Book Loving Farmgirls – And A Give-Away!



We are a family of book lovers and my grand-girls are no exception.  My daughter home schools her little girls and so for the last year I’ve had that wonderful privilege of watching my oldest grand-daughter, Jillian, learn to read.  Every day when I would see her she was excited to tell me of the next thing she had learned in her reading.  She loves sharing little tidbits of information with us, like this:  “Hey Gramps did you know that Blue Jays live in Oak trees because they love acorns”?




I’ve been thinking for some time about the world that is opened to children when books are made readily available to them.   I love this quote:

Reading should not be presented to children as a chore or a duty.  It should be offered to them as a precious gift. 

~ Kate DiCamillo ~




When my children were little, books were some of their most prized possessions.  Most of them I still have.  The Berenstain Bears, Little Critter, the Golden Books being some of their favorites… and now my grand-girls love those books.  (They really love seeing their Mommy and their Uncle Logan’s names scribbled in the front cover!)




The little girls love their books so much and so no matter where we are, we always have books along.  Even on the boat!  And now that Jillian reads so well, she is always eager to read to her little sister, Rosetta!




I’m continually on the look-out for new children’s books, so you can imagine how excited I was to receive my copy of  Moo-N Over Main Street Metropolis, the new book by our very own Farmgirl MaryJane and her daughter Meg!  My little grand-girls were spending the night so after bath time one evening they climbed onto the bed on my porch for some reading!




The book has wonderful illustrations that capture the eye immediately.




And a story line that is fun, catchy, and entertaining! Little Rosetta can’t quite remember the name of the book so she refers to it as “the Sally O’Mally book”, the name of the milk cow in the story!




There are some very fun and interesting milk cow facts in the book as well as different milk cow breeds and their names, which my grand-girls memorized right away.




There is also a fun little project at the back of the book where you get to cut out the milk cow and give her a name!  Jillian chose Betsy, Rosetta chose Old Red.




The book is a great addition to my grand-girls little reading nook in my craft room and guess what?   MaryJane has graciously offered a free book for one lucky Farmgirl reader!  It is a wonderful gift for any child.  Or you can do what I did and keep it in your little children’s library in your own home.  And if you aren’t the lucky winner, you can purchase your own copy here.


Entering is easy!  All you have to do is leave me a comment telling me what your favorite children’s book is, and why! As MaryJane would likely say, “I’ll draw your name out of the milk pail”!   The winner will be announced here on my blog post in two weeks!


Until our gravel roads cross again… so long.




P.S.  All the above pictures of my darling grand-girls were used by my daughter’s permission!

  1. Cyndie Gray says:

    My dear Dori, I share your love for children’s books. My favorite children’s book would be “How Fletcher Was Hatched” by Wende & Harry Devlin. When ours four were little ones reading was a favorite pastime. When they were young I spent many years as the local “story hour lady” at our library! They are all in their thirties and all still avid readers. Most of my grands are delighted with the world of books also. This look like a delightful book that my youngest grabs would thoroughly enjoy!!

  2. Susana says:

    My. Favorite books were the Anne of Green Gables…..because…it was. Based on a real girl and it has many names in it that are in my family tree and people I. Still know. Susana

  3. Barb P says:

    To begin my day reading about children and books is beyond delightful! Growing up with books as constant companions, as well as a seemingly endless number of adults who enjoyed reading to me until I could read by myself, are focal points in my life that I would never change. Grandma’s house was a treasure trove of old books with exquisite illustrations that stimulated my imagination and took me places I could only dream about.

  4. Diane Van Horn says:

    I love anything by Dr. Seuss. I just love how he rhymes everything and makes up his own words.

  5. Kim Van Rheenen says:

    My boys’ favorite book was Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown. The boys are 23 and 26, yet I still have the book memorized, having read it to them so many times. (Sometimes when they come home to visit, we still snuggle and read it.) The illustrations are lovely and the soft, lilting rhythm of the prose is a nice way to learn about a day on the farm with many animals, then end on a sleepy note. A great tuck-in book!

