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Everyday Farmgirl

Every farmgirl is a farmgirl every day because the whole concept is a state of mind. We all have various ways of living the farmgirl life … depending on our circumstances. Our gardens aren’t identical in size or appearance, neither our homes or our “farms”. Some of us hang our country’s flag off the fron’t porch while others fly Old Glory high on a pole in their yard. Me, well, an old wheelbarrow handle is a make-do option. The farmgirl way is all over the map. C’mon in and see how my farmgirl pals and I do our own thing … and then share how you express your own unique farmgirlness.

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The Elephant's Trunk

It’s a beautiful Sunday.  Where can a Farmgirl  enjoy the outdoors, chat with friendly folks from all over, and find everything AND the kitchen sink?  From furniture to plants, glassware to books, jewelry to collectibles…there’s treasure for everyone.  Intrigued?  Head with me to one of my favorite spots…

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Mudpuppies & Horseshoe Crabs

Happy Summer Sisters! Can you believe it? It’s finally here! Why does the arrival of summer have such a bitter sweet taste? Maybe it’s because we wait so, so long for summer solstice (the longest day of the year) knowing that each day going forward gets shorter by a minute or two. If you’re like most Farmgirls, you’re running in twenty different directions trying to capture the best days of summer! Same here! Wanna see a Horseshoe Crab and a mudpuppy too? Join me as I ramble…

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Spice Up Your Life!

First of all, Happy Summer Solstice! What a wonderful thing to celebrate—the longest day of the year, the finalization of our hemisphere’s bow to the sun, a time to start counting down to the long, cozy nights of the winter to come. I can’t help but think that, cyclically, this is the top of our seasonal wheel and we’re celebrating a brief breath at the peak before we continue to spin madly on.

Alaska’s state flower, the forget-me-not, likes the lots-o-light!

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Paying the Piper

“Don’t complain and talk about all your problems. Eighty percent of people don’t care; the other twenty percent will think you deserve them.” Mark Twain

I like Mark Twain’s advice. Isn’t it the truth? A whiner I shall not be.

HOWEVER. Y’ALL. (that means that the whining is about to begin)

My head is about to explode. Someone had a saying on Pinterest this morning: I smile to hide how completely overwhelmed I am.

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What On Earth?

If you’re an avid recycler, there’s a good chance that you seamlessly slip into the role of being an enthusiastic, creative and handy repurposeer.

If you fit the profile, you wouldn’t see a pile of old boards, a bucket of rusty oddlings and a snaggle-toothed piece of corrugated tin as junk. Oh no, like Michele and I, you’d envision a birdhouse … or something equally as charming. My farmgirl pal (Michele) and I cahootinized on this camper birdhouse for a project that Hen #1 (MaryJane Butters) is working on. I drafted the design and Michele built it. To elaborate on this theme, come on in and see how an age old question is answered … farmgirl style. The question? … …

“What on earth are you going to do with THAT?”

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June Tidbits

Summer’s almost “officially” here for us in Connecticut.  There’s the old saying, “Time flies when you’re having fun.”  It should say, “Time flies when you’re having fun raising children.”  We’ve been crazy-busy with lots of “end of year” activities. There’s recitals, field trips, and events galore!  I’m looking forward to some less-scheduled, slower summer days.  Of course, when you love gardening, grilling, and being outside, there’s much to do before you can rest!  Join me, the Suburban Farmgirl, as I work on making the season for being outdoors great!

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Meet Me At The Market

To forget how to dig the earth and tend the soil is to forget ourselves. ~Mohandas K. Gandhi (1869-1948)

FARMGIRL ALERT! Stop whatever you’re doing and let’s get going! Today is opening day of the Plymouth Farmers Market! Get ready to meet a few of our local farmers, bakers, and talented crafts people. Bring your appetite (and some flash cash) you don’t want to miss a single delicious FARM FRESH treat!

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The Return of the Frog Prince

Our vacation through the Midwest is over—and what a momentous vacation it was! Our adventures took us from Bozeman, Montana to Valley City, North Dakota, and finally to Minnetonka, Minnesota. The highlight from all of these lovely places and all of the great things we did was…drum roll, please…I’ve returned to Alaska an engaged lady! And I’m not just any engaged Farmgirl, I’m engaged to one of the best men out there (in my opinion).

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The Yard

I’ve shown you our farmhouse and our outbuildings.

So, the only part of our new digs that you haven’t seen yet is the yard. And what a yard it is!

Shall we? Let’s!

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