Hey, Guess What?!

My daughter, who is 13, asked me the other day if I missed her being younger. Don’t I miss her being tiny? she asked me. I absolutely don’t. I have enjoyed every single age that she has been and have never looked back. (Of course, she’s a teenager now, so we’ll see how that continues to hold up.)

She reminded me that we constantly used to play “Guess What?!” Well, mainly she asked the “Guess What?” questions and I’d do the guessing.

“Guess what happened to James at school today?”

*He threw up? No.

*He cried? No.

*He freaked out? Nope. He said a bad word.

Oh no. Horrors of horrors.

“Guess what happened then?”

*He threw up? No.

*He cried? No.

*He freaked out? Nope. The teacher did. James had to go home.

Etc, etc, etc.

Every day.

All day.

Yes, I remember WELL the guessing game. I learned to limit my guesses to 3. On days when I was particularly tired, I’d say, “Pa-leeeese, just tell me. I don’t feel like guessing.”


In that spirit.

Let’s do some Guessin’.


Guess what those things were in my garden?

Most of them have turned out to be…..



Pumpkins! they are turning orange now. Yes, pumpkins and weeds. And you are correct, that is a Dora the Explorer birthday plate. I found them in the bottom of a moving box (along with a certain Barry Manilow CD) and used them to protect the the pumpkins from the ground. The plate, not the CD.

There are also some spaghetti squash in there. The rest remain a mystery.

Guess where our horse, Jessi (who was born on our farm a few months before we bought it), is going?


To be trained! He is over 2 now and read to get under saddle.

Guess what that makes me?

🙂 and 🙁

Happy, because he needs to be trained and I can’t do it.

And sad, because we miss him so. He has a fantastic personality and presence. A real star. It’s quiet around here without him. He’s the clown in the pasture.

Guess if that’s a dude or a dudette in the back there?

A dude.

My daughter and I were at a cowboy show the other day. In the show, the Sheriff comes riding into town on a (real!) horse. When I saw the horse rush out of the woods and saw beautiful long hair and a skirt, I said to my daughter, “Yay! A chick saves the day!” It wasn’t a chick. It was this guy, with long hair. It wasn’t a skirt; it was chaps. He is part of the team that will train Jessi using Natural Horsemanship techniques. Hey, I might have taken a photo of that cowboy show. Let me check my phone photos.

In the meantime…

Guess what a neighbor brought us the other day?


A box FULL of corn! Delicious, home-grown, sweet corn!

Guess what I made?

Corn casserole, corn chowder, creamed corn, plain ole corn on the cob, and a delicious corn salad. So far!

Guess what the ONE disadvantage of home grown corn is?


You ALL know that one! Worms in the end. I had already microwaved this worm. Accidentally. Poor fella. Is no more.

Guess what my summer reading book was, that I’ve YET to finish?



But summer isn’t “officially” over yet, so I have a few more weeks. Have you read it? It’s a good book. I just haven’t had much time for leisurely reading.

Though, Guess what’s definitely in the air?


And autumn leaf on my windshield! So summer is almost over and autumn is right around the corner.

Guess what I am FINALLY going to do this autumn.



Hike the Appalachian Trail! I hope! I think I finally found someone who will go with me for a few days. Y’all know how long I’ve been wanting to experience the AT. Forever! I’ve been talking it about it even longer. I hope it works out this time.

Guess what I did last week?


Put on my Farmer Teal outfit and went to a local school to talk about Monarchs and Milkweed. I had a ball.

Guess what I named my side-kick lamb?

With the help of my FB peeps, I named her Lucille. Farmer Teal and Lucille. It rhymes. I like it.

Guess what my next project is?


Turning the old wash house into my studio. My office/studio.

Guess who followed me to go see it this morning?


The feral Mustache Cat! He is trusting us more. Here he is yawning while I took his photo. That says a lot, don’t you think? He kept a safe distance behind me as I walked the path to the old wash house, but he followed me the whole way.

We’ve been seeing Mustache Cat all over the farm.

Guess where?


He was inside the chicken infirmary (no chickens, so door was open).

And on top of my car.


And even in the car. I had my car door open for awhile the other day. When I went back out to shut it, Mustache Cat was in the backseat. He freaked out when he saw me and thought he was trapped. I backed off so he’d chillax. It was something to see.