  6. Clarissalynn says:

    You are so fortunate to have grandchildren. My daughter was murdered when she was 24, about 9.5 years ago. I would have grand children if she lived, I am certain. I remember my relationship that I had with my grandmother, and I was looking forward to having that kind of relationship with my grandchildren. My son, now 37 is still unmarried, can’t find a girl that isn’t self centered. 🙁 Life does have its ups and downs, and just looking at your girls uplifts my spirit. I am a reading teacher too! Your girls look like my daughter when she was young. So, I know that you are grateful for your little treasures. Thanks so very much for share them with us. Warmly, Clarissa

  7. Teri says:

    My personal favorite is Charlotte’s Web. I loved reading about all the animals on the farm and their adventures.

  8. Carla Brown says:

    My favorite children’s books are any of Marguerite Henry’s books! Loved them when I was a young girl and now my granddaughters will be getting their own copies to enjoy!

  9. Elizabeth P says:

    The Dick and Jane books, great starter books. But would love to get Mary Jane’s book and add it to the collection.

  10. Heidi says:

    Mine would be “I’ll Love You Forever” , “The Giving Tree” and “Love you to the Moon”. Hard to decide on just one!

  11. Susan says:

    My favorite book is Black Beauty. I had the book I read as a kid in my classroom. When I packed it to move classrooms (again) my old Betsy McCall naper doll. I dragged that book and paper doll all over.

  12. jackie says:

    Bears in the night-Bernstein Bears is the favorite around here.

  13. Gail says:

    My favorite stories are those in the Bible that show God’s love to us.
    But they are not stories they are real for God’s love surpasses all love ❤️

  14. Teri Schneider says:

    I used to read “I’ll Love You Forever” by Robert Munsch to my son during a very difficult time in my life. I was going through a divorce. I didn’t realize how much the book impacted him until I received a Mother’s Day card a few years ago and on the inside of the card he quoted some lines from the book…I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, As long as I’m living, My baby you’ll be. Needless to say I was a mushy mess after that 🙂 I still have the book and I put the card inside it. I’ll keep it forever.

  15. Sandy Rees says:

    I enjoy most children’s books but my favorite is probably Green Eggs and Ham. I enjoy the way it sounds when read aloud.

  16. Bonnie Ellis says:

    That is a darling book! Mary Jane sent one to April and I had a chance to read it. I love it too. But we know what talent comes from Mary Jane and Meg!

  17. Beverly Bower says:

    Books have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I turned off my tv earlier this year(best thing I’ve done in a long time 🙂 and I now spend my free time reading. While I can’t pick just one childhood favorite I recently read Because of Winn Dixie for the first time and I have to tell you the story touched my heart deeply. It’s a story of love, compassion and redemption which I believe is so needed in this day and age! Love your blog Dori!! You are such an inspiration to this hope to one day be country/farmgirl!!! 🙂

  18. Connie Howard says:

    Wow, that’s a tough call as there are so many wonderful children’s books. However, Dr. Suess is great with his twisty, fun rhymes and quirky illustrations. His ABC book is my personal favorite and I read it frequently to my 5 yr. old granddaughter.

  19. Marilyn Collins says:

    My favorite children’ book is “The Honey Bunch Series”. I find them and the title character always interesting. It made me want to come back for more. Thanks for the giveaway. The girls a re beautiful.

  20. Marion Collins says:

    My favorite children’s book is “The Bobbsey Twins Series. It is for obvious reasons. I am a twin too. Therefore I could relate to the stories concernig the sets of twins!

  21. Joan Collins says:

    My favorite children’s book is The Nancy Drew Mysteries Series. I could not wait for the next edition to come out. It was always fun to read about Nancy and her adventures and how she could always solve the mystery.

