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There’s No Such Thing as ONE KIND of Perfect


Dear Sisters,

We’ve got some catching up to do! Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Winter Solstice! Merry Christmas AND Happy NEW Year! Whew! Gosh, I hope life has been treating you all well and that you’re feeling healthy and happy, warm and cozy, safe and satisfied. Now that winter is here and Christmas has passed I have a confession… I’ve been on somewhat of a holiday hiatus since Thanksgiving. After I dug up the dahlias I sort of went dormant… Just like the garden but, in a good way! Continue reading


Hey Farmg—wait, did you feel that?!

No?  It was an aftershock.

An aftershock to a pretty big earthquake we had in Alaska a few weeks ago.  You might have heard about it on the news? 7.0 with the epicenter about forty miles from here

To put it mildly: it was terrifying and awful and discombobulating.  After lots of reading and discussing and studying, I can imagine being in a bigger one and I hope it is something you or I or anyone never has to experience. We are finally feeling pretty recovered after a few days of adrenaline hangovers, a week of high stress and another week of trying to return to normalcy.  I questioned a few times if the lingering anxiety would ever fade, but with time and less frequent aftershocks it has subsided.

A birthday walk in the snowy woods to find our tree took a lot of the edge off of the 'quake anxiety.

A birthday walk in the snowy woods to find our tree took a lot of the edge off of the ‘quake anxiety.

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The Last Minute Crafter!




I wonder sometimes why I’m such a great last minute crafter.  Are you like this?  In the ninth hour and you suddenly think of something grand you’d like to make?
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Santa Sentiments



I was recently asked by a fourth grade child if I believe in Santa. My answer was, “Absolutely”! Santa Claus is one of my favorite things about Christmas. In fact, I think we need more “Santa Claus” these days!

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