The Latest News From The Farm!

It’s a cold and dreary evening here on my Tennessee hilltop and I’m in the mood to share  a story!  Grab your cup of coffee (I’ve got mine!) and sit down for a story that will warm your heart.



My daughter’s old Farmhouse


So… I’ve mentioned before that my daughter and her husband and their two little girls lived in an 80 year old darling farmhouse that they purchased back in 2010.  They had taken one room at a time and basically gutted and redid the entire house.  They had a vision to take it back to all the original bead board walls and ceilings, which meant removing wall paper, wall board, and cardboard ceiling tiles. They also added a second bathroom upstairs into the attic area of the house.  All the renovations took them years and a lot of labor.  Following are some of the “after” pictures of their lovely farmhouse.  (Stay with me.  I promise this story is leading somewhere!)

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