The Home Poem

Each and every one of my farmgirl pals is a “homebody”. We enjoy gadding about, but home is our nest and the place we love best.
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  1. auntpammy says:

    The poem is so lovely. The sentiment was just right. Home IS such an important part of my life, that this entry really touched my heart! Thanks for sharing. Pam

  2. Marie says:

    Oh so wonderful to know how special it is to have a home ~ and to know that IS where your heart is..and most likely the things you love most !!!!! I also have a horse love affair ~ 4 at my home with me, my baby being a Belgian Morgan who is 28~oh,talk about love??? Well then I’d also be talking about my husband of 34 yrs. who took a job in North Dakota[our home is in MN.] in November after an early lay-off in construction. Looks like the future may be uncertain, but for now, we are grateful for what we have : our home, our children and our animals !!! Thanks for sharing about your life !!! Marie

  3. bonnie ellis says:

    Shery: "Yer darn tootin’ home is where they love you" even when you share it with thousands of folks on line. You are blessed with many gifts – writing, photographing, decorating, crafting and caring for horses and people. Bless you for you. Bonnie

  4. Donna Kelso says:

    Lovely…the pictures are heartwarming…simple beauty…Spring is right around the corner and I can’t wait to see which flower sticks its’ head out first on my own High Plains home.

  5. Shannon says:

    Dear Shery – Your poems, stories and pictures just speak to my heart! I soooo enjoy your blog! Thank you for taking the time to uplift us all. I’m in awe of your beautiful horses and miss that part of my life. Anyway, thank you so much for your inspiration.
    God Bless!

  6. Grace~katmom says:

    Oh Shery,
    So true! Home truly is where and what you make of it.
    We are so very Blessed.

    oh & by-the-by,,,the 18th picture down (from the top)…I spotted a sweet lil blue & white vintage trailer….yours by chance?
    Having a wee old trailer to glam-up and farmgirl cutsiefy is the Best!
    Wagons HO & happy trails to you too!

  7. Terces says:

    Hi Sheri,
    I so love your writing and way of sharing, I look forward to your blog all the time. We are currently living out of doors mostly, we sleep in a yurt and have an outdoor kitchen and bath house, saving money for building a home on our 21 acre farm where we grow food for our restaurants. Some days I think I may never have a home, and others I think I don’t want to move inside … I so loved your sentiments about what makes a home a home. Thank you once again. Terces

  8. Kristina says:

    Amen, Amen! I love the poem and the beautiful pictures.

  9. Ronnie Brushaber says:

    Dear Shery…the sheer beauty in this poem is priceless! You are truly blessed! Your poem makes me yearn even more for the big sky country. THANKS AGAIN Happy Trails and lots of WAGS

  10. Jan says:

    I loved your poem about home. Home has always been very important to me, so I really identified with your words, even if I don’t get to live in the country which is my hearts desire. I’m not getting any younger, but I am still hoping and praying for my little peace of heaven. 🙂

  11. julie Scherbarth says:

    Your poem says it all. Makes us appreciate what we have for sure. When I was young I was restless and probably didn’t appreciate what home was all about and now that I’m 63 I love what its all about. Peace, security, a haven from the world. Sitting on my front porch in my rocker looking out over the river below me and just losing myself in the beauty.

  12. Debbie says:

    Shery J!
    This entire entry today has beauty and blessings galore!So many of your lines hit home with me, but the one for me was,
    "The best home site isn’t necessarily where you came from. It is the place you commit your heart to".

    We simply must do our best to make each house a home…and I agree…Farmgirls ARE HOMEGIRLS!
    The longer I’m home(13 years now)the more blessed and grateful I feel for everything!
    Thank you for you special way of sharing your world and blessings.
    Beach Blessings to you!

