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(Until this very moment, I had no idea that it was David Bowie who sang that Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes song. Until I ‘youtubed’ it. It was 1971. I can’t believe it. I’m shook. So very shook.)

We’ve talked about it many times over the years that we’ve been together, you and I.



This was the view out of my den window a few years back. Snow in autumn. An example of someone NOT following the rules of transition.Optimized-P1080776

Which, of course, happens in our lives. Change before we’re ready. Change without warning.

Snow when we’re still wearing our autumn leaves.

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Ava wanted to play with her flash light today for the first time since April.  It’s an old promotional flashlight that I put in her stocking last Christmas (funny how the best things are often free/unexpected).  She loves shining it all over the floor and stairs while our dog, Moki, chases the cast light.  Moki gets a little neurotic about chasing lights and shadows…but it’s fun! While we were playing, it dawned on me that the ambient light was low enough to allow for the flashlight to work!  Darkness is setting in, but with it, we are gifted illumination.

Is that an adorable gnome I see looking at me?

Is that an adorable gnome I see looking at me?

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What Our Flower Farm Means To Me




All summer I’ve been wanting to write a blog post about the flower farming business that my daughter and I have. Every time I think about it, this thought comes to my mind: “How would I describe why our flower business is so special to us”? And the words just evade me.

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It’s Just “Sew” Vintage, Part II


It was thrilling hearing how many people are vintage sewing machine enthusiasts! Thank you, everyone, who reached out! I’m excited to pass on more tips on vintage sewing machines, share how I’ve re-purposed vintage patterns, and announce the winner of the “September ‘Sew Cute’ Giveaway”!

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