Decision, Decision, Decision

UPDATE: I received a total of 117 votes on roof color. THANKS Y’ALL!

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I’m actually usually a pretty good decision maker. With personal decisions, I mean. I’m usually pretty good; not great, but good. (Now professionally, I’m a very strong decision maker. Split second, never look back. For some reason, that’s easier for me.)

It’s true. It sometimes takes me a while to mull things over. To think about it. Consider all the angles. But usually not this long. I don’t usually be-labor it the way I have be-labored this one. Why am I so stuck on this? I have no idea. You’d think it was a huge decision. It’s really not such a big deal.

Yes, this decision has gotten the best of me. I have spent months obsessing about it. And just now my hubby announced:
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What? Me? Contrary?

The other day someone asked me a question that “flew all over me.” It was this: “Why in the world do you bother with a garden?”
Bother? I did not like that choice of word. I just don’t understand it. What kind of question is that? What in the world should we all be “bothering” with, if not a garden?

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