Farmgirls Gone Junkin

Now that the weather is user-friendly, Michele & I have been anxious to explore new “junk hunting” sites. A ranching friend invited us out to his place to do that very thing and we siezed the opportunity. Hop in the pickup if you want to come along.

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  1. Marlene says:

    That was a wonderful trip back to my grandmother’s farm. While I was reading your blog I forgot where I was. I’m sure there are still some treasures on the farm that would have my name on them if I were there. Thank you.


    You’re welcome, Marlene :o) Thank you for the kind comments. That my simple words could take you to another place that you lovingly remember… … well, there is no nicer compliment. shery

  2. Brenda says:

    What a fun day for you and your junkin buddy! My sister and I go junkin but not in such a large way. My dad has been a small engine mechanic for Case Implement for over 40 years. (Not really sure if it is called Case anymore) He is semi retired at 76 years old. He has built 3 or 4 tractors out of old tractor parts and used to take them to tractor shows. He would have been in heaven if he would have been along with you on your picking day. Have a great weekend Shery!

  3. Maureen says:

    I don’t know how you do it, but after reading every post, I’m ready to move next door. Kindred spirits I guess. Keep up the good work and fun!


    The kindness of farmgirl comments melts my heart and makes my dayssss. Thank you from my most innermost parts :o)  shery


  4. Terry says:

    Be still my heart.

  5. Jan says:

    So where do I sign up for such an ADVENTURE??? Yes, I would bet that many of us would have been crawling all over the place with you.
    My husband and I just went on a small road trip down into southern Idaho and we happened on to an old sign attached to a building that said ‘in and out’. It had been an old motel back in the day and I wondered just how many people had stopped and tried to buy it! It just gave me a large CHUCKLE…American Pickers would have stopped and haggled.

    I have to admit that awhile back we cleaned out the back garden area and my husband hauled a nice chunk of old rain gutter to the dump (much to my dismay). Sure enough, we went to a local garden show and there was the cutest garden shed, complete with a nice rain gutter planted full of annuals. NOW, we are the ones looking for sections of old rain gutter to hang on the garden fence top..

    Just wanted to let you know that the older that I get, the more I appreciate and crave anything with some history!
    Happy junkin’!


    I think you nailed it, Jan. I’ve always like OLD shtuff…but the older I get, the more sentimental I become over things with good memories attached.  shery

  6. Deena says:

    I would love to have a day like that. I can’t wait to tell my daughter about the old truck flower bed idea, I can see her doing that when she settles down. I wonder if she would want it a Chevy, because that is the only truck to have, or a Ford to prover they are only good for a flower bed?
    My little cowgirl turned 21 this week, got her first apartment and will be graduating in a month with a AS in Diesel Mechanic and a second in Welding. She is working on a bus driver license too. Last summer she painted her own 1972 Chevy truck with a spray can (well a number of spray cans). I will have to forward your blog to her.
    Thanks for a great shopping trip.

  7. Carol Norwood says:

    Shery … I couldn’t wait to read today’s blog – the subject "Junkin’" caught my eye! How lucky are you to have access to this wonderful junk, and, better yet, to the stories that go along with each piece. And Don has to feel good about passing it on to someone who he knows will love it as much as he did. The photos are fabulous and it looks like you are going to have lots of fun putting those implements into place and planting just the right stuff in them. I can’t wait to see the finished product. By the way, that clothes dryer is exactly like the one my Mom used when I was growing up! Love it!

  8. KimberlyD says:

    When I was a little child we lived not too far from 2 great places to explore and play at…the town dump…and the junk yard my friend parents owned car galore and school buses to play in! Both within walking distance, on a country road! And I want the clothes drying rack!!! LOL! Then end this with aaaaaaawwwwww on newbie calf and puff balls chickies!

  9. Julia H says:

    Thank you!

  10. Kelly says:

    Wonderful story and pictures. Looking at those old pictures of the women with the horses, wagons and plows, really made me wonder what their life must have been like. You are so creative. Happy calving.

