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Farmgirl Roadtrip: Head With Me to “The Big E”!

In New England, autumn is a gift Mother Nature bestows upon us before winter’s chill. Late September through early October typically brings beautiful weather…cool but not too cold, warm enough to enjoy the outdoors without much more than long-sleeves and jeans. Pumpkins decorate porches, colorful mums burst with rich color, and the leaves start to change. There’s local fall festivals, hayrides, corn mazes, and apple picking. It’s also time to catch the last of the county fairs. From Maine to New York (and beyond), there’s much excitement about “The Big E Fair” at the Eastern States Exposition… the “grand-daddy” of fairs, a true New England tradition! Over one million folks head to this fall extravaganza each season. This year, we got to see what the buzz is all about!

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Fall Junkin’ Junket


“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.” —Jim Bishop

Dear Sisters,

What’s more fun that grabbing your best junkin’ gal pal and heading for prime hunting grounds on a perfect fall day? My friend, Melissa ( Tilly’s Nest Blog ) and I have made it our fall ritual to hit the road every time The Vintage Bazaar comes to town. You didn’t think we’d leave you out did you? Come on in! It’s pickin’ at its prime!

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May We Be Them

“Here’s to strong women.  May we know them.  May we be them.  May we raise them.” ~Anonymous

“For most of history, Anonymous was a woman.” ~Virginia Woolf

Fall!  A time for root vegetables, sweaters, back-to-school and chopping wood.  For me, it’s also a time for action!  I find that as I struggle with balancing the end of summer fervor with the panic of preparing for the impending winter that my thoughts go into overdrive.  My mind is keen to overthink and analyze, and lately I’ve been noticing debates about feminism all over the place.  These thoughts have been swimming around in my head for a few weeks now, but they don’t seem to be getting any more organized.  So, try to stick with me and share your thoughts, too!

Late season abundance!

Late season abundance!

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Falling for Fall, Again

And so it officially arrived. September 22 at 10:29 pm EST.

It is Autumn. Oh, Autumn, how happy I am to see you again!

To feel your crisp, cool breeze embrace me.

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A Ranchgirl’s Promise

First of all, I would like to say thank you for the warm welcome I received here from our Farmgirl readers and bloggers!  I am so excited to be here with you!

Many years ago, back where we lived in Southern Utah, we bought a little two year old Quarter Horse. We had a terrible time coming up with a name for her and so we decided to sit on it for awhile. In the mean-time my husband voiced a few times that he thought she had a lot of promise. Well… before you know it, he was calling her Promise and it stuck.


Our son showing Promise as a two year old in a Western Trail Class.

She’s a funny horse and I thought you’d enjoy her “story”.

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A Farmgirl and her Father

Recently, my father flew down for a long-overdue visit from Texas. My dad’s a human search engine, knowledgeable on many things. Need to build something? Dad’s probably built it before. Gardening? He’s got tricks. Something needs fixin’? I call my dad for advice. Many of my favorite tips, I learned  from my father. Dad recently turned seventy-five, and I love that he still teaches me things I didn’t know before!


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September Sands and a Little Farmgirl Romance


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Dear Sisters,

Isn’t it amazing how quickly summer begins to fade into fall? One minute we’re knee-deep in summer fun and before you know it that old familiar change in the air blows in with the cool sands of September welcoming us home again. Here on the shorelines, all it takes is one glance at the golden tipped dune grass and the wild rose bushes, now laden with orange rose hips instead of pretty pink and white blossoms to know that glorious fall is on our heels. But, before we dive headlong into apple picking, pumpkin pies, and savory soups. ( all fall favorites at our house) let me tell you why September is my most favorite and cherished month of all… Continue reading

How to Live in a Yurt

It has been one year since Evan and I (with A LOT of help from our friends) erected our yurt.  Although it seems like just yesterday I was waking up in a very cold tent with a giant hole in the ceiling to make a sad breakfast on a camp stove from food that had been stored in a cooler.  We’ve, thankfully, come a long way since then.

So, how are we dealing with the yurt life?  How have we done it?  Of course there are good days and bad, just like there would be in any home, but I’ve come up with a fairly foolproof way to live in a yurt if you really want to… Continue reading

Hey, Guess What?!

My daughter, who is 13, asked me the other day if I missed her being younger. Don’t I miss her being tiny? she asked me. I absolutely don’t. I have enjoyed every single age that she has been and have never looked back. (Of course, she’s a teenager now, so we’ll see how that continues to hold up.)

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Welcome To The Ranch!

Hello to all my new Farmgirl friends!  I am Dori, your new Ranch Farmgirl for MaryJanesFarm and I am so eager to get to know you!

Have you ever had something that was the simplest thing but carried with it a very deep meaning? That is what this sign was for me for many, many years.


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