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Can I Have this Dance?

Old Man Winter is getting ready to pack up his bags and head out. I realized that this morning when I saw two Canada Geese at my small pond. The 12-month resident, the Egret, was there as well.

My horses were keeping their distance. It takes my horses a while every year to get used to small, noisy, bossy geese when they return from their winter vacation elsewhere. The geese, with their aggressive charging and honking, run my horses away from the pond.

Three great, magnificent, powerful horses bullied by geese. There’s a lesson in there somewhere.


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Your Vision Starts Here



If I had a ” real cow” of my own I would hug her just like this and we would wear matching outfits. I need to add this photo to my vision board. :)

Dear sisters,

Welcome to the virtual vision board party reveal! Today’s the day I finally get to share a few of YOUR vision boards. Come on in for some farmgirl fortune-telling! Continue reading

All Wind Comes to an End

Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind. ~Bruce Lee

Whew! What a month!  The second half of January and first half of February have been a doozy for the Wilders.  We (well…I) have been sick for the last three weeks.  Ugh.  It is finally passing and I’ve been going out into the non-grocery store and healthcare appointments world.  I am fairly certain we had one of the influenzas tear through our home (fevers, body aches, general delirium, inability to move for more than ten minutes, loss of appetite, nose and chest crud, etc.); and I’ve had a lingering, exhausting cough that has been driving me bonkers! I’ve had the cough for going on three weeks, but it is much improved and doesn’t leave me exhausted by noon anymore.  Ava estimated that it would be over in six days.  I have a feeling her intuitive diagnosis is very close to reality!  There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Sick mama means lots of pajama days and books for the girls.

Sick mama means lots of pajama days and books for the girls.

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It’s Almost Tea Party Time! {And A Winner!}




I know that we are still in the dead of winter here in Tennessee but once the days start getting a little longer, I feel like it’s time for a tea party!  And tea parties with little girls are the best!  Have you given a tea party for the little (or big) girls in your life lately?  If not… it’s time and I’ll help you!

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The Lost Art of A Good Letter


Happy February! Can you believe we’ve already crossed a month off in 2018? It’s been such a frosty winter here; I’m glad it’s a short month!

My high school sophomore daughter crossed a traditional milestone yesterday- receiving her class ring. I still have mine, though not worn in almost three decades, it’s a special keepsake. Our world is changing at warp speed these days and many traditions are falling by the wayside. One important “tradition” that has all but disappeared, has faded far too quickly: the art of letter writing. We need an intervention – a Letter-Writing-Revival!

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