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Chuck It


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Dear Sisters,

Happy Spring! Would you believe we had a nor’easter yesterday? It’s still very winter like in many parts of the US and I know some of you got snow right along with us. Will it ever end? Of course it will! In fact it’s supposed to warm up along the shorelines for the weekend bringing rain that’s sure to send Old Man Winter packing for good! What’s a girl to do when she’d rather be outside digging in the dirt? I’ve been taking advantage of the cold weather to get some much-needed spring cleaning done. And I’m not talking dusting, mopping and fresh towels for all the bathrooms. I wish! Nope. I’ve been knee-deep in boxes in the recesses of our basement. Do you think I found any treasure? I found a few things I can’t live without, but I’m giving the rest the ole heave-ho! Well, most of it anyway…

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Legend Has It

I saw a funny meme (okay…I don’t really know what a meme is…whatever) today about living in Alaska.  It has a man asking a little boy, “When does spring start?”  The little boy replies: “I live in Alaska…” with a sad look on his face, the man then tenderly hugs the boy, comforting his obvious dismay.  Well, I think spring has sprung!  The skies have been crystal clear and the temperature is rising.  Some days it’s even above freezing.  Plus, we have little to complain about compared to the brutal winter that the majority of the US faced this winter (although I’m still a bit jealous…).

BLUE skies and melting snow!  Hello Spring

BLUE skies and melting snow! Hello Spring

My father and stepmother visited two weekends ago to visit their cutey-patootie granddaughter Ava, and they were blessed with these same crystal clear, azure skies.  The mountain ranges were out in full force–they even got to lay their eyes on the behemoth Denali.  We also had beautiful views of Mount Susitna (also called The Sleeping Lady) during our drives to and from Anchorage.  There is a legend associated with this mountain that has become one of my favorite stories to share with others.

grandpa mark

A grandfather and his new granddaughter!

Please allow me a moment to put on my story-teller cap here…

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What I’m Digging

I attended another farming conference this past weekend. The morning was a lecture and the afternoon was a workshop. It was fabulous.

Here’s my favorite photo from the workshop. This embodies the spirit of the farming community to me. Everyone working together. Many hands make light the work.


This farming conference was filled with “groovy” people just like the last one I attended. I love that vibe. I had no idea that farmers were such a “hip” group of people. (note to self: become hipper) But they are. They dress hip; they talk hip.

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A History Insulated in Glass

Farmgirls look at many items thinking, “How can I re-purpose this?”  I love finding new, clever ideas for ordinary or discarded objects. Often bitten by the “collector” bug, one of my favorite things to re-purpose are old glass insulators. While I’ve loved these colorful, shapely pieces of glass for decades, I never really knew the exciting history behind them.

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Backyard Bee-Friendly Blooms

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Dear Sisters,

The spring thaw is upon us here in the northeast and what remains of the snow is FINALLY beginning to melt little by little. I saw ” green things “ poking out of the wet earth as I walked around the garden this week and that means it won’t be long before I’ll be hearing the soothing hum of Bees buzzing in my ears once again! With over 4000 species of Native Bees in North America looking for flowers and plants to pollinate now’s the time to be thinking about adding some Bee-friendly blooms to your yard! Come on in for a list of plants that will create a buzz throughout the flowering seasons and BEE inspired to help the Bees! Continue reading

Milkin’ It or…Mylkin’ It?

My partner and I have a few silly arguments that we visit now and again–perhaps when we’re out to eat and the conversation is dry.  One is over the meaning of the word “milk.” He grew up on a dairy farm and insists that milk must come from a female mammal.  Any “milk” that is not animal based is not milk, it should be called juice…or something.  Soy juice?  Rice juice? No thanks….Coconut juice?  Sure! But I would expect something different from what I’d get.  My argument is that juicing something is also different than the processes used to make dairy free alternative milks.  We generally come to an impasse and move on.  Recently, he said that he would accept an alternative spelling–M-Y-L-K for the alternatives.  It works for me.

Home Made Almond Mylk: Easy and Delicious!

Home Made Almond Mylk: Easy and Delicious!

However, I digress…

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Dreaming of a New Kitchen

You know that photo of yourself?

The one that is goofy and hilarious and you hope nobody ever sees?

And then you see your daughter showing it to her friends because it is so very rip-roaring funny?

Or maybe somebody else posted it and tagged you on facebook and you think–oh no! all those people I haven’t seen in 20 years are seeing this–and quick! you untag yourself.

You know the one?


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From Garden to Table, Fast Food at Home and Meatless Mondays

We must be turning the corner (slowly) on winter, ‘cause I think I see light at the end of the frozen tunnel.  Days are getting longer, and soon clocks spring forward again. The seed catalogs that graced my mailbox are well-read and dog-eared, and I’m planning my summer garden. I’ve got organic seed starting mix and all my recycled containers ready, and I’m starting to collect seed packets!  I will not plant seeds that aren’t heirloom or organic.  It isn’t just pesticides; now we need to be mindful of GMO’s as well. Everyday there’s more evidence published pointing out the harmful effects GMO’s have on humans and the environment. I want to know what’s in my food, and I’m not willing to gamble my family’s health! Eating out’s been a favorite family treat, but we find we want to eat at home more than ever to stay healthy. I don’t want cooking to feel like a chore, so on hectic evenings, I’m armed with recipes that aren’t only delicous, but fast and healthy, too! Come see what I’m cookin’ and plantin’…


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