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I know what you think.

A blog post about summertime must be about tomato juice dripping down your chin, fresh corn on the cob, and lightning bugs. That would be a lovely post, wouldn’t it?

But that is not this one.

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What the Heck is a Slow Flower?


Dandelion House Cut Flowers

Dear Sisters,

Happy Summer! And, while we’re spreading joy around, Happy American Flowers Week, too! Yes! Flowers have their own week now. I couldn’t be happier about that. I hope your farms and gardens are off to a good start this season and you’re digging into this lush and colorful time of year. As you know, Summer is my favorite time of year to be ” in the flowers” or, “at the beach”. Today, we’re talking flowers, slow flowers to be exact. Just what the heck is a ‘slow flower’ anyway? Continue reading

When Life Gives You Lemons

Hey there Farmgirls!  First off–Happy Solstice!  I hope you are navigating this powerful time of the year with as much grace and focus as you can muster. This one has been a doozy with the full moon and solstice happening at the same time.  I’ve been hearing of troubles and woes from almost every corner of life.  As for me, I’m just kind of frantic and unfocused (So many unfinished projects and tasks!), but I already feel my body anticipating and getting ready for the slow relaxation that comes as summer progresses.

This girl has been enjoying the long days of solstice time!

This girl has been enjoying the long days of solstice time!

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It’s Porching Weather On The Farm




It’s “porching” weather friends!  


This is the farmhouse that my husband and I built about 3 years ago.  One of the things that we were looking for in a house plan was a house with a lot of porches.  We live on a hilltop with a view all the way around and we felt like (almost) wrap-around porches were really important.

Maybe you would like to come along on a porch tour!

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A Thimble’s Worth of Advice


Some of the best things in life are also the smallest! A hopeless collector, I adore thimbles! I’ve picked thimbles up as inexpensive souvenirs and at flea markets. However, I had no idea that one day a chance meeting at a tag sale and a cigar box of thimbles would lead to a surprise and a life lesson!

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