The Yard

I’ve shown you our farmhouse and our outbuildings.

So, the only part of our new digs that you haven’t seen yet is the yard. And what a yard it is!

Shall we? Let’s!

First we’ll climb the hill behind the house and take a look from my “looking rock.” I am so drawn to this rock. When we finally pull in the moving trucks, I’m heading up here with a bottle of champagne. No, two bottles. One to drink and one to christen the rock with. (You know, like folks do with their new boats.)

This is a good view of the farm. You can see the house and some of the outbuildings. The house is in the center; outbuildings to the right.

And yes! That is indeed a field of Christmas trees on the hillside!

Have I mentioned the Christmas trees to you? I LOVE Christmas!

You wouldn’t believe the smell of the trees when you stand in the middle of this field full of them. They are Frasier Firs. DEEE-vine!

“O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree…”

I’ll be singing Christmas songs all the year long now. Oh wait. I’ve always done that!

Okay, let’s continue on up the hillside.

There’s a nice pasture. What should I populate this pasture with? Mmmmm…..

 Up we go. Let’s continue climbing the hill.

I adore this picture of Hubs walking up the hill with Blue.

Something about the sky and clouds.

I love him so much. I’m lucky he’s mine. He’s always called himself a ‘closet cowboy.’

(I’m going to get him a horse so he can start calling himself a ‘cowboy.’)

Have I mentioned how I am about rocks?

I have always been the person in the group who picks up rocks and puts them in her pocket.

So when I saw these rocks on our new land I was like “YES!”

And this one is really, really cool. It is deeper in the woods. The rock overhangs and forms a cave-like thing. I wanted to crawl up there and look in, but someone mentioned snakes and bears and I was like—no, I’ll wait. And I wasn’t particularly dressed for the occasion.

Heading further into the woods, we come to a wild rhododendron patch. And look at this interesting formation on the tree trunk. I’ve got to come up with a name for it; I’m sure it will be an everlasting landmark when we’re in the woods.

Y’all asked me about the property. I think it’s about half wooded and half pasture/fileds. There are a total of 75 acres. Let’s head back down the hill and I’ll show you the fields and the mountain stream.

 Here’s a good shot. It shows our field. When I took this picture, we were standing on someone else’s property, but it shows our field very well.

Look at all that rich, brown dirt. Around here all we’ve got is Georgia red clay, so I’m looking forward to working in some real dirt!

Okay, now let’s check out the mountain stream.

Oh yeah!

I want to get an intertube and float down this creek. No snakes, right?

And here’s something special and wonderful about our new farm. Something that grows down by the creek.

See this old sycamore tree?

The preacher came by to invite us to church. As he visited, he  mentioned that years and years ago, before the church had an indoor baptismal font, baptisms were performed in our stream by this sycamore tree.

That tidbit of information absolutely took my breath away. You see, the farm has felt sacred to me since the first time I stepped foot on it.

And now we’ve got to name our farm! You know I need your help with that!!

Until next time, Friends, savor the flavor of life!

Lots of love, The City Farmgirl, Rebekah

  1. Brenda says:

    75 acres! Wow, oh wow! I love the story of the baptism taking place on your farm. And everything looks wonderful and inviting. I thought when we moved onto our 10 acres how large that seemed after living on the two double lots in the city for almost 30 years. We are surrounded by woods so there are pretty spots in the open areas but nothing like the shots you just shared with us. And your own Christmas tree farm to go out and cut down your own tree for Christmas, how much better can it get? Have only ran into one snake this year so far. Wishing you a snake less summer. I just posted a short video of my chickens scratching in a pile of leaves for your entertainment. I think The Teal Family Farm has a ring to it.

  2. Cori Niehoff says:

    Lucky you! How about calling it Gen"Teal" Farm? or Rock View Farm?

  3. hobbit says:

    Every picture made me exclaim "Oh my God" Sacred ground is right.It has been sent by the Almighty and kissed by angels.And now for the root formation. Have you looked at this picture? I see a gnome sitting on a mushroom…….eyes wide open and staring at the wonder before him. He might even have a bit of a smile on his face as he ponders the future blessings that he sees for the farm.

  4. Debbie says:

    Yahoo!!! 75 acres … What a yard indeed! You are one blessed farmgirl!!! I love Teal Family Farm… and Sycamore Farm too!
    Blessings from the East from your beach blogging sis!

  5. Sarah says:

    Hmmm…Hoping that you see the humor here, I think City Slicker Farm would be fun. 🙂

  6. Jackie says:

    How about Sycamore Rock Farm? Of course that kinda makes it sound like it’s a rock farm. LOL. Perhaps you could play around with that and come up with something a little better.

  7. aurelie higgins says:

    I am envious and the Bible says we are not to covet. I plead guilty to that sin!!! Maybe Sacred Acres would be a good name. The place is not only sacred to you but has be a place to worship and celebrate God’s forgiveness. I wish I could even visit. I am happy for you that you can live your dream. Aurelie

  8. Rhonda Lane says:

    All I can say is…WOW !!! The first photo overlooking your new farm is absolutely spectacular! Thanks so much for sharing…I have really enjoyed your tours and look forward to hearing more and more. :>)))

  9. Diana Henretty says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh, the pictures say it all!
    You are one blessed woman!
    Sometimes there are many paths that we must follow before we find the road that leads home as you did.
    Blessings, Diana in the Ozarks

  10. donna FL says:

    AweSome, thanks for sharing Your adventure with us…What a "spot" !!! Think you have definitly found a "Gem"…Cowboy needs a Horse and You too, Nothing Like saddlin up and ridin out together…But wait, Maybe u could try some horses out n the area and see if that’s gonna be "You"…LOL Keep sharin and HaPPy TraiLs !!!

