Daughters Of America

Once upon a time … in a land that now seems like a far away fantasy, the people were, well, different. Their country was blessed, the culture was wholesome, families were whole, cities were for the most part lawful, the countryside idyllic. The overall picture was, in fact, “Norman Rockwellian”. He painted the faces, the places, the culture and the dominating mood of that country … Our Country … “the shining city on a hill.” The fairytale was real.

We’re left with many images of what once was. And, an enduring emblem is still with us … Old Glory. As in war, it is now frayed and tattered in spirit and in reality. Abuse, apathy and neglect are to blame. A slow disease like a toxic vapor has been eating away at her fabric and the fabric of our culture. But, long ago and far away she was treated differently.

Our homes wore her proudly on special holidays … and for no other reason than we were proud to be Americans!

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