End of Summer Sewing!


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Hello friends!

We are heading into the end of our Summer season and usually I go into Fall kicking and screaming!  But for some reason this year, I’m ready to slow down and enjoy some Fall days.  Last week we took our yearly trip to Florida with our adult kids and our grand-girls and I enjoyed sewing up a super fun surprise for us girls!

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  1. Debbie Fischer says:

    Love the sweet robes you made, they are so darn cute!
    Enjoy Fall

  2. Tina Hart says:

    I would love a Serger for faster sewing projects. But I make sue with my old manual machine. I love this pattern and love the monograms even more! Fusable webbing is truly a gift from God! Lol My daughter is healing from pneumonia and strep . She has a long way to go for full health but your blog post and pictures give me hope for happier days ahead. Watching her sleep in the ICU in Mercy Hospital now as I type. Girls are also a true gift from God ❤️

  3. Judith says:

    I’m amazed you made 5 robes with 12 yards of fabric.

  4. Marilyn says:

    Those robes are lovely.

  5. Sandi King says:

    Hi Dori; Gosh, those robes are wonderful looking and so easy to make. Hey congratulations to you all on a new grandbaby coming in the Spring. I know you will make a lot of really nice things for him/her. Please take care about all that is happening in our world today. We pray for all of you to be safe and healthy. Until we hear from you once more, God Bless.

  6. Cindi J says:

    Those robes are adorable! What a brilliant idea, and a fantastic gift – from fabric to robes. You are such an inspiration to me that I find myself wishing for a weekly blog post from you, lol!

  7. D W Dennison says:

    Dori, you amaze me constantly! I saw a bouquet in the bank last Friday and asked Ms Angie if she had grown the flowers. I suspected they were yours; when she said a lady out 64 grew them, and I knew immediately that, indeed, they were yours.
    I couldn’t make a robe in 30 weeks, much less 30 minutes. They are wonderful! I have looked for this fabric and not found it. Our hotel in Milano had towels made of this, which I tried to buy, but couldn’t. That has been 21 years and I am still looking. I would love a source. I might be able to sew a towel. Teehee.

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