Farmgirl Fun at the Fair!

The end of summer and beginning of fall bring one of my most favorite things to do…go to a county fair!  There’s so many scattered throughout my area, that it’s hard to go to all of them.  Come have some ol’fashioned farmgirl fun with me and my family, as we


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Suburban Stay-Cation

“There’s no place like home.”  Dorothy stated those iconic words more than 70 years ago, and I  think one of the best places to be in summer is New England.  It’s hard to believe, but summer 2013’s winding down; the start of a new school year is right ‘round the corner. The question directed at me frequently was “What camps is your daughter signed up for?”, followed by surprised looks when I answer, “None”.  As a really grateful SAHM in a not-so-great economy, the budget for fun can be limited.  But my daughter’s not sitting around bored, or plugged into a mobile device all day. We’ve been as busy as bees!  Join me, the Suburban Farmgirl, as I share my recipe for a blissful “stay-cation”.

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Well… We’ve Done It Again…

There’s animal people…and then there’s animal people. I fall under the second category.  Now, I’m not talking reality-show, animals-piled-to-the-top-of-the-ceiling-animal hoarders, but we’re a multiple-pet household. Not only that, but a multiple species household.  And now we’ve gone and done it again…

Meet our newest family member!

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