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Water… That Vital Source of Life

I’m still here in New Mexico with my parents. We’ve been talking a lot about the old days of ranching in the West and some of the things that stood out in my parent’s minds as vital to survival, not only for their own families but also their livestock. Of course one of the most important was water.   This was where that most amazing invention came into play – The Windmill.


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A Winter’s Craft

Did you know that last week there was only one state in the nation, Hawaii, that did not have temps below freezing? Colder weather and shorter days aren’t a bother for me, since winter forces me to “slow down” a bit. I’m also excited because it’s about time to deck the halls! I’ve been crafting more lately, too, and crafting is always more fun with friends. Grab your best gal pal and a cup of hot coffee, and let’s re-purpose some ol’ ice skates!


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Deb’s Recipe For 365 Days of Gratitude


Dear Sisters,

Happy ( almost ) Thanksgiving! Just thinking about the true meaning of Thanksgiving makes me feel happy and grateful! Loved ones gathering from far and wide (and sometimes just down the road or next door ) to feast on food made by many busy hands and the blessings of being together. Imagine what would happen if we kept that feeling alive every day of the year? I’ve been thinking about it a lot and I believe I’ve got the beginnings of a GREAT (and SIMPLE ) recipe for a delicious and life-changing ” gratitude stew ”  and I need your help to finish it! Are you game? Continue reading

Arbor Vitae, Arbor Letum

{Alternate Title for Photos: My (Adult) Life in Trees}

Have you ever been asked the question, “If you had to choose between living near the ocean or the mountains, which would you pick?”  I have been asked this question numerous times, and I always have the same answer.  Both mountains and oceans are amazing.  They inspire a humbling type of awe that is hard to match.  However, I know (from growing up near neither) that I can live without them near me.  I do need forests.  I need trees.  I need the leaves, the needles, the understory and the animals that depend on forest ecology to survive.

Avalanche Lake, MT, ca. 2010

Avalanche Lake, MT, ca. 2010

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My Tree Farm

I get so many inquiries about our Christmas Tree farm, I decided to do a post on it.


Seeing as how, you know, ’tis almost the season. But first, in other news:

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Going “Home”!

This is my childhood home. The place where my parents still live. I love how it is tucked down in those trees.

It is such a beautiful place.

Every Farmgirl needs to go “home” sometimes. Even though my own home is almost 2000 miles from here, this is still home to me and that’s how I refer to it!

Do you do that? Do you still refer to that significant place in your childhood as “home”?

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“Opa”! I first heard that expression in 1976, when my parents took me to the Greek Festival in Houston. I’ll never forget that day; the exciting festival with all the people, dancing, and scrumptious Greek food, handmade by local ladies my family knew. While I wasn’t raised in the Greek church (or speak Greek), my father’s mother was born in Athens, Greece. Though my grandmother’s been gone decades, she’s on my mind as I cook comfort food with the arrival of colder weather, and begin holiday baking, using her treasured recipes.

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Who’s Coming Home to Roost?

032 copy

Dear Sisters,

I feel like it’s Christmas in November and not because it’s snowing outside. Our whole family is over-JOYED about our new roommates! They’ll be moving in with us in a couple of weeks and we just can’t wait!

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For Everything There is a Season

{Warning  Warning  Warning: The following post may contain offensive amounts of cliched phrases.  If idioms drive you crazier than watching political ads, then you might as well make like a tree and leave right now!}

Fall is the best season for reading a good book.  In particular, it is the best season for reading fiction.  As we head into the dead of winter, the opportunity to cuddle up with a good book and some tea on an overstuffed chair shouldn’t be passed over.  In our neck of the woods, the growing season has been over for several weeks; and I had the opportunity to concentrate on some house projects and read a whole book.  This may not sound like a lot, but I feel very accomplished!

Halloween fun.  Ava was an aerobics instructor,  I made a feeble attempt to be a 60s housewife.

Halloween fun. Ava was an aerobics instructor, I made a feeble attempt to be a 60s housewife.


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One Bean Down

I went outside this morning, after all the snow we got this weekend and took care of the chickens. Woo. Sure was cold. All of their water containers froze during the night, even the one in their house. Guess it got below freezing again last night. Sunny and beautiful and cold this morning! I love it, I love it, I love it.



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