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Thanksgiving Wishes



Dear Sisters,

Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh how I love this time of year! The crispness in the air, the crunching of leaves underfoot and cozy nights in, under fuzzy blankets. It’s time to dust off your favorite Fall recipes and gather with friends and family and celebrate all you have to be thankful and grateful for. Come on in for a little Thanksgiving Wish from our house to yours! Continue reading

Life is Like…

In my very best southern drawl Forest Gump voice (which, My Friends, is pretty darn good), “Lie-ph is lack a waul-k through them woodz.”

There are places that heal. We, as humans, are especially drawn them. They help us (re)connect our mind, heart, and soul to something bigger than ourselves. These places offer us a peace deep within if we allow them to. Sometimes people call them their “holy ground.”

What is your place? Is it a particular spot on earth? A cabin? Or do you go to the mountains, or the ocean, or a cathedral? Or the woods?

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Where’s the Snow?

Hey Hey Farmgirl sisters,

How are you all doing?  I’m having one of those uninspired (or perhaps unmotivated?) snaps in life, a writer’s block if you will.  If I recall this is normal for me during this time of the year, during the break between harvest season and celebration season. There’s a stagnancy in the air.  As strange as it sounds, I believe it’s good to be uninspired sometimes. For me it’s a feeling of contentment in that there is nothing that needs to be bettered, accomplished, pursued or created.  I can just go about with the daily rhythms of life and the demands of various responsibilities without daydreaming about what I could be doing or feeling down on myself for not accomplishing all of the things.

Although dinners have been a bit boring. Sorry, family.

Perhaps my last bits of inspiration were spent up making Halloween costumes.  It was a warm Halloween up here!

Perhaps my last bits of inspiration were spent up making Halloween costumes. It was a warm Halloween up here! We had a spider, bee and honey pot (and Ninjago friend).

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Woodland Garland Tutorial




Hello Friends!  My daughter and I had a friend and her little son visit us last week.  My daughter said she would cook the lunch if I would bring a craft!  I’d been thinking about a way to use some of the many acorns to be found on our farm and since I love garlands of all kinds I decided we would make a Woodland Garland!  This was such a fun project and I want to share it with you!  So lets get started and you can make one too!

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