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Hello Farmgirl Friends!  Last month I wrote about the quilted covers I made for binders and mentioned a tutorial!  A lot of you jumped right on that and asked for one!  Today is your lucky day!

I had written a tutorial several months ago and revamped it a few times for a blog post for Clover Sewing Notions… this month I made a few tiny revisions to that post and here is a tutorial for you!

Don’t be intimidated by the many steps in this tutorial. I really broke it down in order to simplify it, so just take your time and enjoy the process. Lets get started!

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  1. Thank you so much for this. Now I can’t wait to make one, or two…

  2. Margaret h Mitchell says:

    Your amazing, this is so nice. I plan to make a few of these for family and friends, great gift idea. They can keep them as a memory for a lifetime. Thank you so much fir sharing!

  3. Sandi King says:

    Wow, Dori, those binder covers are so pretty. Are they also washable – I mean, can you take them off, wash and dry them and put them back on? You should have a giveaway post with one of these as the prize. They are a treasure. I have many binders as I have my family tree’s in them, each line. I think home made binder covers with a genealogy theme would be awesome and the surname of each line across the front and on the spine would be amazing. I will have to try to make at least one. I am not a good sewer as I have found out by trying to make other things. But I know it also takes practice to get good at anything worthwhile. Love this post, all your posts. I’ve heard of master gardeners, and I think you are a master seamstress.

  4. Jacqueline Ferri says:

    Beautifully done! Years ago when covering everything with fabric was the rage , I had covered boxes and a photo album. I still have one of the albums. Now that one was completely adhered with glue. There’s padding too. And to cover the inside flap , we covered a heavy duty cardboard with fabric, then stuck it to the inside. I even added decorative trim for the edges.
    But, your method is wonderful. One , it slips on like the books we had too cover with paper (bags). Two,
    It can be washed if necessary. Third, it is very pretty.
    Of course one needs a few sewing skills.
    Can’t wait to make one!

  5. Irene says:

    Hi Dori
    I love your idea for binder covers. A few years ago when I was having chemo for my myeloma I started a journal with the help of my Pastor at the center. I am about finished with my third journal which I covered with fabric. I can’t wait to finish it and do one like yours. Thanks for the idea.


  6. Debbie Klann says:

    Thank you, Dori, for doing this! This took a lot of time for you to put together. You have the cutest projects!
    I’m thinking that I need to make a couple of these for presents….now I have real directions!

  7. Susie Heller says:

    I’m making some for Christmas presents!

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