Feathering My Nest

I’ve been obsessed with “nesting” recently. Actually, it would be more accurate to call it RE-feathering my nest. My old nest had runneth over with 20 years of “stuff” and it was high time to pitch & purge. Please tell me I’m not the only one with a PHD in “stuff”. By that, I mean “piled high & deep”.
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  1. Betty Benesi says:

    Shery: When you’ve had enough of winter sometimes the only place to turn is inside. Had one of our worst rainstorms of the year last weekend. Since we are moving to a smaller house with more land, I don’t have a lot of choice but to eliminate "Stuff". I actually have a studio area which I will not have in the future so downsizing the saved materials is so necessary. It made me kind of sad though because I work so much now there is not much time for that any more. I used to do watercolors which is a great project for when you’re laid up maybe incorporate some into collages with your magazine cast offs.
    Horse dethatching as I call it will have to wait. Mine is so bad I can literally pluck the hair off like a chicken.
    Will think of you in the next few weeks.

  2. JoAnn says:

    Hope the surgery goes well – I’m sure it will and I bet you’ll be up and ‘running’ real soon. You have to – spring has sprung!!! I love the banners and the Farmgirl Handmade Show – be sure to give us the date, time and location so some of us ‘locals’ can hopefully swing by and say Hi. Take care.

  3. Carlene says:

    Hi Shery! Great post, very motivating! I’m doing the spring cleaning/re-feathering the nest thing here too…sometimes exhausting and overwhelming, but worth it! The good news is once you have something organized really well, it tends to stay that way-at least somewhat, lol!
    I love your house and all your "stuff". I’ve been separated from my stuff for over a year now, and I have to tell you that sometimes I miss it, but mostly I don’t – it’s nice to have a break from it for sure.
    I sent you an email a couple weeks ago, did you ever get it? I just remarked on how much we have in common, I collect many of the same things you do, and am into arts and crafts as well. What kinds of crafts do you do? I’m into mixed media and scrapbooking, I’ve been featured in the Somerset Studios line of magazines several times, are you familiar with those?
    Also, I wanted to ask you; I signed for the Farmgirl forum, and never got a response back so that I could start participating, do you know what I should do about that?
    Also, where is your Farmgirl Handmade show going to be? I’d love to see it!
    Good luck with your surgery, and
    PS-your fuzzy pony looks like mine, only Flossie manages to tangle her mane up into dreadlocks, lol!

  4. Nicole Christensen says:

    I laughed out loud at the "PhD…piled high and deep". I know that feeling, too! Love your pictures. What a great idea the banners are! Love them!

    Farmgirl Hugs,
    Nicole (your sister blogger, Suburban Farmgirl)

  5. RanchFarmgirl says:

    Thank you for asking about the show. It will be right here in Upton, Wyoming on April 16th. Carlene, I emailed you back. Hope you get it. I didn’t receive your previous emails though. Maybe we’ll have better luck this time. ??

  6. Karin says:

    Shery, as always I love your post. And I can really relate to this one. We will be moving next year (already have the house, we are starting to remodel). The place is bigger than our present home, but has less storage space 🙁 So, I have to go through my stuff, too. It seemed such a daunting task, but you have motivated me. I’m positive your surgery will go well and hope you’re back on your beloved horses in no time.
    Farmgirl #2708

  7. Michele says:

    Hey there…my friend
    Your room looks great…I need to get to thinning my down too. I have to decide what craft is my fav and stick with it…to much going on in mine. I will see you soon:)…bring some pumpkin choc chip bread:)

  8. Janene Stott says:

    I just recently moved a few months ago so I can totally relate to the process of going through my stuff. I was born and raised in Wyoming and I love this beautiful state! I live in Utah now but my roots are still country. Thanks for sharing. Good luck with you surgery.

  9. Ruth says:

    Oh Shery!!! You always write in a way that makes me feel as though I’m right there with you! Of course, like many other readers of your blog, I am/was buried in the PhD ‘stuff’ myself. Be grateful that you tackled it with intention rather then being forced to do it.

    Even though I’d begun the process last spring, and have managed to dig my way through our first floor, creating a lighter, cleaner, simpler, happier space there, I had not kept up the motivation to do the same in our basement, which was truly buried, not only in my family’s 25+ years of stuff, by my parents 62+ years of accumulated stuff, too!

    All those months of procrastination finally caught up with me. Our basement flooded the end of February and, ready or not, willing or not, it suddenly became a project that HAD to be done, ASAP! Not fun. We lost so, so much. Unfortunately, some of what was lost were irreplaceable family ‘treasures’ and memorabilia. Shoulda, woulda, coulda…

    I just keep reminding myself that it’s all just ‘stuff’. Amazing how attached we get to ‘stuff’, though…isn’t it?

    Hope your surgery goes well and that you’re back in the saddle again soon. Enjoy your newly created space. Every woman needs a (room) space of her own.