  11. Judy says:

    It is so lovely and your passion and enthusiasm for your new adventure is infectious. You already named it while taking us on tour, the story is too powerful to ignore. It has to be "Sacred Sycamore Farms". With the old milk house adding to it’s history your logo could be some version of an angelic cow.

  12. Cindy says:

    I think every farm feels sacred because they are few and far between. I’m so glad you cherish it. Hey your man could be a singing cowboy! (I start guitar lessons Thursday – snicker – don’t tell anyone! I’m nervous about it. You’re the one that inspired me to get the guitar!)
    Your yard is gorgeous.

    Cindy Bee

  13. Theresa says:

    That is incredible! That is truly land from heaven. Your soul must soar with creativity there.

  14. Cindy says:

    I think that you have named your farm all by yourself. You mentioned how the farm felt like it was welcoming you home, to where you always were, or dreamed and hoped of being. You even mentioned that it would have been your pick, had you ordered it right out of Sears ‘Christmas Wish Book’! I think the name should be ‘Welcome Home Farm’. This would be a great way to welcome your guests, a nice way to say, "Come on in", put your feet up and have some tea while reading a book or visit with you. Just thought I’d bring this to your attention, and give it this name … a name that is right under your own nose. Love the place, you inspire me. I too, have just moved to a new home, one that we are slowly turning into our ‘own’. Surprised to find some new things in my garden and around the property, like a pond (but nothing like the stream running through yours)
    Sincerely, Cindy

  15. Raynita says:

    I am so very very happy for you and your beautiful family!!!! I am hanging on every word and picture. What a blessing! Enjoy.

  16. Oh Rebekah, It is fabulous. I love it. How about Sunnybrook Farms, (you know like Rebekah of Sunnybrook Farms.) or how about New Beginnings, like when we are baptized into a new life. Endless possibilities, but I know the perfect name will come up and you will know that its the one. Congratulations on your new farm. Be Blessed!

  17. Bonnie says:

    Tree Hill Farm or Rock Water Farm.

  18. Hi Rebekah,

    Oh wow, your place is BEAUTIFUL. What a blessing. I’m so glad you can live here now 🙂 🙂

    Hmm…you mentioned needing to find a name for the forested part of your property. Two names came to mind: The enchanted forest and "Valley of the Ents"(inspired by Lord of the Rings) 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California,

    Heather 🙂 🙂

    p.s. I LOVE the story about the water baptisms by the sycamore tree 🙂 🙂

  19. Stephanie says:

    Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful!! My daughter suggests the name Country Farm. I’m sure you will find one that fits just right.

  20. kay says:

    Beautiful….how about "Peaceful Farm"

  21. Sabrena says:

    Oh the stream!!!! I heart the stream! I can just picture a hot, sunny (humid? – never been to Georgia, but I imagine it gets pretty hot and humid!) day lazing by the gurgling brook…maybe a little skinny dipp’n (or at least watching my kids skinny dippn’!!!). I love everything about your farm…from the orange carpet to the sycamore tree..and of course, the lovely outbuildings. What a heavenly place you have!

  22. Nan Roberts says:

    I agree about the name "Welcome Home Farm." Seems perfect.
    That big lump on the tree is probably a burl. Do you know what kind of tree it is? I’m pretty ignorant about deciduous trees, esp. after their leaves are gone. Redwoods have burls, but so do maples and a bunch of others. The burls are prized by woodworkers, for furniture or what ever. They have beautiful patterns in the wood.

    Oh, how wonderful it all is! I’m so happy for you. And I’m sitting here trying hard not to be envious. Pasture! A creek! Little trees! Actual dirt! Big rocks. I love big rocks.
    Nan in Oregon

  23. Nan Roberts says:

    Ooh, wait — Rock View Farm is also great!

  24. Rene Foust says:

    At first I was thinking Sycamore farm but then I saw that someone had suggested Sacred Acres and I really like that one! What an awesome farm, with views and trees and creeks and out buildings you are c=going to be one very happy farm girl.

  25. Cathy R says:

    Awesome! You have found paradise! Love every inch of it! Praising GOD with you! Lots of great suggestions for naming your wonderful farm. I thought of "Sacred Acres" and really like "Gen Teal". Enjoy every moment! Heavenly blessings from Cathy in Idaho.

  26. Pamela deMarrais says:

    Your land is as beautiful as the other components of your dream farm! It looks like the Blue Ridge Mountains…just beautiful! I love that you have Christmas trees growing; I can picture the joy it will bring for a family to have one or YOUR Christmas trees in their home for the holidays. I love the Sunnybrook Farm [or Sunnycreak Farm] idea for the name of your farm.

  27. Pam deMarrais says:

    Oh dear, did I just write Sunnycreak? haha! I meant Sunnycreek; any how the name should be something that comes to you as you get to know your favorite parts of having this farm. There are so many facets to enjoy!

  28. Patti D says:

    I love to read your blog, and the farm is great. How about Blessed be the Farm for a name? Your family is truly blessed.

  29. Judy McI says:

    How about Sweetwater Farm? Everything about the property is so perfect, so sweet and we all know water is the core of life…so Sweetwater.

  30. Betsy says:

    How beautiful…I think Holy Springs has a nice ring

  31. Laura Olofson says:

    Maybe adopt the name from another famous farm girl. Rocky Ridge farm.That would be Laura Ingels Wilder. Good luck with the new place. Sometimes dreams do come true…..

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