Flying Chickens and Other Kitchen Mishaps

I recently reorganized my kitchen. Our home’s hub, it’s where meals are shared, crafts and homework’s done, and friends gather.  We don’t eat out often; it’s costly, usually non-organic and often disappointing.  Anything we order, I can make.  I’m tickled when asked cooking advice. Cooking’s part skill, part creativity, and lots of practice! Now, I’m not one to brag, but in the kitchen I feel like a black-belt Ninja!  It wasn’t always so . … 

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A Ton of Fun

As a kid in Houston, I really didn’t have “winter” clothes.  We’d wear flip-flops almost year round, and my “coat” was more of a jacket.  The first time I saw snow up North, I was so excited I phoned my family in Texas at the crack of dawn! Now, snow’s part of life in Connecticut, and most of us don’t give it much thought other than checking to see if school’s called off. So when warnings came through about a history-making blizzard, we got prepared (not  panicked).   “Nemo” was bringing a snowfall our area hadn’t seen at once in several decades.  What’s a farmgirl to do with a ton of snow?  Have a ton of fun!

Look!  A “Snowy Owl”!

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