Mmmm, Altitude

Happy February Farmgirl friends!  I hope you all had a lovely “Love Day” as Ava calls it.  We’ve been plastering hearts on things for awhile now in anticipation of the holiday, but I’m afraid it passed without much fanfare.  Heart-shaped pancakes are very good though!

Opal having a blast at Ava's birthday party!

Opal having a blast at Ava’s birthday party!

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  1. Marlene Capelle says:

    Thanks for taking me to a place I’ll never go. It was an amazing and interesting trip.

  2. Sandi King says:

    Alex, I loved every word of this blog. Wanderlust!!! My mom always called my dad a Gypsy because we moved so many times and as a child I traveled across the US many times between the east coast and the west coast. The old Route 66 was our road for many a year. I loved traveling and seeing the many sites and towns we drove through. Our route changed over the years and we traveled the higher Interstates across the US. It was an adventure for a young girl growing up ‘on the road’ sort of. I saw many places I would have loved to stay in and spend some time but we were always moving on to new places until we reached our destinations where members of our families lived. Traveling around in the late 40’s and 50’s in old cars and pickups across miles of lonely roads, through deserts and small towns and mountainous areas and valleys was to me a great way to live. But I was just a young child and memories are distant but welcome today. Thanks for stirring up a memory of a time past of a safer and friendlier world than we have now. May many more adventures await you.

  3. Carol says:

    I am extremely jealous of all you have accomplished while I sit here in front of my computer wondering what I will make my hubby for dinner. I have only been out of the states once and that was to go to Canada and yet, look at the magnificent things you have learned and explored.

  4. Lorrie MacKenzie says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. Walking with you let me experience something I never could have otherwise. You are a charming tour guide!

  5. Hedy King says:

    Thank you for sharing your remarkable experience. I relished every word and photo. At 67, I’m not an adventurer but I enjoy reading the journals/diaries of those who are. No wonder you are so well adapted to live in Alaska, you’ve experienced life in CAPITAL letters. Again, thanks for sharing.

  6. Krista says:

    Your adventure sounds like an amazing experience. I’m glad you shared your stories and personal journal. It’s very interesting to hear what others experience and how they experience those moments. I definitely agree that children change our experiences. Many things that I use to do are now altered because of my boys. Just getting out of the house is a whole new experience with boys! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Micha says:

    What a great post. I enjoyed reading about your adventures.

  8. Joan says:

    Thanks for the superb trek! May this have raised you high. Love them babies. God Bless

  9. Becky Lee says:

    That was very brave of you taking that journey by yourself. I can’t imagine going that far out of my comfort zone. Kudos to you, Alex. Now you’re on a different kind of journey. Good luck and happy times for you and your family.


  10. Judy from Maine says:

    What a treat to read parts of your journey and what a journey it was. Thank you so much for sharing. All beautiful memories to last you a life time, a place you can always revisit in your day dreams, truly a treasure.

  11. Rowena Philbeck says:

    What a great memory. What a trip you had. Thanks for the travel adventures with your past.

  12. maureen bruner says:

    Alex, what an amazing adventure! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Kay says:

    Thanks for sharing this amazing journey. This coming weekend we will be leaving for a month to explore “alternative” winter habitats. It pales in comparison to your trip, but has helped set the stage for an exciting journey nonetheless!

  14. Denise Ross says:

    Thank you for sharing your adventure. I don’t know if I’ll ever do something like this, but it was a real treat to read and see all your lovely photos.
    I’ve found life is really an adventure, with some big deviations and smaller deviations from the planned path, but all life and character building.
    If you have more adventures to share, please do.
    Take care from Australia

  15. Vicki says:

    Thanks for sharing your adventures!! I feel like I have lived vicariously through your journal entries- What an amazing adventure!

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