    Your posts are always a joy to read. Thanks for sharing your life with us.


  10. Grace~katmom says:

    Oh my Stars! I think I went to the ‘same school’ as you, as I too have a PhD…lol! what creative mind doesn’t!
    I wish I lived closer ‘cuz I would luv to come visit & shop your lil ‘country farmgirl flair’ shop in April.
    Don’t fret the knee surgery, and enjoy the ‘down time’ before you know it, you will be out and about riding & gardening and enjoying your newly un-cluttered nest….but if you are anything like me,,,,clutter will (like a wee mouse) find it’s way back in…but it’s a chance we are willing to take! lol!
    Happy Spring & Happy Trails

  11. Yes Mam…. you’ve been reading my mail! Got the same darn thing going on around here! It’s just so hard to let go of all that wonderful stuff that just has to be good for somethin… someday… I’m proud of you cowgirl…. now I need to do it. LOVE the idea of your Farmgirl Handmade Show… our farmgirls keep talkin about that TOO! See what an inspiration you are. Love your banners too! What a great fun idea and they look so pretty! Take care of that knee… you’ll be back on that trusty steed of yours in no time.

  12. Rusty says:

    Hi Shery:
    Love you posts – I always look forward to reading them and laughing. Your pictures are right up my alley. You must be a Virgo – so creative. I too am a collector of STUFF – buttons, bows, country goodies and antiques. Your art show sounds wonderful – will you be selling any of your stuff online? Being down here in Las Cruces, NM is a fur piece to ride to Wyoming. I love the idea of bird nest jewelry (my bathroom is bird nests – wooden and cross stitched). Anyway keep up the good work and send more pictures.
    I will say a prayer for your surgery and recovery and that you heal very quickly.


    Rusty McHale

  13. Reba says:

    Hey Shery,
    Last Spring I cleaned every nook and cranny of my home to be rid of items that I no longer felt attached to so that I could put out some of my "primitives" that I love. I had "saved" for a farmhouse later, but decided to enjoy them and "bloom where I’m planted." Now I love and enjoy those things each day that are in "their" place and are usable as well. Crocks are one of the great loves that I have and also use. I made homemade sauerkraut this past summer and it is great! I would love to have the soup recipe for sauerkraut that your farmgirls had at your meeting. If I were close by, I would give you all some sauerkraut…it makes great Reuben sandwiches, Turkey Pastrami is great with it as well. Also, it is as quoted in Mary Jane’s book, "the poor man’s physician."

    Thank you for always writing such an interesting post and beautiful pictures!!


  14. Kathy says:

    I totally understand about giving up stuff. Everything I’ve ever had to give up has claw marks on it. BTW…love your little personal space. And I always look forward to the beautiful pictures in your blog.

    Kathy Lee

  15. Lynnola says:

    I have so much enjoyed your blog postings over this long, cold winter in VT. This last post really hit me between the eyes…I can so relate: there’s a room upstairs that I can’t even get into it’s so full of excess stuff, and have been procrastinating, despite the books on organizing and de-cluttering I read to get me psyched up to do something about it. But your confessions of being a closet hoarder, pictures and wry humor may just be the impetus for me! One can only hope, and the good feeling you describe when you succeeded is very motivating! Thank you!!!

  16. Oh My Gosh, Shery, I have a double PHD at my house. I have so much stuff you would not believe. My problem is I need to settle on one thing to do, I love to dabble in a lot of stuff, this makes for a mess of stuff. I dream of leaving it all for my kids to clean up and I know where it will end up…in the dump LOL I actually wake up in a sweat, and get worried. LOL I really need to have an auction or huge yard sale. HELP! Sorry to hear of your surgery and I will be praying you get well Quickly. Hugs farmsister #1020 Needy

  17. Ann says:

    Thanks, Shery, once again for your inspirational words and what a fabulous and ambitious farmgirl chapter you have. I’m envious! I look forward to the April Cluck for the banner instructions. Good luck with your surgery – knee surgery is not for wimps of which you are assuredly not! Ann
    P.S. I love your blue canning jar lamp. Did you make it? Very sweet.

  18. Sharon says:

    Shery, I completely agree with you. I have had my retreat room for two years and it is the best thing that I have done for myself. Every farmgirl should have a place to fix up her special stuff! Thank you for the great blog. Sharon

  19. Linda says:

    Help! What if we need it later, because times are bad???

