But We Get To Work In Flowers!



Happy Summer to all my Farmgirl Sisters!

I think it is safe to say that my daughter and I are thick into flower season!  Every day when we meet in the flower garden to work in our flowers we talk about how lucky we are and how much we love it.  And we also talk about the work involved and the balancing act that we juggle every day when we place the flowers on our cart and then walk away from it.  The demand for our flowers is great, we sell out fast, and we get a lot of messages from people wondering if we could make one more bouquet!  It takes a lot of will power to just sweetly tell people there will more bouquets the next day at 9:00! (We do bend the rules sometimes though!)

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  1. Connie Hester says:

    Gorgeous! 🙂

  2. Diann says:

    That is so awesome! Flowers are my happy place. Thank you for sharing

  3. Cyndie Gray says:

    Once again, my friend, I am so wishing I could pop in for a fresh flower bouquet! They are gorgeous! Thanks so much for taking us along today 🙂

  4. Patty says:

    Hi Dori,
    I love your posts!!
    Do you have to buy the jars all the time or do some customers return them to be reused? Thank you for sharing your garden with us!!

  5. Carol says:

    Dori … I love this post. It’s so awesome that 3 generations of women are working together … and with flowers! The photographs are amazing and your customers are lucky to have you! Continued good luck with your flower business! Carol

  6. Jana says:

    Sounds like a wonderful way to spend sunny summer days! If I lived close by I too would be one of your faithful customers.

  7. Donna Kozak says:

    Oh, you are lucky – working with your family surrounded with beautiful flowers – hard work but so rewarding !!

  8. Patti Munn says:

    I have been following you and your daughters blogs for a while. I live outside of Richmond VA.

    I am very interested in Flower Farming. I have been reading the flower farming books. I was so excited to see your new post on the flowers progress this year. They look so beautiful. My plan is to have a flower garden on a smaller scale for next year.

    How many flowers do you put in a $5 jar to sell? Any tips, you care to share, would make me extremely happy if you have time.

    Thanks so much for sharing your garden. I LOVE IT!!!!!!


  9. Myra says:

    Love your beautiful flowers in Mason Jars!

  10. Marlene Capelle says:

    You really are lucky. I’ve followed you from the beginning and all your hard work is really paying off. Good on you.

  11. Sandi says:

    Oh, Dori, I love this post and all those beautiful flowers. There isn’t anyone I know of in my area that does this. So glad that you do and you post the pictures also. I love to see flowers growing in a field more than flowers in a bouquet, but I know bouquets are nice too. Just hate to watch them wither and die. You have such a wonderful variety of colors and flowers and I know your customers really appreciate what you all do.

  12. Bonnie B says:

    Thanks, Dori, for the behind the scenes tour. Your flowers are so lovely and contain some favorites – sunflowers and zinnias. The colors in your bouquets are amazing! It has to be rewarding despite the had work.I want to thank you for your dishcloth pattern. I bet I have made dozens of them. It’s such an easy thing to pick up in the evening and relaxing too. Many of my friends and my daughters and grands have received them and love them.

  13. Marilyn says:

    Those flowers are gorgeous. The colors are so vibrant. Your granddaughters are beautiful and such good helpers. God Bless you and yours.

  14. Michele D Yates says:

    So beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  15. Laurie Zaporzan says:

    A lovely family business that brings so much happiness to many, I wish we had an operation like yours near us!! Thank you for sharing!

  16. Judy from Maine says:

    What a lovely post, I wish I was closer so that I could become one of your customers…I can see why you have so many.

  17. Jamie says:

    I love this article! Made my day. I, too, grow flowers and herbs and sell. I make herbal soaps out of them. I even grow cotton for an addition to my bouquets. I love your setup. It just made me feel good to read about the girls helping. Wow! Amazing place!!!

  18. Rene Comer says:

    You’re flower garden is absolutely beautiful!

  19. Joan says:

    Tennessee is so fortunate to have y’all to make it even more beautiful and friendly. Your flowers/arrangements are spectacular. God bless.

  20. Ann says:

    Just love these flowers and wish I had a bouquet! What a lovely generational activity to enjoy with your family.

  21. Beverley Doolittle says:

    Beautiful flowers.

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