Sometimes It Isn’t Fair…


Y’all  know I love a county fair! Last year, my friend Andrea and I took our kids and headed up to the Big E, New England’s biggest fair, and the fifth largest agricultural fair in the nation. (If you haven’t heard of it before, check out last year’s blog post from my first-ever fun visit at This year, Andrea and I decided to go together again, making plans similar to last year. However, things doesn’t always go as planned…

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Farmgirl Roadtrip: A Visit With The Roosevelts


When I was a child, my parents and teachers first sparked my lifelong interest in history, especially American history. I’ve always hoped my daughter would share that passion. My family and I have visited some amazing historical places all over the world, but the road trip we took recently to visit the home of Franklin D. Roosevelt and to our nation’s first US presidential library in Hyde Park, New York, is one of the most interesting and memorable places we’ve ever been.

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Great Garden Gear


School’s started, summer’s winding down, and New England’s prettiest season, fall, will be here soon. However, there’s still work to be done outside no matter where you live! With so many gadgets out there, sometimes it’s hard to know what works and what doesn’t! We gardeners can easily end up with a shed full of tools we don’t use. I’ve compiled a list of my most favorite garden gear I found this season.

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