The Thing About Spring


Springtime on the Farm

I was just about to plant my tomato seedlings last week when I struck up a conversation with an elderly man at the store. He said, “absolutely not, do not plant your tomatoes yet. You’ll be sorry.” You gotta be kidding me? It’s mid-May!

He was right. Here’s my lawn this morning. May 19th! Frost. I’m not complaining; I love the chilly mornings! On my birthday a few days ago, we had a fire going in the fireplace all day. I enjoyed it BIG time! I think mainly because it was so different from the birthday weather where I spent most of my life.



I’m so glad I chatted with that fellow. My tomatoes are still safe and sound inside.

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Tiny Steps Lead to Grand Things

I’ve always found that the first step is the hardest to take.

And so, I issued a challenge on FaceBook. And now I’m challenging you too.

Move yourself up on your priority list. Do something just for you.

Walk everyday for 31 days….for YOURSELF.

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