Monthly Archives: November 2020

Motivation {Don’t Postpone It}



Motivation isn’t always pretty… usually its sweat pouring off my red face!


With so many things having been postponed in 2020 I made a vow to myself way back in April “do not postpone motivation… keep moving no matter what”.   And I am so thankful that through the months of worry and stress and concern… I kept physically motivated and finally I came to the place that I could say “I love running”!  And it was the pandemic that did that for me… running was something that I’ve been struggling through for three years.  It became such an outlet over the last 8 months and now I look so forward to my runs.

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A Sunset and a Bear


I first met Cindy in my early 20’s. My husband and I were newlyweds, and had just moved to Pennsylvania from Texas. Working in a big office building, I would run into the same woman from another office often each day. One day, she said, “You won’t see me for a week – I’m going home on vacation.” When I inquired where “home” was, she enthusiastically replied, “Texas!” We were instant friends from that moment.

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