My Friend, “The Mad Tatter”, and a Giveaway!


Don’t you just love beautiful, handmade items? Something that I have always loved about “all things MaryJanesFarm” is  the devotion to sewing, knitting, embroidery, and other homesteading “arts”. I myself am an expert knitter, and have taught classes for over a decade. I love keeping the art of knitting alive. My dear friend, Judi, is an expert of another art, bringing her “modern “spin” on an “old world” craft. Let me introduce you to my friend, the “Mad Tatter”!

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Making Memories and Marking Milestones


Happy AUTUMN, dear readers! What an exciting start to fall it has been here at our house! The last month has been one of the most exciting for our family in some time! Grab a cup of pumpkin spice tea, and celebrate with me, decorate for fall, and meet our newest (furry) little family member!

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End of Summer Joys


There’s a breeze blowing softly through the trees as I sit outside on my back porch and write. It’s 82 degrees, but we have a reprieve, for the first time in weeks, in the relentless humidity that often occurs in the late summer in New England. There’s a change in the air, signaling the coming change in the seasons. I am a bit wistful to see this season go, as it has been one of the best summers my family has had in years, especially since the start of the Pandemic. Still, there are so many joys to be found in the transition of this time of year. 

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Never Too Old for Dolls


I was born a collector! Since I was a child, I have loved collecting this and that, and some of what I loved as a child spilled over into adulthood. I also like to keep busy in my downtime, and love doing things that require detail, even activities that others might find tedious. I also always enjoy bringing old things back to “life” – making aged and worn items beautiful again, without completely re-doing the item, keeping things as original as possible. That’s how I stumbled on a hobby that has become a passion. 

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A Super Suburban Stay-Cation


After a shaky, cold start to spring, summer has finally come to New England! This summer, like many others, we are going to enjoy a “stay-cation”. That doesn’t mean “boring”! From beautiful blooms, a special event, and “new neighbors”, we’ve been busy, and this summer is certainly starting out super! 

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Catching Up With Pink Magick


Have you ever met someone and instantly became friends? That’s what happened when I first met my friend, Alison, in 2015, when I interviewed her for a blog post. Her story is such an inspirational one, as she traveled the United States in her pink glamper, on her “Odyssey of Love”, in honor of her beloved husband she lost to cancer. Now, deciding to set down some more permanent roots, Alison’s incredible story continues.

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When Mother Earth Wakes Up


Hello! I hope this blog post finds you all doing well, and feeling the wonderful “warmth” of all things Spring! I know this time of year I might whine a bit because it always seems to take forever for the seasons to change and warmer temps to arrive, but this year takes the cake! We’ve had the heat and woodstove going, even into May. (Normally, this time of year, I might be fighting the urge to crank the air conditioner). I didn’t grow up in a four-season climate, and am often asked by warmer-weather-dwelling friends how I can stand the cold for so long. Here’s why…when Mother Nature wakes up from her long winter’s rest, it can arguably be the most wonderful time of the year! 

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Nifty Fifty


Hi readers, and Happy Spring! Hopefully, you are experiencing some nice weather where you are! It’s finally thawed here in the Northeast, though it’s really still taking a while for winter to get the message and completely move along. Today is cold, raw and rainy, but it’s not dampening MY spirits! There’s been a lot going on since we last “visited” together…including that I reached a milestone! 

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We LOVE Our Pets!


We are a multiple-pet household, and always have been. Our pets are family. We do our very best to make sure that they are happy and healthy. Today I am sharing my favorite photos of our fur-babies (and some non-fur animals). We still can’t get outside very much yet with our doggos due to the cold, but every week brings us closer to a thaw with warm, sunny weather. We all know that there are dangers we need to watch out for outside – things like ticks, heartworms, toadstools and mushrooms that can be a danger to our pets, but have you heard of some of these little-known dangers to pets that lurk right in our own homes?

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Cold Weather, Warm Hearts


It is hard to believe we are in February already! I am glad, because I am feeling ready for some spring weather. (Dear, warm-weather readers, won’t you send me some sunshine)? Don’t get me wrong, I do love the four seasons, but January and February bring very cold and sometimes icy weather, and this season has been no exception! At least February is the month of love, with Valentine’s Day! February is a short month, but it is a good month to “nest” indoors and catch up.

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