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Ten Years Ago

What kind of Farmgirl are you?

You know, I always forget how long I’ve been blogging here at MaryJanesFarm. It feels like home to me, so I don’t really think about how long I’ve lived here.

And, of course,

Time flies when you’re having fun!

But recently I noticed that list of links to my previous posts on the right side and decided to take a look back at June 2009, ten years ago.

I started reading the 2009 post and vividly remembered writing it~~ as if it were yesterday.

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Hello Farmgirls!

Thank you for your patience since my last post. The main reason I missed it was because my amazing, kind, wise and witty grandfather passed away.  It wasn’t a surprise, but it was shocking to face a world without his presence.  I wrote a post about him that never officially made it up, but you can see it in my chain of posts if you want to know more about the OG Alex!

Since then, I’ve grieved a lot, worked a bit, adventured with kids and most recently reveled in the lovely goodies mother nature has already offered up for our taking.  We are only a few weeks into no-snow weather, but the foraging has been plentiful and pretty easy!

Springtime and the living's getting easier.  Time for sun hats and no snowsuits at the playground!

Springtime and the living’s getting easier. Time for sun hats and no snowsuits at the playground!

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He’s Our Buddy!




I think it’s time to write about Buddy.  Sometimes I find it hard to write about our cows and our little farm because it is such a small scale farm and despite the fact that I grew up with generations of cattle ranching in my blood, I still feel that I really don’t know anything about cows!  And sometimes writing about things on the farm are emotionally hard.  But what I do know is what my heart tells me!  And so I’d like to introduce you to Buddy!

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May Musings, Milestones, and Harbingers of Spring


It’s finally warming up and green, though today as I write, we’re in the middle of a little cool, rainy snap. Like most parents these days, I feel a bit crazed. The end of the school year is winding down and it seems like we’re running full-speed ahead. (I can’t wait for summer weather and some lazy, hazy summer porch-sitting)! Spring has certainly sprung in New England, and we’ve been as busy as bees!

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