Anyway, back to my Studio/Office,

Guess what I found inside?



Two snake skins. Not one, but TWO.

One hanging from the rafters. One in some old hay in there.

(can you make it out? there’s no power in the house, so no lights. Snakes, but not light.)

And no. These weren’t there a few weeks ago when I decided this was to be my next project. So these are new.

Guess how that makes me feel about turning the old wash house into my office/studio.

Bad. Very bad. Very, very, very bad. Just not real sure about that. I’m wondering where else I can put it. A snake-less-er place.

A-ha! I found a photo on my phone of that cowboy show. And let me just say in my defense, that I didn’t have my glasses on. I did NOT see the mustache that I now see. I see clearly now that the Dude does not look like a lady. (Would have been cool, though, for a female sheriff to ride in and save the day.)


Anything you want ME to guess? I’m game!

Until next time, Friends, savor the flavor of life!

Lots of love, The City Farmgirl In the Country, where Snakes live, Rebekah











  1. Mary Rauch says:

    Guess what? … I look forward to your posts so much they are the first thing I read when I open my emails and see one down in the list of unopened mail. Thanks for all your time and photos.

  2. Joan says:

    Yeas all around – pumpkin looks superb, training will be a good thing, silly long haired cowboy (my son is too), ah ‘real’ corn, not much reading done around here either, maybe this winter, we too are getting Fallish already about a month early but the report is that we will be colder n snowier this year than normal, ok, AT oh I hope you get to do it, always wanted to but I will enjoy your experience, Farmer Teal n Lucille look real good together – bet that was fun, super yea for Mustache cat and for y’all to show him such love, now then the most wonderful office/studio HAS to be!!! lots of snake proofing, snake-a-way, very thick new ropes and all the advice of locals, I just know you can make it wonderfuler than it already is. Oh thanks for sharing all your great experiences – and OH GUESS WHAT!!! the teen guessing was a bit scary for me – hope it goes well for you. God bless.

  3. Linda W says:

    I think if you start to move into the office, the snakes will vacate. They are actually scared of you, if you can believe that. And leave the door open for feral cat and he will probably de-snake the place for you! Love hearing your adventures.

  4. Jacki wicker says:

    Love your blog

  5. Susan Abernethy says:

    I so look forward to your blogs!! Thank you !!
    Go for the wash house/turned studio office….It will be LOVELY. The snakes will leave.

  6. Rebekah – WOW, I can’t believe how awesome your old wash house is and what a great studio/office it will be. I am terribly afraid of snakes so I’d be a bit scared too! 🙂 But I agree with the above comment – when you move in, they will leave! And… Farmer Teal and Lucille? PERFECT!! 🙂 – Dori – (AKA: the new Ranch Farmgirl! Happy to be a part of your farm girl blogging group here on MaryJanesFarm!) 🙂

  7. Sarah B. says:

    Absolutely love your wash house, I’m currently in the transition of moving to our 1st home/farm and I’m determined in taking the wash house that is here at my home place which will be sold within the next two years… very emotional yet exciting time. I just love the “old” feel of it and knowing that my grandparents and father hold a part in it’s history and being as they’re gone now it makes it even that much more special to me and gives me that much more determination as to finding a way in having it moved and becoming a part of the new chapter in my new life. So as to your dilemma about your S’s, I say just go for it! As long as you seal up all the cracks and crevices you’ll be fine 🙂

  8. Cindy says:

    Guess what? If I had that wash house, I’d put a greenhouse on the front of it, and use it for a potting shed. Guess what else…you look like a little kid in the Farmer Teal outfit!!! LOL! Well, you do! Guess what else…I like long hair. Even on guys. But not that long. Dude looks like a lady…baa daaa bommm boommm..Dude looks looks like a lady (I’m singing-I’ll stop) Oh yeah, he looks like a lady from the back. Not the front…although some ladies…nevermind.

    Cindy Bee

  9. Rebekah, for some reason everytime I get a notice of your new post, when I go to it, it is the Suburban farm girl instead?? Just thought you might want to know. I actually went to the site and clicked on your logo to bring this up so I could send you a comment, this has happened the last 3 or 4 posts that you have posted.

  10. Melinda Ogle says:

    Did you count foggy mornings in August for 2014? Saw your 2013 post and was just curious.

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