  22. bonnie b says:

    Hi Dori, this is a great post! I, too, kept my girl’s books and my grandchildren have enjoyed reading them. There are 2 shelves in our bookcase with just their books, now available for any child who comes to visit. My husband was an English teacher, retiring with 30 years, so books have always been an important part of our life.
    My personal favorite children’s books are the Little House series by Laura Ingles Wilder. I grew up reading them; we would read a chapter before bedtime when my girls were young and the grandkids have read them also. I recently purchased the annotated autobiography, Pioneer Girl, by Laura Ingles Wilder, for my winter project!

  23. Jinx taylor says:

    Loved reading everything as a child, even the cereal box at breakfast and have always loved “The Velveteen Rabbit.”

  24. Jinx taylor says:

    The Velveteen Rabbit was a favorite but, would read everything, even the cereal box.

  25. Robin Harris says:

    My favorite children’s book is The Giving Tree. I would love to have this book! Thanks for the chance! 😀

  26. Laura Staley says:

    My favorite children’s book was (and is) Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle. I was first introduced to it in fifth grade and in turn introduced my own children and my special education students. I look forward to introducing MOO-N Over Main Street Metropolis if I win your copy. Thank for this opportunity to share one of my favorite childhood memories.

  27. Judy Mac says:

    My very favorite was A Child’s Garden of Verse, by Robert Lewis Stevenson. At 64 years old I still read it… Now on my Kindle…what a wonderful world.

  28. Denise Ross says:

    Your grand girls are gorgeous, Dori. I was brought up to love books too. I’m working on bringing that. Love to my kids too. Beautiful way to live :). Have a fabulous weekend Dori.

  29. Debra Huelsman says:

    To choose a favorite is an impossible task! So many books-so many wonderful authors and illustrators! If I had to choose one, I would say the one I am reading right now with my wonderful grandchild-whenever now is!

  30. Ann says:

    What a sweet post! Your grand-girls are adorable. There is no substitute for learning to read and enjoying the pleasures of books – a lifelong gift. A women’s service organization to which I belong just gave away over 500 books to children at the community picnic hosted by our local homeless shelter. The looks of joy on the children’s and the adult faces were indescribable. Thank you for sharing this wonderful “book” story and reminding us of the gifts associated with reading and sharing.

  31. Cindy Parker says:

    Napping House

  32. Winnie Nielsen says:

    MaryJane’s new children’s book is just the cutest ever! I wish I had some little ones to share it with as well. Your grandkids on the porch bed remind me of long ago when my girls would pile in the bed at night, especially in the summer months, when we read the Misty of Chincoteague series together. We read lots of chapter books in the summer months when there was plenty of unrushed reading time. They loved animals and I know they would have loved MaryJane’s book.

  33. Jodie says:

    Oh my! Your grand girls are beauties! Where to start…I think my favorite books were the “Boxcar Children” series and of course “the Babysitters Club” series. I read 5-7 books a night to my 2y/o babe every night, and if we are away, like backpacking, we at least recite our favorites along the trail! We do love “the day the babies crawled away”, “the missing piece”, anything Splat the cat or Berenstein Bears, “little blue truck” and “Click clack moo, cows that type”. If you haven’t, check them out. They are great!!!

  34. Diane says:

    Hi Dori –
    First of all how adorable are those 2 girls! My favorite book (which there are 2 as I could not decide on just one) is Little House on the Prairie or Little Women. Both great books! As for my daughter who is now 14 we just loved reading the “Pigeon” series when she was little, and our favorite was “Don’t let the Pigeon Stay Up Late” by Mo Williams. A great before bed book with all the great sounds to recreate as you a reading! Very funny and made us smile before we went to bed! Thanks for this article!

  35. Mandy Post Maddocks says:

    I love the Little House books. My dad read them to my sister and I when we were growing up. I have 4 boys and they really enjoy Farmer Boy from that series. I also love anything by Jan Brett. Her illustrations are beyond beautiful!

  36. Brenda Towsley says:

    We had so many favorites when my three girls were growing up but my favorite to read was the Narnia series. My youngest daughter home schooled her two daughters for three years and their home was like walking into a library. Unfortunately my daughter has had to start to work outside of the home and the grands have to go back to public school. But books are still so special to them and I am sure they would love this book along with their two little brothers.

