A Day Away…A Farmgirl Roadtrip to Hartford County, Connecticut

Charming. Quaint. Historic... These words describe my favorite places.  We’ve recently spent a family day finding just that!   What do dinosaurs and heirloom seedshave in common? Both are found in New England! Come take a Suburban Farmgirl road trip with me to Hartford County, Connecticut!

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A Suburban Spring

The ol’ quote says, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”.  I’m feeling that way about spring, and it’s refreshing arrival! After a long winter of cold temps that started here six months ago, I can’t wait to smell warm, dark, earth, and dig in the garden under the sun.  It’s a time in New England when the earth “wakes up”.  (Although with chilly, below-normal temps for April, I’m thinkin’ Mother Nature’s overslept)!  Not to worry…there’s plenty of signs of spring, so if it hasn’t arrived for you yet, it can’t be too far away!

Hooray for Spring!  Join me in celebrating the Earth!

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