A Little Romance Everyday

Dear sisters,

Happy belated Valentine’s Day! What did you do to celebrate? Dinner out with your sweetie? Dinner IN with your honey? Something simple? Something tradition- al? Do you go in for those mushy store bought greeting cards or do you make a one of a kind valentine for your loved one? I learned a long time ago not to go overboard for Valentine’s Day and here’s why… A little Romance can be found EVERYDAY if you know where to look for it…

I would be selling you down the river if I didn’t say right up front that I didn’t always feel this way about how Valentine’s Day should be celebrated! When I was a younger farmgirlI had certain expectations. I WANTED the roses, the candy the mushy card AND the dinner out from my dearly beloved and being the sweetheart that he is he delivered the goods. But you know what? The roses soon faded (usually they flopped over dead before they even blossomed) the candy was gone in a FLASH (I have no will power against chocolate. NONE! ) and while we always enjoy a nice dinner out and each other’s company we grew weary of the crowds over the years. But that’s not the whole story. My handsome Yankee resents being told what day of the year to express his love and he deplores the high prices of greeting cards today so he makes me one every year from his photo library. Now before you start thinking he’s a scrooge in the Valentine’s Day department hang on, there’s more to this LOVE story that must be told.

One of the things that made me fall in love with my husband way back when was the fact that he is an artist. And artists look at the world through their own unique set of lenses. HIS lenses just happened to be a camera which has trained his eye into seeing the bigger picture both in his work and in life.

You see, what I used to think was a little bah humbug and stingy on his part is what I love about him the most…He has taught me over the years that romance can be found anywhere, anytime if you know where to look for it. Yes, it’s true. This farmgirl needed some learnin’ in the looking for love in all the right places area.

Finding everyday romance isn’t that hard to find. It’s everywhere! It’s in the weather, the change of seasons, an exchanged glance or a smile with your dearly beloved, a pat on the back or hand (or behind) as you pass by.

It’s in a walk alone whether it’s a quick 20 minutes around the block or a leisurely walk about in nature. It’s in the sunrise and sunset and every moment in between.

It’s wrapped up in years of snuggling on the couch to stay close and warm while watching a movie together after hardly seeing each other all week. No words necessary… Just being there together is enough to re-connect.

It’s waking up every day knowing you will face life’s twists and turns together, whatever comes your way and never having to question if you’re going in the same direction. But, true love isn’t an all-inclusive deal! If you’ve been blessed with it you’ve got to spread it around a little. Certainly having children and/or fur babies of our own widens our “romance experience “.

My girls escaped the other day and even though they hate snow they came running when they heard my voice… How sweet is that? Chicken Romance!

I never tire of watching Max do, well, just about anything… Here he is playing in the blizzard of 2013.

Our son comes to find me every morning just to say good morning and he does the same thing at night. That boy melts my heart every day I tell ya. Just hearing our daughter’s voice when she plays and sings at the piano can brighten my day as I think about where her gifts and talents will take her. Will she share her love songs with the world one day? I pray she will.

There’s romance in the simple and the grand and glorious moments of every day.

The secret to finding them is keeping your heart open to new experiences and being willing to learn from those around you.

Honey, if you’re reading today… Thank you for showing me by example how to find a little romance everyday! I love you! xo

I can’t finish this letter to you without sharing my latest ” farmgirl romance ” experience with you!

            Michelle with the red hand bag and her mom Merrilyn

Yesterday I met a farmgirl sister and her daughter ” in downtown Plymouth for some shopping and a looooong get to know you cup of coffee while we shared a slice of delicious homemade blueberry pie. It was wonderful! Merrilyn and I have been emailing back and forth for a while and when she knew she would be in MA visiting her daughter Michelle ( who is bravely fighting the good fight against breast cancer) she planned a trip to Plymouth so we could meet each other. Now, that’s farmgirl romance at its best when we get to meet our ‘ friends from afar ” in person isn’t it? Merrilyn traveled from Alaska to be here. Mary Jane Butters, if you’re reading today THANK YOU for creating the Farmgirl Sisterhood. I wonder how many hundreds if not thousands of new friendships have been born because of it?

Here’s Merrilyn (pronounced Mary Lynn ) and I with Plymouth Harbor in the background. Meeting her and her sweet daughter Michelle was the greatest Valentine’s Day present I’ve had in years! It was like we had always known each other.

How do you find everyday romance in your life? No matter what your circumstances the best way to start is by falling in love with yourself and life as you know it today. Don’t waste another minute! I promise you you’ll be on your way to finding that romance really is an everyday thing!

Until our next shoreline visit~


Much love to all of my sisters!

xo Deb

P.S. Please gather up your prayers and good thoughts for Merrilyn, her daughter Michelle and her family as she starts treatment next week.

