It’s Only A Paper Moon


I really want to tell the year 2020 what I think of it – but I can’t, ‘cause my mama raised me NOT use THAT kind of language! To say it’s been a doozy of a year is a gross understatement. I’m usually a “look-on-the-bright-side, counting-blessings, things-could-always-be-worse-happy-kind of gal”, but good grief, already! Really, I could use some good news (I have had lots of not-so-good news lately), but I digress.

I wanted to sit in the camper today to write, but currently, we’re in the middle of a big ol’ thunderstorm, wind ripping at the trees, thunder pounding, and rain pouring. A few weeks ago, after a storm, we were without power for a week. Funny, we can be as content as frogs on a lily pad, sitting in our camper, from 1966, without “modern” conveniences, but the minute the WI-FI goes out in the house, we’re annoyed. Truthfully, today’s kids don’t know life without WI-FI and all that comes with it. What did families and kids do back before WI-FI, TV, and electronics? A fun little recent find helped answer a little bit of that question!

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