Glamper GaGa

OhBoy, OhBoy, OhBoy … our little flock of MaryJanesFarm sister-hens have gone utterly nutz over glamping. No, really! In the last month four of us have bought vintage camping trailers … one just yesterday! I bought mine last winter and spent much of the season playing house in my new “cabin in a can”. Now, my farmgirl pals are crunching to get their campers road-ready. We’re a little late to get started, but we’re planning on camping as far into autumn as the weather will allow.

So, here we are in the middle of glamping season. But, all my sister-hens are close to being ready. Something sparked the glamper bug in us .. and then, one by one, we each had to have our own little glamper. And now, do – we – have – plans! We have a lot to get ready. Three of my farmgirls are remodeling their glampers — they’re working feverishly to get the trailers road worthy, fitted with all the neccessities and glamorized! Next weekend, three of us are going on a dry run, so to speak. We want to familiarize ourselves with our campers & such before we stray too far from home. The end goal: getting away from it all and enjoying some R & R in the great outdoors. But, first …

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  1. Brenda says:

    Love this! We had a pop up camper (old) when my girls were grade and middle school ages. I bought it from someones yard. Canvas had to be sewn in places and hubs had to do some undercarriage work on it. But my favorite part was painting the old cupboards, covering the cushions and making new curtains to hang in it. Back then it was red and blue plaids. That old camper finally went caputs and hubs made it into a hauling trailer. I have been ogling the glampers and pinning away! I have not found one for myself yet, but I have hubs and a few friends keeping their eyes open. I recently bought a vehicle that I am pretty sure could pull one, so here I am dreaming. Have you read the book that the movie Out of Africa was derived from? I did, was a good book. The movie, I think I have watched it a couple dozen times. Love it!


    Brenda,  Only 2 of the 5 campers in our little flock were advertised for sale. The other 3 were spotted and asked about. Since I began really looking for these little trailers, I discovered they are EVERYwhere … sitting behind people’s homes, in out of the way lots, in alleys etc. So, if you spy one and it looks like it is worth looking into…STOP and ask or ask a neighbor who the residents are and call them. The worst they can do is say NO. In our ittybitty town of 800, my galpal and I found over 12 to investigate. These are ALL vintage campers and, yes, some of them are not for sale … but 3 of them were! Good luck finding your dream glamper :o)   shery

  2. Dolly says:

    I found my camper as a drive-by, in the rain. It had a 4-sale sign. I bought it that day. It needs a little work, like I have to see if the gas works, the electricity does. I have to practice and find out if my vehicle will pull it. I am so challenged in coming up with ideas for it, help! I am excited tho. Anybody in Minnesota want to get together to camp? Dolly


    Dolly, Maybe you could use the MaryJanesFarm sisterhood connection site to get in touch with other farmgirls in your area?? Maybe you’d find someone to go glamping with!  Shery

  3. bonnie ellis says:

    Shery: I’m ready to go, ho ho, ho ho. Can’t go with you but I’m glamping with the River Valley Farmgirls in Minnesota. It will be great fun. I just LOVE the pictures in your blog and you are such a great writer too. Can’t wait to see Mary Janes Glamping book. Have a great time!

  4. Taryn Pyle says:

    Please post a picture of the before and after. I want to do this so badly, but so afraid to take a chance on my remodelling capabilities!


    Will Do!! Taryn,  my friend, Jennie, came over this morning and we attacked the camper with paint. White is done, first coat of red is done, have the trim left to do. It already looks AWESOME! Jennie said that "she" now has a real glamping personality — instead of just being a tired looking old camper in need of paint. WoooHooooo!!  SHery

  5. Paula says:

    Brenda: I am so excited for you and your friends! I have been a Sister on the fly for five years now and have a 2010 Airstream "Coop de Villa" and a 1969 Dreamer and her name is "Henny Penny"….just sold my 1968 Shasta Compact "The Queen Bee"…as you can see, it becomes an addiction! Can you guess my theme for my two campers? Love me some chickens! Don’t have any, but feed my obsession with glamping and decorating…can’t wait to see some pictures! Hugs!

  6. Elaine says:

    I always enjoy reading your posts, but this one is so special to me. I am lusting (yes ma’am) after a vintage travel trailer so I can fix it up and follow y’all down the road. I can’t wait to see the photos of your "new" little glamper. And thank you for the last line, "and that the weapons of war will finally and forever rust in peace. I hope, I pray and I believe." Freedom is not free as we all know, and our best sons and daughters pay the price for us all. I wish them peace tonight and every day and night until the "rusting" begins. Enjoy your weekend! Elaine

  7. Diann says:

    Ya know, I’m reading this and thinkin’, Hey, I’ve got that 27′ 1972 Nomad sitting outside lookin’ homely as all get out!……hmmmmmm…..what to do, what to do! It could truly be a rolling mansion! Dang it, now along with this old house, I’ll be dreamin’ of all the wondermus things I can do with it. I’m already thinking "Sassy Sister" may have to be her name. My oh my, the hubby is going to gasp! But he just got his dream jeep, a 1946 Willy’s flat fender jeep, all original, which by the way, I named Willow. Yes, it’s true, all my vehicles have names. Anyway! Thanks for the inspiration! Keep those tires full and the gas tank full and glamp on!


