The Suburban Farmgirl and A Suburban Farmer

Close to New York City, our suburban town is sandwiched between two other big cities, yet also surrounded by very rural areas. Driving on our highways, you might not think “farms”, nor on our Main Street with the bustle of traffic. Yet, nestled on a little back road IS a farm, with some of the friendliest and most interesting livestock imaginable. Come visit with me, the “Suburban Farmgirl” and meet my friend, A.J., a “Suburban Farmer”.

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Cold Foe and Warm Friends

Winter Storm Alfred reared its ugly head on October 29th, hitting Connecticut with one of the earliest snow storms anyone‘s ever seen. Nobody believed the forecast, and were we sorry! No one was prepared for what happened next. Have you ever been caught off guard by extreme weather?

Winter Storm Alfred dropped a blanket of snow within minutes of starting…

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