When Is It Soup Time?


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Hello Farmgirl Friends!

Lets talk about this yummy, amazing beef broth!!!

One of my favorite things about fall and winter weather is home made soup!  I’m always happy for a bowl of soup and cornbread or biscuits!

Anyway… back to soup!  Recently we had our yearly steer harvested and when I put away all the meat in my freezer I realized I still had soup bones left over from last year so I decided that this winter I’d do better about making beef broth once a week and instead of having an entire bin full of soup bones in my freezer, I’d have a bin full of beef broth.

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  1. Kim Rice says:

    Hello Dori!
    Thank you so much for this info! I am not able to eat the pre made broth/stock or the paste/boullion kind due to the added spices and tomato/potato. I’m going to see my butcher asap! He’s right around my corner!!
    Happy Fall Season!!

  2. You are right on, I make bone broth, it’s the best thing for you I roat my bones with Vegetables and cook them slow 24 hours, so healthy.
    Stay safe and healthy. I so look forward to you post Thank you, Kathy Gaughran,

  3. Maxine Jelinek says:

    I made chicken broth this year after processing our chickens but I love your method and am going to save it to use next time!

  4. Regina says:

    Oh yes I make broth…but I pressure can it with the meat pulled from the bones! Very convenient!! And tasty!!

  5. donna says:

    Thank you sew much for sharing your recipe. Nothing better than homemade broth.

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