  37. Cathy R says:

    Love your post! You take the most wonderful pictures of your granddaughters!
    Thanks for sharing your “heaven on earth” with us!! Lots of wonderful children’s
    books, no grands for us but I have a few on hand for young visitors. Corgiville Fair by Tusha Tudor, The Sea View Hotel, Christmas Legacy by Flavia, The Secret Garden illustrated by Tusha Tudor and the Little House books are a few of my favorites! And I will be adding one more to the collection, it looks adorable. Blessings from the hills of Idaho! Cathy

  38. Christine says:

    Dori, I enjoy reading your posts and seeing photos of your farm and family. I am going to date myself but my favorite story when I was a young girl was Heidi by Johanna Spyri. A story about a young girl in the care of her grandfather and takes place in the Swiss Alps. My great-grandmother read this book to my sisters and me when we were young and I loved the story as deeply as I loved my great-grandmother. Whenever I think of one I recall the other.

  39. Susan says:

    This book sounds delightful! I too have saved my childrens’ books for my grands. We always enjoy the Bernstein Bear books when they come for a visit! Hope you are having a great summer. We sure miss your blog as well as Andrea’s and look forward to updates on the flower stand.

  40. Pam says:

    caroline and her kettle named Maude…

  41. Vivian Monroe says:

    How cute! My favorite childs book is Goodnight Moon, I think simply because I can remember when reading to my son (about 35 yrs ago), he would always laugh so hard at the end. 🙂 I dont know if he really thought it was funny or me as the reader was funny. Haha! Now I read to my new grandson. He hasnt laughed at me yet though. Be BLessed Neta.

  42. Gail Summerlin says:

    My favorite books were The Bobbsey Twins and Nancy Drew. I loved reading to my children when they were growing up and now I love reading to the grandchildren. My greatest joy is seeing my grandkids walking around with a book in their face. Just like some on my children. I still don’t leave the house without something to read, just in case I have a minute or two to read.

  43. Cindy Stoll says:

    The books my children loved the very most were the James Herriot illustrated stories for children. Blossom Comes Home, Bonny’s Big Day, Only One Woof, Moses the Kitten, The Christmas Day Kitten,The Market Square Dog, Smudge the Little Lost Lamb and Oscar Cat About Town. My boy’s are now 35 and 31. I did find all these stories in one large book now James Herriot’s Treasury for Children. I purchased it for our grandson’s first birthday in May. I was not about to give my books up. I will keep them along with many others at my house to read when the grands come to visit. By the way both our boy’s farm and raise livestock. One cattle and one cattle and pigs.

  44. susan brant says:

    My favorite books as a child were Laura Ingalls Wilder series “little house in the big woods my fav.

  45. Rebecca says:

    I’d have a hard time choosing a favorite book, but I read all the Little House books, Anne of Green Gables, Little Women. I really read everything if could find. Once when I spent the summer with my older brother and his wife, I complained to him that he had no books in his house. He owned a garage and the next evening he brought home a copy of a Ford Repair book for me to read. He meant it as a joke, but since that’s all I had, I read it…..and learned a lot.

  46. Jann Kolsbun says:

    Pretend Your A Cat is a great read for toddlers. They can act out each animal as you read to them. The Jolly Postman…little letters, notes are tucked in envelopes. I have many more, but these just popped into my mind because they are a little bit different. Love your posts. Jann

  47. Kathina says:

    How precious it is to share the world with those beautiful grand daughters. My favorite book is the Secret Garden and Little Woman.

  48. TeriS says:

    My daughters love Laura Ingalls Wilders’ Little House on the Prairie series. They enjoy reading about a different time in history. We’ve read them over and over!

  49. Sally says:

    My favorite book growing up was probably Pony Farm. Two kids got to take care of and ride ponies all the time, which was my dream. I’d daydream that I had a pony and kept it in my yard…wishful thinking. I did have my own pony at my grandmas farm, but it was two hours away….

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