I knit, sew, and craft; I recycle, grow organic herbs and veggies, and flower garden. I do canning, bake bread and make just about everything from scratch. I crave the outdoors.  But there was something missing…something that would make me feel like a real farmgirl… having chickens!  Backyard chickens have been my dream forever, having even blogged about “chicken envy”! Now I’m crossing “chickens” off my bucket (pardon the pun) list.  As a new “chicken mom” of four adorable chicks, I’m elated. Feed stores in Connecticut don’t sell chicks this time of year. How these chicks came to be is an interesting tale….

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Fox Frenzy!

Every generation has “fads”.  I still can’t look at a Rubik’s cube without an instant migraine.  “Beanie Babies” induce feelings of extreme guilt.  This year, kids everywhere are trading bracelets created from little rubber bands, similar to rubber bangles I traded with friends when I was a sixth grader, that matched all of my neon eighties outfits {shudder}.   Fads can be fun, especially for kids. Right now, my home is also abuzz with another current craze… it’s “Fox Frenzy”!

Heading to a slumber party in fox shirt, with fox stuffed friend

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