  13. bobbie calgaro says:

    Your blogs always give me joy; the photography and the sentiment are truly shared by me. Thanks for letting me know how many others feel like this. So many of us in our 50’s remember the joy of home and the good life of our moms as homemakers. I was blessed to be a homemaker for the whole of my daughter’s young life and school career. She is out of the house now, married and making a life of her own. But I would never trade those days for what would have been considered a "richer" life. Life has taken unexpected turns and now I work full time outside my home but coming home every day to the house and husband I love, is the true joy in my life. Thanks for sharing that love with me.
    bobbie calgaro

  14. Kristy says:

    Lovely. I could relate to it all….But what are those wild flowers after the poem? I learn something new every time I read/look at your blog, but this wasn’t identified, and I feel today’s knowledge is incomplete.

  15. Janice says:

    I have been trying to decide whether to stay home or go out and get a job…thanks for reminding me that staying home is a legitimate option…and a blessed place to be.

  16. Brigitte Farmgirl with a heart says:

    MY HOME IS the place to be…Where ever I go, nothing and no one can keep me away for very long from my "nest of love!" HERE is the place my sister and I rescued abandoned little ones…HERE is a place where all kind of animals can rest in peace…HERE we all live together in the respect of life…We are vegetarians and we prefer our little ones sitting on us, singing their love to us, than in our plates…HERE is the place I want to be…Thank you for this sweet poem…In our modern world, too many people seem to have lost the true values of life and family…Brigitte

  17. Cora Jo says:

    Shery, but, of course, home is best. Having been a Foster kid, I spent so many years not daring to unpack, so to speak. Even after I was on my own. The good thing about this is that I have lived in so many beautiful places over the years…I can call up so much beauty to call "home". right now the White Mountains of New Hampshire is home to me. One of my favorite places so far, though, has been Dayton, Wyoming. Love that place. Love this place too… you can see my problem! Oh, boy. Home IS where we hang our hearts, for sure. Thanks for such a great blog.
    Cora jo

  18. Claudia says:

    Thank you for making me take a break for awhile and really read your poem. Lovely way to drink a cup of tea. Thank you!

  19. Cheri says:

    We moved quite a bit growing up also. But we always had each other and our traditions. Mom always brought along sheets and blankets so she could make our beds as soon as they were off the moving van. This made it home sooner. We then found all the favorite things in new places, ice cream, parks etc. Our final family move brought us home to my parent’s hometown. And I got to bring my horse along. I had him for 18 years. Now my horses are in my backyard. Gotta love that. Being a quilter, scrap-booker,baker and well you name it- there are lots of pieces of your poem that ring true to me.


  20. Breanna says:

    Oh, your pictures are beautiful! I am a home-girl to the core. I’m constantly realizing, "Oh, I haven’t been to town in 3 days", or "…a week!" 🙂 Home is very sweet. Thanks for posting such a sweet poem. What a talent to have! Blessings on your home~ Breanna

  21. Raynita says:


    Just read your poem with my 8 year old farmgirl. We loved it! She hasn’t been feeling her best the last couple of days. Thanks for making her smile:) Love the statement about home being where you commit your heart. I am seeing my family’s future changing, possibly moving from the only home we have known. I needed to hear that it may not be about where we came from or a site, it’s where you commit to with hearts and souls together. Again, Thanks!…….Raynita & Kamryn

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Forever Adele

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  1. Grace~katmom says:

    Simply said, Thank you….
    And may every moment be a new and beautiful memory…..

  2. Catherine says:

    Very beautiful and inspirational writing. I have been thinking lately how many memories pass through our minds each day and we never stop and just think about them. All the details, the smells, sounds, feelings that accompany our memories. It has made me very happy to take the time and just contemplate the awesome times of my life.
    I would encourage all my Farm girl sisters to do this. It will bring happiness untold to each of you!
    Blessings to all of you!

  3. Sandy says:

    My favorite "thing" is holding my four year old grandson’s hand when we go for a walk. You see, he thinks he is too big to hold my hand, so when he does, it is so precious!

    My other treasured favorite is our north-woods cabin. We had to tear down the old one this year and are now building a new one. Bittersweet.

  4. Brenda says:

    Favorite things – I too like kittens and puppies and my horses even if I don’t ride like I use too, just sitting at my kitchen table or on the back porch swing watching them out in the pasture is a favorite thing. Also memories of my childhood with family at my grandma’s house, a smile comes to my face. And reading what you wrote made me smile and remember. Thank you for letting me share some of your favorite things and to make me think of mine.

