What fun.

We got to watch “A Prairie Home Companion” with my dad and stepmom (kind of–through the help of technology!) the other day. What fun.

I am tickled by many things: puppies in the grass, the voice of an old friend, a good line of poetry, the first seedlings of spring, a kiss on the cheek after a long day of work, a nice soak in a warm tub, chocolate, awkward encounters, a friendly wave from behind a steering wheel, new socks, a smile from a stranger, and happy news from people I love. However, I want to move beyond what tickles me—how can I metaphorically tickle those around me? How can I help tickle the world?

This little lady knows how to make light of a situation.  I think she's playing Mother Theresa here...

This little lady knows how to make light of a situation. I think she’s playing Mother Theresa here…

I’m not quite sure how to do this yet, but I know it has to do with lightening over-serious moods and helping others see the magic in commonplace things. Sometimes we have to get over ourselves, and a good way to do that is with a good tickle! I guess I have the better part of a year to figure it out. I think I should begin with some Valentine’s cards and wishes to the ones I love the most.

A baby eating from chopsticks for the first time.  Good times.

A chubby cheeked baby eating from chopsticks for the first time. You’re Welcome.

Finally, here is a good tickle-themed farming/gardening/is spring here yet? quote: “Earth is here so kind, that just tickle her with a hoe and she laughs with a harvest.”~ Douglas Jerrold

What tickles you? Share with us!

I hope you all have a lovely Valentine’s Day!

Until Next Time,

Sending you Peace and Love from Alaska,

Alex, The Rural Farmgirl

  1. Dori Troutman says:

    Alex, I just love posts with darling Ava! And tickle is the best word. I love that tickle is one of Ava’s first words. How fun is that? I get tickled over a lot of things… as a matter of fact, I usually get tickled over things that aren’t necessarily that funny! 🙂 But it sure makes the bumps in the road a little easier when we can laugh, huh? Thanks for this post… glad you are okay. I got a little worried when we got our email alert for your post… and it wasn’t there! 🙂 Stay warm. – Dori, the Ranch Farmgirl –

    • Alexandra Wilson says:

      Thanks for your concern, Dori! It is a good habit to get tickled over those little inconsequential mishaps. More of us need to follow your lead! We’ve been staying pretty warm up here in Alaska–it’s been in the forties the last few days. Warmer than the Carolinas, crazy!

  2. Denise Ross says:

    I get stressed over the little stuff too, and I wish I didn’t. But I’m working on that. Tickles make me laugh too, but I hate the losing control of feeling too. Ava is a cutie. I love you sharing her with us. Hope your days are better now with tickles. 🙂

    • Alexandra Wilson says:

      Thanks, Denise! The days are definitely better and the tickles are getting much more fun. They are a good reminder to shrug off the small stuff–I want to set a good example for Ava by being a less stressed person. I just need to remind myself quite often. Hope you are well!

  3. Karen Pennebaker says:

    February has been the “month of mishaps” here… one after another…and thank goodness this month is about gone. I’d gladly send you the snow and ice we have had as well as the bitter cold temperatures! West Virginia isn’t supposed to be undergoing an ice age but it sure acts like it! and if someone tickled me, I would NOT laugh. That is one thing that I have always HATED and I never did it to my babies!

  4. bonnie b says:

    This was a post worth waiting for! A great word choice and with your darling daughter, one that is especially appropriate! It is good to consider what “tickles” us and relish them all.
    So sorry you in AK are without your usual snow. In Ohio, we have not had any real record breakers in snowfall, just cold temps and some ice. But… it is the coldest February on record for many parts of the state. I’m waithing to see green grass and I wouldn’t even mind having to mow it. LOL
    Take care, Bonnie

  5. susana says:

    Somehow I missed the blogs before valentines day….but you tickled my heart….ava is so cute, she tackled my memory of the days when my kids were that small. Love his she is so curious and searches out fir those little things that can be irritating if were not feeling up to par. Its the winter dreads due yo the lack of Don, but you got your sun! Ava! Enjoy her because she will grow up and move away, enjoy her irritating tackling curiosity charm, fir she us a charmer.

    You know those dreadful feelings could be due to insufficient sun ….you sound like you need vitamin D….you need MORE in the winter months. I Been there and notice this…..did you know anyone living in the northern hemisphere deal with this….get 2000mg of vitamin D a day and those yucky feelings of the blues will go away! Then you will be truly ticks pink and not in the blues, then things went be so irritating. If that’s not enough try L_tyrosine, that makes you feel better too. Be cause MST people get down in he drums n the feeling department. Oversees emotions can do that to you….kids can overwhelm you by all the caring you do fir others. It will take approximate be to two months before you feel less irritated. Then you can really enjoy just looking at Ava! Me smiling, days get better….spring will be here soon…

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