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Off to the Vintage Bazaar!

Dear Sisters,

Before we get lost in the isles at The Vintage Bazaar let me first wish you all a very HAPPY FALL! I know I’ve told you this before but fall is my all time favorite season. Indian summer days filled with golden sunshine, cloudless clear blue skies and cooler nights for sleeping with the windows open have returned. Just in time for apple picking, fall festivals, and flea market shopping at it’s finest! Who’s up for an early fall farmgirl adventure? Think Round top East!

Off we go to The Vintage Bazaar where nothing but the finest rust, must, dinge and dust await!

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Vintage Glamping Dream Come True – And A Giveaway!


In September, my husband Kim and I celebrate our 25th anniversary! One dream we’ve always shared is someday having a camper or RV.

I’d be hard-pressed to count all the ways MaryJane’s influenced me! When I first saw MaryJane’s writing on “Glamping” (she originally coined that word!) – that was it! Our dream morphed to wanting a vintage camper. Recently, that wish came true!

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VIP Vintage ” COWGIRL” Fashion Show

080-001 edit

Dear Sisters,

Welcome to Part 2 of ” our ” Fall Junkin’ Junket! When we parted ways last time we’d made our way through most of the fabulous booths at The Vintage Bazaar in Salisbury, MA. and The VIP Vintage Fashion Show was about to start! If you missed Part 1, Click here to catch up! Come on! Let’s go! Continue reading

Just Bloom


Plant your wildest dream seeds and grow a patch of wonderful. Deb Bosworth

Dear sisters,

I think you’ll agree we farmgirls are constantly looking for fun ways to do new things with an old-fashioned farmgirl twist!  Whether it’s making totes bags from reusable feed-sacks, re-vamping your glamper-camper, building your first chicken coop or dairy barn or starting your own farmgirl enterprise, Mary Jane has us covered. With a fearless farmgirl leader like Sister #1 at the helm, how can you NOT just bloom? And I mean B.L.O.O.M! Continue reading

Fall Junkin’ Junket


“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.” —Jim Bishop

Dear Sisters,

What’s more fun that grabbing your best junkin’ gal pal and heading for prime hunting grounds on a perfect fall day? My friend, Melissa ( Tilly’s Nest Blog ) and I have made it our fall ritual to hit the road every time The Vintage Bazaar comes to town. You didn’t think we’d leave you out did you? Come on in! It’s pickin’ at its prime!

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A Suburban Small Town Christmas


Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happiest of Holidays to you and yours! It is truly my favorite time of year. I (happily) feel like one of Santa’s elves during December! After spending the first half of my life in a big Southern city, even though we have no family living close by, we are blessed that we’ve lived in a small New England town the last quarter century, especially at the holidays! Grab a cup of cocoa, take a break from the “busy”, and enjoy some “MERRY” with me!

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Selfish Summer Joys


Pink chair in the chicken garden.

Dear Sisters,

Boy howdy, has it been hot here on the shorelines. Not only has it been hot and humid, but we’re lacking in rainfall, too. About 8 inches below normal according to the weather reports. Meanwhile, the rest of the world seems to be going bonkers. I’m doing my best to wrap my farmgirl brain around all the senseless violence centered around racial tension in our country right now and what may be the most unbelievable political campaign I’ve witnessed so far in my 54 years on earth. If I’m being honest, I’d like to stick my head in the sand until it all goes away but farmgirls don’t quit when the goin’ gets tough. In fact, it’s the tough times that spur us on to help others and to BE better to others. So in true farmgirl fashion I’m doing what I do best to shed some light on some of the darkness that we’re all living through. Come on in for a glimpse of my Selfish Summer Joys! Continue reading

Fiery Little Lanterns

“In all the world, no rarer treat than the lantern light of Bittersweet.”

As much a symbol of autumn in America as pumpkins and indian corn, American Bittersweet is in need of caring stewards who will offer it a home and salvation. Rather than search high and low for it in the wild, make a place for it on your own homestead. In doing so, you’ll help save an endangered native species.

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Seeds, Bees, Bulbs, and Birds

Despite living in a “cold” climate, I’m a warm-weather gal. I love sunshine and can handle heat,  raised in one of the hottest, most humid places in America. Don’t get me wrong, I love Connecticut ‘s four seasons; there’s nothin’ like a fall day pickin’ punkins and havin’ cider on a crisp afternoon.  But spring here can be fickle – warm or cold.  We’ve spent many Easters in snow boots instead of sandals.  When Mother Nature recently gifted us with an early, warm Spring, I “sprung” into action.  There’s lots to do!  Come see what’s on my  “Outdoor To Do” list, and pick up some tips!

One of my favorite tin wall-hangings

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Hen Party & Holiday Happenings

My farmgirl sisters wanted to have a holiday “hen party” and gift exchange. We managed to squeeze it in even though everyone is very busy this time of year. I was the hostess hen for our luncheon. It was a cold and blustery winter day, but spirits were warm and bright. Hey, why don’t you c’mon in and join us …
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