Seven Lessons In Seven Weeks

It has been 7 weeks now I’ve had those baby chickens. Well, they aren’t babies any more. They were babies for about a week and then they grew and grew and grew. Wow. They really do grow up fast. I don’t guess I’ve ever witnessed anything like it before.

I have learned many things from those chicks by welcoming them into my farm, my home, and my heart. Today I’m going to share Seven Lessons I’ve learned in Seven Weeks from my Sixteen Chickens.

Now when you read this post, you might think I’m boycotting using apostrophes. Nope, I’m not. This crazy blog program deleted them all. So Im going with it. And maybe I should boycott them? Just for the summer?  Lazy days of summer and all. Okay, Im in.
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Country Living Update

I remember when we went to see a farm (a farm we didn’t buy, not this one), the real estate agent took us there and told us that there were “big molecules” on the farm.

My husband and I looked at each other with a look that we’ve used for more than 20 years. You know the one, right? As soon as she was out of ear shot, we cracked up about that comment.

That was before we knew anything at all about “big molecules.”

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