Farmgirl {One Word, Many Definitions}

What is the definition of Farmgirl to you?

Ever since becoming the Ranch Farmgirl for MaryJanesFarm, I’ve had that question going through my mind.


Is it eagerly awaiting the arrival of your first calf of the season – and then not being able to keep your eyes off of it once it’s born? Continue reading

It’s Apple Pie Season!

It’s apple picking season and all I’ve been able to think of lately is home made Apple Pie!


I just happen to love making pies and I think possibly Apple Pie is my favorite to make.

So this week when I grabbed my pyrex bowl and my ingredients, I grabbed my camera too so that I could share my recipe with all you other Farmgirls.

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Belle… The Best Dog A Horse Could Ask For

Happy October to all my Farmgirl Friends!

This post is the second half of a story I began two weeks ago. So…. if you haven’t read the first half, you will want to read it first by going to that post here.


Six week old Belle in the front yard at our previous house… trying to keep her out of the horse corral, only to have Promise come find her when we let her out for her evening run!  

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