Welcome, Pip Squeak!

Since my last blog post, we’ve added a new member to our family!  Come meet the little guy who’s captured our hearts, and has us wrapped around his tiny little paws!


It’s been several years since we welcomed a new dog to our family. Hopeless dog lovers, the last year or so, we’ve tossed around the idea of adding another dog to our happy family of pets. We’ve always had “rescues”.  Once, we had a “pack” of four dogs, each with their own personality and each having left a permanent paw-print on our hearts. In our almost twenty-two years married, this is the longest my husband and I have gone having only one canine member of our family.

Our daughter’s just like her parents, turning into a pool of mush at the sight of a dog. We were so proud of Audrey last month, when she received the 4-H “Good Character Counts” award for our county, honored for her efforts to aid pets and their owners after the horrific tornadoes in Oklahoma last year. She loves all animals, but dogs and cats top her list. As this school year came to an end, we decided it was time. Ready to add a new fur-baby to our family, we mentioned it to friends, and checked local adoption websites.

When we adopted Bonnie, our beloved “German Shusky”,  it was pure magic; a perfect match. She’s my daughter’s buddy, my husband’s “girl”, and my shadow. Bonnie’s personality “fits” us; she’s such a big part of our family. She loves us all with her whole heart, and we feel the same. Would we be lucky enough to find that kind of magic again?

IMG_7115Having owned all sorts of breeds of dogs before, we were pretty open-minded to what kind and age dog we’d adopt. Friends would email us links and photos to pups in our area in need of new homes, but none seemed to be the “one”. Then, a few weeks ago, a photo of the cutest little pup jumped out at me on my Facebook feed. It was posted by the same rescue organization, Pawsafe, that we’d adopted Bonnie from. Here was a five-year-old chihuahua with huge bat ears and the cutest face ever!  We were smitten.



After contacting Pawsafe, and speaking several times with Pip’s foster mom, Sharon, it sounded like Pip would be a perfect match with our family. We were so excited when the time finally came to meet Pip and see if he was right for us, and we for him. It was evident how much Sharon and her family loved him; I give her so much credit and appreciation for what she and the other volunteers do. While I have friends with great dogs from reputable breeders, and friends who are wonderful breeders, there’s something extra-special about giving a fur-ever home to a shelter or rescue dog. They know they’ve been rescued, and the love they give is immense.

Our first photo together on adoption day! Photo courtesy of Sharon at Pawsafe.org

Our first photo together on adoption day! Photo courtesy of Sharon at Pawsafe.org

IMG_8396-001Pip’s the best little boy! From day one, he fit right in. Introducing him to our other fur-babies was the easiest transition ever. He’s a “snuggler” but also playful. He only barks for good reason, and is so affectionate. He’s one of the most mellow, balanced dogs I’ve ever met, and certainly breaks the “yippy, ankle biting” stereotype that one sometimes hears in reference to chihuahuas.


I swore I'd never dress up a pet. Then I met Pip! He loves to dress up. Besides, Chihuahuas get cold and need clothes! (Mommy's already knitting him a sweater...)

I swore I’d never dress up a pet. Then I met Pip! He loves to dress up. Besides, Chihuahuas get cold and need clothes! (Mommy’s already knitting him a sweater…)

My big girl Bonnie and wee little Pip bonded effortlessly. Bonnie was happy to meet charmer Pip, as if she knew right away he’d be her buddy. They play, they snuggle, and are both sitting “frog legged” on the floor next to me as I write this. Bonnie sleeps in the master bedroom, while Pip brings his favorite stuffed toy to Audrey’s room and snuggles with her for the night. In the morning, he comes in and snuggles on our bed with Bonnie while we drink our morning coffee, offering sloppy kisses and happy tail wags to everyone.

Bonnie loves her little brother!

Bonnie loves her little brother!

At only five pounds, Pip has brought us tons of happiness already.  It’s like he’s always been here, another perfect “fit”. He’s a reminder not to judge a book by its cover, that stereotypes don’t always hold true…and that sometimes the best things in life do come in the littlest packages!