    Diann,  What’re you doin’ still sittin here, girl??!! Glam that vintage baby up!! A ’72 is vintage Enuff to have fun with. My girlfriend bought a 78 and it is as cute as a button. I like my cozy little glamper, BUT, a roomier version would be that much more wonderful…a little more room, a little more of everything. In truth, my favorite of the glampers are those that are about 20 feet long. Mine is 16′. Another 4 feet may not sound like much, but it is.   Shery

  8. Terces says:

    Hi Sheri,
    Once again so inspired by your sharing. It turns out that my husband and I have been living in a yurt with an outdoor kitchen, outdoor tub and composting toilet for almost 4 years now, awaiting the trials and tribulations of the requirements of obtaining a building permit! So I feel and smell your story of glamping. That has been my life. I am a bit afraid of moving indoors, I have come to so love the morning coffee around a campfire and even the cold winters (not near as cold as yours) and rain while living out of doors.
    Have a wonderful time with your cowgirl friends.
    I look forward to some pictures of those fixed up vintage trailers!


    You are a special breed, Terces.  To live so close to the outside world for the time that you have, well, not many have the mustard to do it. Me included. More power to you.  Shery

  9. Jan says:

    Hi Shery, Oh what fun your going to have!! I have loved the glamping idea since I saw it in a MaryJane magazine a few years ago. I would love to find one of those little campers, but sure haven’t seen many around here. My neighbor got one last year, she spent most of the summer painting it and restoring it. Looks great now! I will continue to look.
    I get a bit anxious before a trip too. Once on my way, I am fine. It’s all that getting ready I guess.
    You girls have fun and I can’t wait for those pictures.

  10. Susie says:

    Hi Shery, Sounds like your going to have a grand time glamping. I too loved the movie Out Of Africa. The scene you were talking about picinicing with the crsytal, silver and fine linens reminds of a time long ago when my husband I worked for this fishing resort on the central coast of Vancouver Island, B.C. Actually it was on Quadra Island just across from Vancouver Island. One of the things we liked to do with some of the long time guests was to take them on a picinic to yet another island a little further south. We would fish along the way for salmon. Once we caught one we would head to this little island and lay out the picinic. Fresh caught salmon, cooked crab salads, baguette and wine. We’d find a nice thick log and lay out the white linen table cloth, silver ware ,crystal wine glasses and ceramic plates. We’d cook the salmon over a fire on the beach,snacked on the crab until the salmon was done. It was magical!

    The guests loved it.



    WOW, I would have loved it too!  shery

  11. Joan says:

    I am breathless – excited – hep’d up just waiting to read and see all about your trip. Sure wish ‘glamping’ would have been in my days of camping – just prepping the camper etc, is so much fun – hmmmm may have to think about doing a little ‘glamper’ for me even though using it is not a possibility – thanks for letting me enjoy your wonderful times. Safe travels and God Bless.

    Hi Joan,  There are many glampers that will never see a lot of road time…including my own, in all honesty. Just the long months of winter here make that a reality. Then add the fact that getting away on vacation means that MOST of the time you’re busy with everyday life. SO, my little glamper will also be our ‘guest cabin’ and a cozy little place for my farmgirl pals & I to have a glass of wine of whatever when they visit. Its like a grownup’s playhouse and anyone who ever had a treehouse or a playhouse as a kid has WONderful memories from that time. Reinvigorating our inner wild involves our inner child too :o)  in my opinion. Never lose that sense of wonder and hunger for FUN!    shery


  12. Debbie says:

    This is just fantastic Shery! Glamping fever is taking hold everywhere! I got my sis in law all excited about it and now we are on the hunt for one to share to start with then who knows? Can’t wait to watch your glamping adventures unfold! I I hear you have a " special" trip planned for the fall too! Yahoo!
    Love and Happy Glamping!
    Beachfarmgirl Deb

  13. Kim says:

    Dolly, I am in Minnesota! My camper isn’t finished yet, but maybe with someone to camp with, I’d get my butt in gear! Kim

  14. to quote Dr Seuss…
    "Oh the Places You’ll Go and the Things you will See"…
    I just got home late this afternoon after 3 fab-u-los days Glamping with 14 wonderful gal~pals over in Elk River, ID. You will got so hooked and just remember, when women gather together,,, food is like mana’… there is always so much and we have fun around the glampfire,,,not worrying about, hubbies, kids, pets, dirty dishes or paying bills… after all, it’s about the journey,,,not the destination!
    Happy trails…..