  5. Sarah says:

    A few of my favorite things:
    West wind in spring
    The color red
    My son snuggling in my lap
    Reading aloud
    Freshly baked bread
    Starting seeds indoors in the middle of winter
    The list could go on and on… 🙂

  6. Brenda says:

    Shery, Hey there farmgirl friend. Loved this post. My favorite things – time with my grandchildren, time to spend creating, Ladybug, playing cribbage with the hubs, my new love of chickens, gardening in the spring, the list is long. Your sister is a jewelry artist – the bracelet is lovely. We must be kindred spirits, I love these songs from The Sound of Music. I always cry through Edelweiss and I have stamped some of the words from My Favorite Things on an old printers drawer that I use for a shadow box. If I copied it correctly you can see it here on my blog. You may have to copy and past it to your browser. You have inspired me to make a list and I might actually blog about it. Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Shery, What can I say, I have tried to write and tell you, the words wouldn’t come. How wonderful you have put this into words. I like the Sound of Music too. Charlie and I watch it often, It is his favorite too. I have many favorite things and it would take a while to write, I love much of the same as you. Great reading, Thanks Farm sister.
    Juanita farmsister #1020

  8. Lisa says:

    Dearest friend,
    You probably know a lot of my favorite things. But, here are a few you might not know. The first and foremost is the love I share with my granddaughters. They are each so special and I see the love I feel for them reflected in their eyes each time I see them and I know how fortunate I am to have them within minutes. I love the sound of my children saying "Hi, Mom." when they call just to share some excitement of the day. I love the compassion of my daughter in being a hospice nurse and the woman she has become.
    I love the scent of spring…the beauty of the new leaves opening up, the sound of a breeze in the pines and the water in a rocky creek. The beauty of color of fall and the starkness of the trees in a beautiful snow, a pine bough heavy with snow.
    Something fairly new added to my list is the joy and companionship of my farmgirl friends. The sparkle in your eye when amused and Jennies huge laugh, Michele’s soft smile and kindness and Anita’s all-encompassing love of life and her ability to live the way she chooses. You have all enriched my life beyond anything I could have imagined. And I know you all would be there in a second if needed, as you all proved after last week’s surgery. I am blessed and thank you for inspiring me to think about these things!

  9. Julie says:

    Wow! I so love reading your blogs. You speak to my heart and inspire me. Thank you for sharing a part of yourself with us. You have made me smile and got me thinking about my favorite things. Spending time with my grandchildren is number one. Other things I love are beautiful gardens, the first fall rain, smell of fresh baked bread, wind blowing through the trees, birdsong, herbs, old things, old movies, the song of crickets and tree frogs, a lovely spring day, the sound of a bubbling creek or rain on a tin roof, bluegrass music, hanging sheets on the line and so much more. You are right, thinking of my favorite things has brought some sunshine to these dark winter days. Thank you. Blessings!

  10. Ruth says:


    I am always so inspired by your words which obviously "pour forth from your very soul". Your blogs are definitely one of my favorite things! Thanks, as always, for sharing. As you say, you never know how shining your own Inner Light will touch someone else’s heart. Keep shining, Shery!!

    In Loving Kindred Spirit,

  11. Kristina says:

    Wonderful post. Some of my favorite things are:

    listening to our rooster crow
    getting hair-do’s from my 9 year old
    hearing my kids succeed in any adventure in their lives
    surprises in the mail
    enjoying the bounty from our gardens (flower, veggie, and herb)
    listening to my father talk about our family history
    reading family history e-mails from extended family members
    the smell of laundry after it’s dried on the clothesline
    the view from my front porch in the warmer weather months
    the sight of the first snowfall
    listening to Christian music
    the smell of coffee brewing
    the sound and smell of rain
    the full length hippie skirt my mother surprised me with in the mail years ago
    the sound and smell of fall leaves
    camping with my family
    cooking meals over the campfire
    …………living simply.