IMG_8493*If you are in the Connecticut/New York area and are looking for a “fur-ever” canine friend to adopt, I suggest checking out www.pawsafe.org.  Thanks to all their volunteers for everything they do.

Until Next Time…Farmgirl Hugs (and Wagging Tails), Nicole

  1. Ali - Farmgirl #12 says:

    OMG, Nicole, so CUTE – can’t wait to meet Pip in person!!! I was just thinking it was around this time of year a couple of summers ago when we met Mittens, right?!

    • Nicole Christensen says:

      Hi Ali! You are right…we adopted Mittens two summers ago. Can’t wait for all my farmgirl sisters to meet little Pip. Watch your email box…I will be sending a farmgirl Chapter get together email invite soon! Hugs to you, sweet friend, Nicole

  2. Joan says:

    AWWWWESOME!!! also love his name, he is one blessed pup.

    • Nicole Christensen says:

      Hi Joan, thanks! I think we are one blessed bunch of humans, too! He and Bonnie add so much to our family. It’s funny, it’s like Pip has been here forever. Farmgirl Hugs, Nicole

  3. Adrienne says:

    Pip looks so happy and so do the rest of you, canines and humans alike! My sister has recently adopted Cinnamon, an 8-pound Chihuahua, who has been a favorite breed since she was a baby. Robin was raised with two Chihuahuas, two brothers, and though our parents named one Chi Chi, Robin was allowed to name the other: Humphrey. No one knows why but Humphrey was her dog for life. Congratulations on your rescue furkid!

    • Nicole Christensen says:

      Adrienne, How cute! I love the names and such a heartwarming tale. Tell your sister to give a big pat on the head from Pip and me! Farmgirl Hugs, Nicole

  4. Awwww! Thank you for adopting both of your dogs from PawSafe. Clearly they are two super lucky dogs. ~diane

    • Nicole Christensen says:

      Hi Diane, thanks to you and Pawsafe, and all of the Pawsafe volunteers again for all that you do. You’ve had such a big impact on our family, and many other families, too. Farmgirl Hugs, Nicole

  5. denise says:

    awwww, congrats to Pip and your family! he is such a little cutie and so is Bonnie! love the picture of him in his little shirt too!

    • Nicole Christensen says:

      Thanks, Denise. He really is such a good boy. Funny, we never really thought about a chihuahua, but so glad we found him! He seems like he’s been here forever. I am so glad Bonnie loves him, too. They are so sweet together. Thanks for reading and commenting. Farmgirl hugs, Nicole

  6. Cocoa says:

    We have a chocolate Chihuahua with a cream mask that has the same quiet and cuddly personality. He’s kind of the “Anti-Chi” as far as stereotypes go. We rescued him as well and we could not imagine our lives without him.

    • Nicole Christensen says:

      Hi Cocoa! Your Chi sounds adorable! We feel the same about our Pip…he may be small, but he’s become a big part of our lives. Thanks for commenting. Farmgirl Hugs, Nicole

  7. Diane Loehr says:

    OMG – we also just adopted a 7 month old Dachshund/Chihauhua (??) mix. Her tails doesn’t stop wagging and the happy pee happens all the time! Hopefully she will grow out of this. We also got her from a local rescue “Perfect Pets Rescue” – an adoption fair in PetSmart Poughkeepsie, NY – (the only way to go to get a dog or cat), and we have named her Lily. I have been waiting for a long time to get a dog and this just happened. She is the best thing EVER!!!!!!! I especially love when she sleeps with my on the couch while watching TV at night. Good luck with Pip!

    • Nicole Christensen says:

      Hi Diane! Congratulations on your new fur-baby! She sounds so adorable, and I love her name. Enjoy every minute with her. Pip has us all in stitches, he has so much personality and when the two dogs are together, it is just magic! Give little Lily a big farmgirl hug from me! – Nicole

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