    Hi Kelly, My grandmother told me what it was like. "The gold old days was mostly a lot of hard work, but I sure miss it."  Thanks!  shery



  11. Ellen Gerard says:

    I so enjoy your tales and pictures. Look forward to them all. Wish I was closer to go junking with you! Thank you! Ellen

  12. Debbie says:

    Howdy Shery!
    I finally had time to sit still and read through your post uninterrupted…I was right there with you all the way to the " story " about pay’n up! Just like a couple of ole cowboys to string you along. My Texan relatives ( the men mostly ) are all like that… they’ll pull your leg if ya let’m! We had a few Buffs in our first flock and I miss them… they are pretty birds and good layers! I’d have done my share to convince you you needed them too! What are friends for? I remember so many places out west like the one you went junkin at. I loved imagining what those hardworking people felt as they completed their home…Yes, satisfaction beyond measure I suspect. Keep up the good work my dear! Loved it all! xo Deb

  13. Grace~katmom says:

    Hey Shery,
    I luv ‘Junktiquing’,, and plan to get into mischief this coming weekend w/4 of my Trailer Gal~Pals (if it doesn’t rain)… Isn’t it the best feeling to find that 1 thing, that thing you were not looking for, and yet there it is,,, & all you can utter is, "Oh WoW!"

    I too have a vintage portable drying rack,,, I hang vintage hankies, doillies & aprons from it.
    In my mind I can see farm wives drying baby diapers by the fireplace on these sweet racks.

    Happy Trails… & by-the-by, I am having a ‘Trailer Slumber Party’ this weekend on our property… maybe you can talk Michelle into a vintage trailer & then you can have a Slumber Party too! Or come over to Spokane & join us!
    Wagons HO! :>)


    Hi GRACE! Loved hearing from you. I so enjoyed the photos you sent some time back. I envy your travels with your galpals. My trailer is ready to go. We’re think the first part of June to break her in. Hope your summer is full of Glampiong fun.  shery

  14. Joan says:

    Shery, Shery, Shery what a joy it is to visit you – would love to in person some day but until then thanks for the writing, pic’s and the love you have for life.

  15. Nessa cowley says:

    That’s amazing what fun! I have exactly the same clothes dryer which I bought at a market here in Australia – I put it in front of the fire in winter and it fits so much on. Great find!

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The Calf And The Kitchen Sink

At last count, we have nine newborn calves. We’re just entering calving season and pretty soon, there will be baby beefs snuggled under every sagebrush at the ranch. When we ride to check on the mother cows and their babies, the latter can be hard to find. Just yesterday, I had a heck of a time finding a new calf here at home where we keep the first-calf heifers. But, while I was looking for the little dickens, I did find something else … a treasure!

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  1. Lacey says:

    Shery Another GREAT read!!! I love the sink project, and I’m surprised my Pinterest addiction hasn’t lead me to find that particular project yet, it is an amazing thing to have as a DIY guide!! Also I Love the weather vane it’s a real beauty! Glad to hear that calving season is off to a good start for you, and I hope the weather cooperates better for you than it has for us. We just finishing making some comfy straw beds for our herd as the weather man says we’re in for a few more blizzard like days! Sending Blessings to you for Easter and Calving too!


    Thanks Lacey!  Yes, finding Pinterest happened for me via my sister. It has been especially timely since we are doing so much to the house this year. Going idea hunting there has been a lot of fun and it inspires you to get it done!   shery

  2. Joan says:

    Ahhh another wonderful trip with Shery – what great fun y’all have – sure worth the drive. Wheweee a real good look’n horse weathervane and you didn’t have to mortgage the ranch – now that’s a great find and the sink for free – I’d say you are on a roll. The porch and your yard are going to be spiffy for sure. And then calving – oh how I feel the love – there is nothing like babies on the ranch – they make life anew. Thanks again for such a fun read and Happy Easter to you and yours.

  3. I luv the "work in progress" on the Ranch….
    and fyi, I nearly spewed coffee out my nostrils when reading your comment: They’re (horses)also shedding big-time now which for a ranchy farmgirl means no lipstick or lip balm unless you like furry lips, "

  4. meredith (hereford girl) says:

    Good Morning Shery! Just had to let you know that you gave me the laugh of the day with the comment about no lipstick or lipbalm unless you like furry lips- only a farmgirl can understand that!!!! Good luck with your calving- we are about halfway finished and the babies look good. We are so blessed to do what we do…..
    Have a great day! Meredith

  5. meredith (hereford girl) says:

    Good Morning Shery! Just had to let you know that you gave me the laugh of the day with the comment about no lipstick or lipbalm unless you like furry lips- only a farmgirl can understand that!!!! Good luck with your calving- we are about halfway finished and the babies look good. We are so blessed to do what we do…..
    Have a great day! Meredith