  12. Debbie says:

    Dear Shery,
    Thank you for sharing your favorite things and many blessings in such detail. Winter is the season for living slower, feeling more and counting blessings old and new… I count you and this blog space among my many favorite things! Here’s mine: My family is my number one blessing and it is with them that I get to experience so many of my favorite things. Home schooling, beach time, family games, sharing homemade meals, growing food, listening and playing music together, caring for our pets and sharing in our successes and failures too. I cherish the memories we are making day to day. Boiled down, I love to hear my daughter play her composition’s on the piano, I know I am witnessing pure creation when she writes and composes and I feel blessed that it is my ears that get to do the listening… the same is true when our son plays something on his guitar…I try to stay in tune with the creating that happens around and inside of me most of the time. It’s all so miraculous! Like you… I treasure old things and simple ideals, but I also love a chance to turn an old so and so into a new treasure for today’s use. Gardens in springtime and throughout the season are a constant source of inspiration to me! How does all that growing happen in such a short span of time? Horses, dogs, chickens, cats and birds are my very favorite animals. The sound of peepers in springtime, the call of the mourning dove, the smell of pine, sage, beach roses and low tide all bring cherished memories from days gone by and those ahead too. As I write here I realize I could go on and on so I’ll stop and enjoy these renewed blessings that are bubbling to the surface because of your lovely writing today!

    Thank you again for your timely words and such beautiful photos too!

    Farmgirl hugs!

  13. Judith says:

    Beautiful way to start my day….

  14. Raynita says:

    "…. peace can be lost more easily than we think. Under certain circumstances, the grasp we have on a steadfast "knowing" where we’re to go can loosen and our strength fades. People can lose their lives in an instant, but they don’t lose their way in a moment. It happens gradually, making it all the more important to keep your lamp light burning and watch where you’re going. Guard your heart, your spirit and your mind."

    One of my new "Favorite Things" this past year is your blog:) Your quote above moved me this morning…it is so true as our life journey continues to remember this very truth. I am learning to guard my peace and in doing so I know I must guard my thoughts and my spoken words as well, not so much for what others may think of me but for what I think of myself.

    Although our lives are very different and we live far away, I find a very definite "kindred spirit" within your words. I describe my decorating style "Campy Cottage"….when you said "camp cottage", my heart jumped, most do not get that description, it seems too large of a contrast for most. Guitars…love them, my son is very gifted in guitar and I am blessed by his gift. Red and White enamelware makes my heart skip a beat.

    I am not one to leave comments very often on blogs, but felt I must today. Hope you find my words in the light they are intended….as gratitude.

    Breathing in my favorite things today,

  15. melissa says:

    Lovely article. Just a very few of my favorite things ~ the smell of baking, kittens, yarn, my favorite sherpa boots, wide open land interspersed with hills and trees and a creek, farm animals, a home of my own–no mortgage, healthy family, no neighbors, books…I could go on but I will stop here. Thanks for inspiring me to take a moment to reflect on the favorite things in my life.

    farmgirl #2143

  16. carol branum says:

    Hi Shery.Thank you for reading my blog, glad that you enjoyed it,, have a great day,carol

  17. Cora Jo Ciampi says:

    Shery…WOW! And a few of MY favorite things are:
    a cabin at the base of the Big Horn Mts. where I raised my children. Sitting at the table next to the east facing window in the very early morn…one at a time, they come out to join me quietly for hot chocolate…my quiet time replaced with the treasures of my heart. And, my grandmothers’ hands…thin-skinned and so soft to my little girl touch…now my grandson touches mine in the same way…gently. And, snowflakes on my tongue and sledding…even grandmas love sledding. And, spring, and summer, and fall and winter…and…life well lived, bumps and all. Thank you, dear friend, for this one. perfect.

  18. Hey Farm Gal Pal! I love reading your blogs and all the comments because it’s like reliving our Farmgirls fun all over again! I just want to tell you my favorite things are very simple: family and friends! Without them to share things with, nothing else matters. One day a long time ago you asked me my favorite thing to collect and I said friends! It still is and I feel truly blessed to have all my Farmgirl sisters as such great friends! I love you all! Jennie

  19. Rhonda says:

    I’m new to all of this,sure enjoy reading all of these:)

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