  1. MaryJane Butters says:

    Of course I’m here! With every new sisterly hug, kind word given or generous deed done, the world becomes a better place. Why, my world is brighter this morning because of a "lighthouse" that shines from MA.

    Aww… Thank you MJ! Love you! Deb

  2. Adrienne says:

    In honor of Valentine’s Day (and on many other occasions), my dear best friend makes a donation in my name to the Jimmy Fund at Dana-Farber Medical Center in Boston. He says I’m his favorite cancer survivor (retroperitoneal liposarcoma) and the money goes to a good cause. We both feel warm and cozy, and I feel just a tiny bit healthier every day he’s in my life. I’m sending a sister hug your way and wish you many more days of love in your life.


    What a beautiful gift Adrienne both the donation and the friendship! Thanks so much for reading…xo Deb

  3. Joan says:

    LOVE, KINDNESS, JOY is what you exude – THANK YOU!!! Also I have put Michelle and Merrilyn and their family on my prayer list. God is good and God Bless y’all.

    BIG thank you Joan! HUGS!! XO Deb

  4. Raynita says:

    Wow, Deb, I breathed in every word from my head to my toes and straight to my heart. I’m thinking we might be married to two men with a lot in common regarding their thoughts on romance. Like you, I am learning to appreciate it more every day. Yesterday, he took our daughter (27, single and not settling for anything less than her dreams) to lunch for Valentine’s day. They decided to eat at her apartment and enjoy each others’company. Well, of course, this melted my heart and was the best Valentine’s present he could have given me….showing our adult daughter that she is valued by her father. Yep, I’m very good with that, my homemade card from my ten year old and a call last night from my 24 year old son to tell me Happy Valentine’s Day and thank me for his OU Chocolate Bars. Now, that’s romance. Thank you for your words and go hug your Yankee for me….lol….because you two made me smile on this cold day in Oklahoma:)…………Raynita

    Hi Raynita! Sounds like you’ve got a sweetie too and loving children to boot!  We are both blessed for sure! LOL! You made me smile too 🙂

    xo Deb

  5. Rebecca says:

    Thank you for sharing such beautiful comments. And the pictures are incredible! Each time I look at them, I see even more beauty. I firmly believe that everyday romanace is all around us. We just have to keep our eyes (and hearts) open to see and enjoy it.

    So true Rebecca…. Thank you for the note and for reading! xo Deb 

  6. Pam deMarrais says:

    Deb, this was such an enlightening article. Thank you for reminding me of all of the many ways that romance surrounds us every day. My husband is an artist…landscape pastels, and he sees beauty in everyday settings, much like your husband does. So my flowers are on the easel instead of the vase. You are so right…they don’t fade or die, and romance doesn’t either, as long as we endeavor to keep it alive.

    Dear Pam,

    Thank you. My hubby as tried his hand at landscape pastels as well. He loves that medium…I bet your flowers are lovely on canvas! Thanks for reading as always…

    See you in June right? Xo Deb

  7. Penny says:

    What a lovely post. My husband makes it easy for me to find romance everyday. He’s such a blessing to me. And my grandkids bring me love over and over again. I enjoy your posts and the pictures are so inspiring.


    Thank you for sharing your everyday romances Penny!

    xo Deb

  8. Cindy Easton says:

    Deb, your photos and words are beautiful. As the mother of an adult daughter with cancer (multiple myeloma), I can emphasize with Merrilyn and what she’s going through. The support and encouragement of friends and "sisters" such as you goes a long way toward easing the burden. By supporting her, you shine a light for the rest of us as well. You are truly wonderful.

    Blessings and continuted healing to your daugther Cindy…Aren’t we lucky we can count on our farmgirl sisters to help us through hard times as well as celebrating the good ones? xo Deb

  9. Merrilyn says:

    Deb, we had such a good time meeting you and it was so good to hear Michelle laugh. Laughter is such good medicine. I was amazed by the beautiful pictures you posted. Such talent.
    I can’ t thank Mary Jane enough for being such a strong woman to have built what she has. Such a wonderful creation of a network to bring together farm girls from all walks of life to become friends. Valentines day is everyday for me in just being thankful for family and friends.
    Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.
    Hugs to you Deb

    As did I" Mary Lynn "! Why didn’t I take a pic of you and Michelle with the water in the background too? Duh! I’m so glad we got a chance to meet in person and have some laughts amongst the tears too…That’s what friends are for…much love,


  10. bonnie ellis says:

    Beautiful, wonderful people, just waiting to be met. God bless you all. Thank you Mary Jane and Meg and all.

    Absolutely Bonnie! We are a very lucky bunch of farmgirls!



  11. Debbie Ricardo says:

    Warm thouhgts and prayers going out to Merrilyn, Michelle and their family ! Thank you for such a lovely article, I agree love is shown everyday ! I taugt my two sons always kiss hello and goodbye or goodnightas well. It’s never a bad time to say I Love You !

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