  6. Diann says:

    Well, our critters aren’t roaming like the cattle but they certainly are producing this time of year. Sixteen piglets in three days…imagine we started out with only one two-day old wild boar..Butch…and now a mere 18 months later, have well over sixty hogs…..whoa. Our biggest concern is the mamas rollin’ over on the piglets. We check often. And like your little calf, we have lost a few piglets. The brighter side to this, my daughter and granddaughter were here this week and were able to see the process and care for a runt piglet that is needing a little extra care. They did "good" for city slickers! My little ranch is alive with piglets, puppies, kittens, birds, chicks….oh my! It makes me more alive too. Next! Just waitin’ for those fresh onions and garlic to be ready….yuuummm! Have a glorious Easter y’all….the sun (son) is rising!

  7. Jan says:

    Hi Shery, Happy Spring and Easter to you too. What a find with your horse weathervane!!!! It is really good looking and in such good shape. I also love the sink garden project, what fun. I have my pansies and violas planted in pots out on my front porch now. Oh, how I love flowers!
    I loved seeing the pictures of some of your new babies, sooooo cute!! My Dad raised Black Angus for a few years and I always loved the new babies.
    It got warm, actually hot here the first of April so the horses started shedding really early. With the rain and the shedding they have been quite a mess. Worked on them a few days ago, but they still need more grooming.
    Love seeing your progress pictures of your house project, it looks great!
    Always look forward to your posts.
    Until next time.
    Jan in KS

  8. Terry says:

    I kinda figured you were out playing around…not on Pinterest as much. Forgot to tell you that there is a Morgan Horse Farm about 1/4 of a mile up the road from us. Have a good one Miss Shery. He is Risen!


    Hi Terry! Remember when Dad couldn’t remember your name and he called you Twyla? :o)  He told me the other day to say HEY to ‘Twyla’ and he was happy to know you are well. Ok, you must tell me what the name of the Morgan farm that is near you! I bred them and was very involved in the Morgan community for many years. I may know them.  shery

  9. Laura says:

    Love this post! You so artfully tie together all the elements of spring. I miss being on the ranch at this time of year, but sometimes paths change. It is also wonderful to hear the love and devotion you have for the wondrous things in your life. Thanks for sharing so eloquently!
    Happy Easter! Happy Spring! Happy Rejuvenation!

  10. Betty Benesi says:

    Know all about that waiting to get your projects done. We moved into our "fixer" 6 months ago. Progress is slow we got a new roof, need a foundation on the back side but the garden is beckoning. Still no heat except for little floor heaters and d*#% those things run up the bill.
    I have been riding a litle more lately though we are now having a cold snap again in Northern California. My horse Lee looks like I could pluck her like a chicken.
    And yes you are right Spring reminds us how beautiful our world is. I try to remember what a gift it is to us.

  11. Brenda says:

    Yes, He has risen!!! Loved the lesson! What sweet faces, male or female. Cannot wait to see your sink planter. I am now a certified Farmgirl #4048. Badge and certificate came in today’s mail. Have a wonderful Easter Sunday! Blessings from our home in the woods.


    Dear Brenda, Welcome to the sisterhood! It is fun to get that much more MJF in your farmgirl life. Congrats to another Clucker! :o)  shery

  12. Victoria says:

    Shery…I remember those baby days before I had to move south and give up all my farmgirlin’. What amazed me was something my Jersey milkcow used to do. When she was in labor and about to calve, she would turn her head around to her rear, (where the baby was coming out), and make the most lovely, soft moo sounds. She was lovin’ that baby before it was even born. It just about made my heart burst! A few humans on this earth could take lessons from mama cows! I love your Wyoming blog. My daughter used to live in Cheyenne. Beautiful country! That and Montana!!!!!!


    Victoria,  Yes, you are so right about mama cows having an entirely different kind of voice when they talk to their babies…especially the newborn. It is a very soft, melodic moo-coo.  When we witness such things, it is pure love and love is food for the soul.   shery

  13. Ann says:

    I would be interested in seeing what you do with the galvanized tubs. . .love the sink.


    Hi Ann,  I think they will have either flowers or veggies in them. I found another one today at the ranch near the site of an old homestead. I DO want to make a fairy garden. I don’t know why it appeals to me, but I saw one in an old tub and it just looks like something I would have played with for hours as a little girl. I guess I still like to ‘play’.  Thanks for stopping in!  shery

  14. KimberlyD says:

    Aaaawww I want one of the babies!!! They are so cute! Just tonight I was looking at my neighbor’s paint, I know its spring when they open up the back pasture for their horses! Also watching all the traffic which is the tractors driving up and down my road means spring. Time for me to clean out my garden and get it ready…love the dirt in between my fingers!
    Happy Easter!

