Seeds, Bees, Bulbs, and Birds

Despite living in a “cold” climate, I’m a warm-weather gal. I love sunshine and can handle heat,  raised in one of the hottest, most humid places in America. Don’t get me wrong, I love Connecticut ‘s four seasons; there’s nothin’ like a fall day pickin’ punkins and havin’ cider on a crisp afternoon.  But spring here can be fickle – warm or cold.  We’ve spent many Easters in snow boots instead of sandals.  When Mother Nature recently gifted us with an early, warm Spring, I “sprung” into action.  There’s lots to do!  Come see what’s on my  “Outdoor To Do” list, and pick up some tips!

One of my favorite tin wall-hangings

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Lordy, Lordy…I’m Turning Forty!

I love birthdays!  I think life’s meant to celebrate the special days, and birthdays are one of those days.  I’m not into giant celebrations – I don’t have a big party or go out until the wee hours.  I do like to have lunch with a friend, or bake a birthday cake and have a nice dinner with my husband and daughter.  But some birthdays are milestones, and the one I’m hitting this month is a big one, so to speak.  Have a piece of cake with me as I share what I’ve learned so far…

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The Composting Kids

Life through the eyes of a child is better than rose-colored! They find wonder and amazement in the simplest of things, learning with gusto! Today’s children are indeed the future, and I love that my daughter’s generation is embracing a “greener” thinking than mine did at her age. I’m really proud of my daughter’s school, introducing kids to gardening and composting. I’ve seen first-hand how excited the kids are to be on-board! Visit with me, the Suburban Farmgirl, and “The Composting Kids”.

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