    THANKS Grace!  Soooo looking forward to enjoying all that you describe. LOVE the term glampfire!!   :o)  Shery

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Madly Summer

Ok, So … there are a thousand and seventeen things to do this time of year, right? How’z your to-do list faring at the end of each day? I run out of daylight before I get to the bottom of the list, but I think this is a common summer plight. Even with extra hours of sunshine, there just isn’t enough time for, for, for it all. Hmmm, really? Well, I’m here to say I’m kinda wrong … kinda, sorta.
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  1. Treese says:

    Hi Shery:
    I ranch about two hours away from where the fires were here in Colorado. I was raised on a ranch on the Colorado plains. We had a prairie fire burn us out one time. It came fast across the prairie grass and had us. I was young, but remember it like yesterday. We lost cattle, but no horses and thank God no lives. After that we seriously cleared off the brush in a large radius around the ranch. We never got burned out again. But, two years ago there was a fire that surrounded my ranch. Now, we ran the bulls and cows into large corrals and the horses in a large separate corral. There was no brush anywhere as I had cleared it all out. I watched that night (who could sleep) as the fire danced on the dirt, but couldn’t burn and would go out. The next morning at false dawn I went out to the corral and saw 28 head of white horses standing there. But, I don’t own a white horse. It was ash on all the critters. They were nervous and coughing, but alive.

    My neighbor Pete came hollering, "Treese, get your horse my herd is loose!" He is 88 and alone. I must have been a sight, I threw on a jacket over my pajama’s-got on my boots and rode off bareback on my horse. His herd was headed towards the fire. We got them turned around and into a safe corral down the road.

    I got back quick because the firefighter’s came by to say they were cutting all electricity to prevent fires. Well, my water pumps (I am on well water of course) went down. No water for critters. I hooked up my new generator which ran an hour and then blew up. Well, after a few hours all water tubs were dry and the critters eyes were bugging out in the heat.

    I called Old Pete to see if he was safe and okay. A little while later here comes Pete in his old pick-up with a generator Moses could have used thrown in the back. But, it fired up and the pumps started up. So, plenty of water for the critters. We were without electricity for 5 days. No toilet, no shower, no stove (no loss I don’t boil water-LOL), No lights, no fan, no AC, no nothing. But, my ranch survived and so did all the critters.

    In the afternoon when I shade up I catch up on my reading.

    Treese/Colorado Cowgirl

    Oh Treese … … … your testimony is sobering. We’ve not experienced a large grass fire in all the years we’ve been here, even through 8 years of drought. BUT, this summer has every one tense … on edge. There is plenty of fuel in spite of the shortage of grass — lots of sagebrush and greasewood. So, we hope for rain and keep an eye on the horizon for signs of smoke. Stay cool and safe my friend. Shery


  2. Shery, love love love the pics of the campers. We just bought a 1977 Arabian, sort of a vintage fifth wheel camper. We have been restoring it. It was dark paneling throughout and I have repainted it with an off white that really has brightened it up. Made some vintage looking curtains and just got my vinyl material in to reupholster the cushions. Cant wait to finish and then I will send some pics, before and after. I have sent some to Deb (beach farmgirl). I hope you and your friends have a great time glamping when ya’ll get to go. I have also been looking for a vintage cooler. Love your find. Have a blessed week.


    Vivian,  Would LOVE to see the photos of your revamped glamper! In watching the glamping rage, I’ve noticed that alllllllll kinds of campers are getting upcycled and given a make-over. I think it is great that we are taking the attitude of waste not – want not into our recreational lives also. ‘Making do’ in so many ways isn’t just responsible, it is FUN and it gives you a positivity surge!   Shery

  3. meredith says:

    Hi Shery! Your description of the ranchers having to shoot their cattle to prevent them suffering the fate of the fires was haunting. I am going to pray long and hard for everyone out there, with animals and without- I am so blessed to be here in the east where we have had rain. We visited Nebraska for the first time last week for the Junior National Hereford Expo and got a taste of the constant wind- it eased the heat for us but I can see how a fire would be out of control in minutes.
    Blessings to you and your neighbors-we’ll pray for rain for you! Meredith

  4. Debbie says:

    Alright Shery, If I see one more picture of your darling " canned ham " I just might have to start researching for one…. even if I just park it in the yard! I love love love this post! On a more sobering note, I’ve been praying for those in the blazing west too… God bless them all!!
    Sending hugs from the east!

    Thank you for lifting the parched west in prayer.

    On a happier thread, I met Anita at a party last night and she’s chirping like a cricket about getting a glamper of her own. Here soul is on fire! Her husband pretended to be irked with me like its my fault. Truth is, Anita let a 1962 Shasta go a few years back and has regretted ever since. So, now she’s hot on the trail of possible glampers. And here’s the thing about parking a glamper in the yard … that is exactly what I’m doing. It is a guest cabin when not out glamping and it may do more of that than actually travel. Dare I say that a camper is oh so practical?   :o)   Shery

  5. Grace~katmom says:

    Isn’t it wonderful not only to be ‘addicted’ to Glamping in our wee trailers,,, but to get our gal~pals addicted too!
    "Trouble travels in pairs"…lol!
    Happy trails & Wagons HO!


    HiYa Grace! Thanks for dropping in…and YES to all you said…including the trouble! shery

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