  15. Treese says:

    Yep, it is calving season. I had a little catastrophe yesterday here on our ranch. We had a still born calf with a first time mother cow. She was beside herself. Well, as luck would have it there was an older cow that had a healthy baby but she did not want her. The poor little creature got a kick every time she tried to nurse. I tried to put her on the mom that was crying for her dead baby, but she would smell it and then turn away. Well, my grandfather taught me a trick. I skinned the hide off the dead baby and made a little jacket for the healthy baby. I took the calf over and the mother smelled the jacket which had the smell of her baby and hot damn she let the little heifer go to nursing. By late afternoon I took the hide off and there was a happy mom and baby in the pasture. Ah, life on the ranch-there is nothing better.
    Now, listen Shery! You got me hooked on this Pinterest site. I LOVE it, but spend way too much time there. LOL! I never knew there was such a site with everything in one place to spend hours gathering so much information. I have to set a time limit or I could be there all night!

    Happy Easter and Happy Spring!
    Treese/Colorado Cowgirl

    Hi Treese, I think we should blame my sister! She told me about it! I just started a ‘ranch’ board; it really is a great place to store info online.

    Yeppers, that is also how we graft calves. It has never failed us. It is a little graphic for the faint of heart, but the dead calf can save another in need of a mama. The ‘cape’ tied on with baling twine fore & aft works like a charm. Pouring old perfume and other so-called scent helps to accomplish a successful draft RARELY work unless you have a granny kind of a cow that will take anything. That just doesn’t happen with range cattle. If it isn’t HER calf, you can FirGET it! The smell of her calf and the graft calf mingle and then become one. Everybody is a winner!   Hope the rest of your calving goes well for you!   shery

  16. Debbie says:

    Hi Shery! I’m glad to see things are thawing and greening up in your neck of the " high plains".
    I love the little sink you found, and the way you got to find it too! Lucky farmgirl you are out on horseback doing your "junkin"! Thanks for sharing the images of the baby calves… so cute… I bet those Bull’s grow out of that phase in a hurry though! Is that red room your porch? I love the red walls and yellow chest together… so bright and cheery! And, the weather-vane is a precious find too! I sea you are off to a great start this spring. Happy Easter and happy ridin’ my dear!


    Hi D-Boz!! Thanks for the kudos, sista.  Yes, the red room is the porch…going with barn colors inside and out — saves on paint color choices around here :o) I giggled at your possible spelling booboo: sea instead of see, but in YOUR case it fits!!! ha.  ~ shery


  17. bonnie ellis says:

    Shery: I am re-living my farm and ranch days through you. You are such a good writer and photographer and I just can hardly wait until your next blog. Your home project will enhance your life and the sink will be perfect. Happy spring!


    Oh Bonnie, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind encouragement!!!    shery

  18. Debbie says:

    Oh geeze! That was a spelling error!!! But, you are right. It fits! hahah!!! Your porch is going to be farmgirl fab a licious! Happy spring my dear!

  19. Jessica Halloran says:

    Thank you for sharing. Not too many people in your position are so gracious. Your article was very poignant and understandable. It helped me to understand very clearly.

  20. Terces says:

    Hi Shery,

    A quick question, our Dexter had her first bull calf this past December. I milk the momma and love it! Now we are choosing the future of the calf, of course we are a bit attached! Do you sell most bull calves at auction? Or raise for beef yourselves? Thanks Terces


    Hi Terces!  Yes, we sell ALL of our bull calves which are steers by the time they’re 2 months old (castrated). Like you, it is really easy for me to get attached to animals and so I do NOT go there with the cattle. I do have some favorite gentle cows that will eat treats from my hand, but they’re not really pets. We haven’t raised a beef to butcher. Sometimes there is a dry cow, but we haven’t done that either for several years . We’ve never held a steer back. Friends of our’s always butcher a beef and we buy from them. I help them cut & package and go home with full coolers. A whole beef is just WAY too much for my husband and I. We do not eat beef all the time. My husband could, but I have to have a more varied diet! Confession: venison is my favorite meat. And, I don’t eat meat everyday either. I love vegetables better than anything else.   shery

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