  20. cora jo ciampi says:

    Shery…after a complete knee replacement (and I love the results) I can relate to your plight. And I love the yellow your cabinet will be…you are a great and inspiring decorater! cora jo

  21. carol branum says:

    hi Shery, good luck with your surgery, I hope you have a quick and speedy recovery!
    Hording is worse when you’re in town than when your in the country, you can hide it all better on the farm! blessed be! carol branum

  22. Kathy says:

    love the way you gather your ‘stuff’ together. so refreshing! after living in wyoming myself i know that i had to go someplace else if i wanted the kids to roll easter eggs down a hill that wasn’t covered w/snow; but that’s something that you eventually get used to about wyoming–but don’t get me wrong–i LOVE wyoming! such a sense of freedom and the warmth of very special people.
    so many people strive for ‘the bigger, the better’ when it comes to their homes (trying to keep up with the Jones’es.)and i’ve found it comforting to see beauty in such things as a daffodil in an old coffee pot, a collection of threads in an old mason jar–decorating in a simple cozy manner that comes from the heart. it has encouraged me too.
    thanks for helping me make my own home become a haven for the heart.

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The Shawl And The Butterfly

The wildflower and the sky court the butterfly,

The grass sways, the drums sing,

The butterflies are rainbows with wings.

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  1. Debbie says:

    Your words and images brought me tears and joy today. I grew up with Washoe Indians, or Paiute as we knew them in the Great Basin. I remember vividly the Indiana Reservations and " sectioned housing" they lived on and wondering why they lived as they did. I have had the wondrous joy of experiencing a Pow Wow in Phoenix Arizona. I’ve hiked the mountains where the Hopi lived for thousands of years, touched the walls of their caves and tried to feel what it was like to have the entire world as their backyard. We’ve visited the Plymouth Plantation where we saw the Wampanoag Indians share some of their dances and stories.
    As long as I can remember I have mourned what happened to our Native American people in this country. I know that not all tribes were perfect or harmless in their efforts to survive. It seems no MAN has been able to accomplish this great task, but their way of looking at the earth, our place in it and their great appreciation for art, nature and a spiritual guiding force is something we can all still learn from.
    Your words today are good medicine!
    Thanks for all the links too. I am off to have a look and a listen!
    Sending good medicine back to you!

  2. Claudia says:

    Love your blog. I have been to numerous pow-wows and love each one. What dignity and grace! Thanks for reminding me.

  3. Just Beautiful! I have had little exposure to the kind of events/history you relay here; THAT’S A SHAME b/c My own heritage I have just discovered in the past 25 years is the CREEK INDIANS..w my grandmother Rachel Lee-Mobley of the LEES OF BILLY’S ISLAND in the Okeefenokee swamp region. How I wish we had been more connected to our past sooner, but thank God for this communication/via the internet that we can become more informed and educated re our history. Jonell Williams-Harrison from the James N Mobley line

  4. irina says:

    hi–liked ur post–i too am friends with lakota–they are in dire need of food and heat–i just heard the elders are the worst off–can you and your friends send some food and blankets to help keep elders warm and safe? i am in the process of collect canned food and stuff to send–i may not be rich but i can share what i have–thanks irina

  5. Margaret Taffi says:

    That was lovely! Thank you for the tour! It was very spiritual!

  6. Cathy R says:

    Oh SHERY ~ What a wonderful blog ~ Thank you for the awesome pictures and links. Loved all of them but Amazing Grace by the Cherokees touched my heart! Heavenly blessings to you for taking the time to share with us!

  7. Theresa says:

    This was such a beautiful and uplifting treat! Thank you so much for sharing all the photos and links. Many of them brought me to tears. ~~~

  8. Sharee Johnson says:

    I almost thought I was there. Thanks for all the directions to web sites. I am a huge fan of Brule, too. Peace Sharee

  9. Cora Jo says:

    Shery…WOW! WOW! I witnessed these dances at the Native American Days celebration in Sheridan, WY…thank you for sharing these that brought back so many wonderful memories. You rock, as my granddaughter would say!

  10. Kristy T says:

    Your post brought tears to my eyes. I am an adopted Lakota. This post reminds me of days spent at Pow wows and Sundance. I am missing my Unci (Grandmother) as I read your beautifully done post. I have taken part in creating regalia for the dances and for the sacred Sundance. I am blessed that my Unci gifted me with my first regalia. There is nothing like the beat of the drum (The heart beat of Mother Earth). Peace comes when the drum begins. What a privelage it is to have my Lakota family. I too fear for our elders and those still living on the reservations. I lived on the reservation at HeDog, SD for a summer. It would humble you and make you so grateful for what we have in our own homes. It is an experience I hold close to my heart. Thank you for this beautiful post and the reminder of my other home !!! Hugs…

  11. Karin says:

    Shery, I love all your posts, but I think this is one of my favorites. It brought tears to my eyes over and over. Absolutely beautiful!

    Karin Farmgirl #2708

  12. Brenda says:


  13. Jan says:

    Shery, This was one of your best blogs! I have always been facsinated and admired Native American Indian culture. Your pictures are beautiful and thank you for all of the wonderful links. I loved the Amazing Grace video and the Brule’N Airo "Spirit Horse". It all touched my heart!
    Blessings to you for sharing this wonderful blog.

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