Dear Mom


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My Momma, 1953


I’ve been thinking a lot about Mothers Day of course, and wondering what to send to my own dear Momma this year.   I decided to send a letter.  Because, in the busyness of life and the quick and hurried phone conversations from 2000 miles away (even though we talk almost every day), I know I don’t say enough.  I felt moved to share my letter here.  I hope it will encourage you to write a Mother’s Day letter to your Momma!  (I’m sharing pictures of my Momma here in this blog post… but I realized that most of the pictures I have of her include my sweet Dad!  So it’s a two for one deal!)

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  1. Mlarlene Capelle says:

    Probably the nicest gift she’ll ever get.

  2. Kim Rice says:

    Oh Dori,
    I absolutely loved your Mother’s Day tribute to your sweet momma. And after the tears stopped, i read it again. It’s lovely to see that you know how blessed you are and thank you for sharing it! You are carrying on the tradition with your children and there is no better tribute than that for your momma!
    All the pictures are beautiful!! And I’d love to know the story behind the first one!
    Happy Mother’s Day to your Mom, you and Andrea as well.

  3. Deb Bosworth says:

    Happy Mother’s Day, Dori!
    This letter to your mother explains a lot. A lot about who you are today. I can see where you get your creative talents. your patience, your passion for life and all things farmgirl, too. I can also see where you get your strength, perseverance and ability to devote yourself completely tho those who are in your care with joy, laughter and faith.
    You are so very blessed! Now, I’m off to write my mom a letter too, but I’ll have to type it because my handwriting is awful! Love ya! Deb

  4. Sunnie says:

    Great pictures, that is real nice to see all these. Looks like some real good memories have been made. Nice on your parents staying together!

  5. Joan says:

    You have a wonderful way with words!! A blessing for sure. I, for the last 60 years, wished my Momma a Happy Mother’s Day in heaven. I’m 73 now and have always wondered what it would be like,as an adult to have her around, so your writing and pictures give my heart joy. Happy Mother’s Day. God bless.

  6. Marilyn says:

    What a beautiful and touching story and tribute to your mom. God Bless.
    HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to You and Your Mom

  7. Stacy Russell says:

    What a wonderful story Dori, thank you for sharing. <3 Happy Mother's Day to you and yours! Hugs.

  8. bonnie ellis says:

    You are so lucky to have such a wonderful mom (and dad too). Being a mom and grandma too, I know how precious that letter will be to your mom. Happy mother’s day to your and your wonderful mom!

  9. Margaret Hofknecht says:

    This is so sweet. My mom’s been gone since 1999 and Ibhave those moments when I’d give anything just to hang out with her in her too-hot apartment and watching old movies that started her childhood crush: Gary Cooper.

  10. Vivian Monroe says:

    Dori, so beautiful your letter to your mom and your moms letter to you and your husband. I could see how very blessed you are to have a mom that did life with you..I did not have a mom growing up, but my dad was my mom…and he was an excellent one.. 🙂 I have always watched how girls treat their moms and their relationships sometimes with envy but then I look at my daddy and know that I was just as blessed… I now call my mom once a week and check on her and let her know she is loved.. we never know why people do what they do or what sort of life they had as to why they may not know how to be a mom, but our part is to love them as the Word tells us to do, because regardless they are our parent, and the only commandment with a promise is to honor our parents… but more importantly we are to love one another… thank you for sharing such sweet sentiments and your heart.. I can tell your mom is a treasure… Happy Mothers day to you and all the mothers out there.. 🙂

    • Dori Troutman says:

      Dear Vivian,

      I loved what you wrote about your Dad so much. What a treasure he was. And your kindness and love to your Mom, even in heartache, is so wonderful to hear. It really warmed my heart and encouraged me so much. You are a special lady Vivian.



    • Deborah Apodaca says:

      I love how your Love is unconditional ❤️

  11. maureen bruner says:

    You are truly blessed. Happy Mother’s Day!

  12. Carol says:

    Hi Dori … What a beautiful tribute to your Mom! I was so touched by all that you said! You have a loving family and this post warmed my heart! I am one of the lucky cloth tape winners and I am so excited to receive my package. God Bless you and yours! Carol

  13. Sandi says:

    Happy Mothers Day Dori! I believe that being a mother is the ultimate joy of any woman, to be the creator of a life, to cherish what we bring into this world. It is a miracle and it happens daily. A woman is blessed in many ways when she becomes a mother. Thank you for your letter to your mom.

  14. Jodie says:

    Dori! It just took me forever to get through that letter because I had to wipe my tears nearly after every sentence! What a beautiful letter! I’ve often thought I’d like to meet your momma and daddy as you always talk so sweetly about them, but this just tops the cake! What a lovely relationship you and your momma have. I loved that you shared all of those wonderful photos! My momma came to visit me about a month before mother’s day. She’s in Iowa and I’m in Oregon. We were able to break away one night and have our own time and we got to reminisce and I got to thank her for everything as I was growing up. I always knew I had it good and my relationship with momma was special, but I knew even more once I had my own babe. A lot of good memories of my childhood and how momma would handle a situation come flooding back as my son ages. Thanks for sharing your letter. Take care, Dori.

  15. Rhoda Tuckey says:

    What a lovely tribute to your Mother! I know her in my spirit! I know that as a woman of God her prayers are for me as well. I am so happy for the heritage your parents have given you and I am so happy to have had this email for encouragement even though I do not know you personally in this life. Thank you so much for this wonderful encouragement on Mother’s Day. May the heritage of your family last forever and on into eternity. God Bless!

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